Welcoming JKT48 Team T


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  1. razgriz2520 says:

    i think this announcement definitely gonna make some JPN48 fans especially HKT a bit….. aah, you’ll know the rest of it :lol:

  2. mark says:

    yay team T….cia didnt make the team?…the team is kinda perfect but just replace Martha Graciela with someone else then im okay with it

  3. benimaru says:

    to tell you the truth, me still don’t see the urgency of forming the new team :roll:

    most of the girls on the new team are still not very good at performing (still sloppy, lack of power, togetherness, and understanding).. in short, they are still not eligible to became a team..

    and more over, their most valuable asset, Triarona Kusuma, are not on the list :WTF: :WTF: :LoL:

    even as a veteran who helped forming the stability of JKT48, untill now, Delima, Gabriela, Frieska, and Sonia still didn’t get the spotlight..

    in K3 we also can see how JOT treat Lidya, Noella and Yona (especially Yona, considering she is a regular voting senbatsu, and the highest vote getter on her team)..

    and now suddenly there is this new team :roll: :roll:

    so for those who are going to apply for the 4th gen, make sure you can extremely appeal yourself to the management, or else you will only be another spare tires :-? :-?

  4. yui'i says:

    Waahahah… some complain have burst… :D
    Not yet chosen…. does’nt mean not have quality…..

    SEE @vanka_jkt48, @dena_jkt48 @novinta_jkt48 @sisil_jkt48.. ect
    Does them is really poorer than selected member before?…. nOOOoo.. :D

  5. Fujiwara says:

    congrats to the new member of team T . . .im curious bout the new setlist for tim T .. . .and the havent announce the captain for team T. . .all that announce is the members and the 3rd trainee event . . . .sigh such cliff hanger :roll: :roll:

  6. indr@ says:

    Nina didn’t make it to team T :cry: