Guide to watching JKT48: Part 2


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. Angga says:

    Your theater map is far from what I would call “laughable attempt”

    It is by far the most comprehensive and easy to understand theater map I’ve ever seen. Thanks Ros for the amazing guide!

  2. Haddad says:

    If you’re from “far” or “super far” and suddenly came to Jakarta but didn’t lucky enough to win the verification e-mail. If you still want to watch the theater, just go there already. tell the staffs or the security there that you’re came from afar, and ask whether you had any chance to join the cancel machi (or waiting list line like local fans used to say). If It’s weekdays, usually you’ll be prioritized to get the ticket with the woman audience who also join the cancel machi. While for weekends, usually there won’t be a waiting list line, since the extra tickets is reserved for those from “far” and “super far” category (just like the show for last saturday and sunday)

    oh, by the way. six to eight seat in the rearmost row usually reserved for media who come to to cover some news about the theater, three to four seats in each area. But, if the overture has almost started and nobody sat on it yet, feel free to use it.

  3. Angga says:

    This is just in from Anon-san :D :

    I have 2 things to say from my experience.

    I went to theater 2 times. 2nd time I go&back there by TransJakarta. Get down at Stadium and walk. 1st time I go there by Ojek, and back from there by my friend’s motor bike.

    When I go there,I ride Ojek at Gambir station. But that driver doesn’t know about FX. So I get down at Stadium. As you know, I’m football crazy, haha Watching stadium for a while, then go to FX.

    At first I ask middle age man way to FX. He doesn’t know…

    Next I ask young mother with children way to FX. She is embarrassed,so I tell her ”Shopping mall” by English. She nodded “Oh!!” and tell me the way…BUT!!

    I arrived Plaza Senayan instead …………………….. I ask both by Bahasa(except word shopping mall) , so maybe my Bahasa isn’t perfect?

    But I also show them picture of FX. Finally I ask guardman at Plaza, he tells me the correct way to FX.

    So,from my experience, FX isn’t so famous.

    About number.

    I go to many countries, I can speak English&German. Before I go,remember some words like ”Thank you,Sorry,Good Morning,Please,etc” And also numbers 1 to 5,6

    And before I go to Indonesia, I studied Bahasa. So,I remember numbers 0 to 19.

    At theater Red and other my friends help me. But unfortunately my ticket number is different from theirs. But I remember numbers, so I can enter when my number called.

    So, WasshoiJ says at that article ”learn simple numbers help you” , that is clearly right!!

    I’m looking forward Part.3

  4. Buddy says:

    for your information about jakarta. :!:
    you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally before going to Jakarta because you will have to face with : hot weather, pollution, and traffic jam.

    food. :?:
    do not worry about food in jakarta many restaurant that sell food from various countries. Indonesia has hundreds of traditional foods. you can see some Indonesian traditional food on this site

    You should try : nasi goreng, sate, rendang, bubur ayam, gado-gado, and martabak.
    You can write the name of the food and see the more pictures on google, I hope you are interested to try it after seeing food picture. :wink:

    Souvenir / gift. :idea:
    Don’t worry You can buy batik clothes in all malls in Jakarta including FX mall. if you want to buy other souvenirs or presents for your family and friends like key chain, frame picture, silver, paintings, handycrafts, luwak coffee (Indonesian coffee), or keris (traditional Indonesian sword) and many other things you can go to other place that sell many indonesia souvenir like in :

    1. Sarinah Department Store
    2. Square at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
    3. Jakarta National Monument (MONAS)

    akicha buy batik clothes for herself and yukirin in Blok M mall 8-O

    On this site you can see other places that sell souvenirs and gift from Indonesia :

    Just make sure you don’t get excess baggage charges for overweight baggage. :roll: I hope you get a fun new experience in jakarta. :-D