A Bima in the Making

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. HERMAN says:

    When he said,”Bima is a LOCAL product and blah..blah..blah…”. Man, he kinda scares me. (If you ever watched Indonesian sinetron you’ll know that means trouble). I thought it is supposed to be a collaboration between Ishimori, Bandai and RCTI, isn’t it? That’s why there were Ishimori and Bandai logo on Press Conference’s banner, yes? And one more thing, having a Russian from Romanov Dynasti as the main villain could be …..questionable. Especially by those who have historical mind. (Unless the main hero is not Bima, but Vladimir Lenin himself, instead.) Anyway, I’ve seen the trailer. So far so good, but who knows…….

    • Haddad says:

      He tweeted that because at night after the press conference were held, there’s some people tweeting protest directly to reino barack saying that the series isn’t “local enough”, thought most of it is just too childish. And that’s why he tweeted something like that. One of my friends work as third party for this project, he design the properties that will be used for this series and he said that his works is supervised directly by some Japanese. so, maybe we could assumed that, even thought he said that it’s locally produced, it is produced under japanese production ethos.

      • Superhero Lovers says:

        So what if it is made with help from the Japanese? finally Indonesia can have its own superhero icon. we want our kids to watch not only superman, batman, iron man, etc.

    • benimaru says:

      that dude only suppresin the speculation about local contain (which only seems like a blunder..)

      if me, why not just bluntly said that it is a foreign production? admit it, indonesia still don’t have enough resources to produce such serial..
      (and nothing wrong by admitting that..)

      the Raid, that became a box office itself, was made by a foreigner..

      • erry says:

        In “The Raid” case, the director (Gareth Evans) already said that in the film crew, only the director and the director of photography are foreigners. The rest of the crew (98%) are local people. So, he emphasized that “The Raid” was a local movie, made by local production team.

        I don’t know exactly how much is the percentage of local crew in “Bima Satria Garuda”. I think the producer is local, the director(s) is/are local, the casts are local, the team who made the properties are (I believe) also local. Only the supervisors come from Japan.

  2. Rifqi says:

    I don’t know if this thing is really related to each other, but it should be noted that while Reino Barack have his own goals to create a breakthrough in Indonesian entertainment industry, the other Japanese side also have their own set of objectives: to introduce the Cool Japan! culture in Indonesia.

    It is easily noted when you see major experienced players in this Bima project like Ishipro and Bandai. These two names are definitely a major player in their respective industries, and I believe it’s not possible for them to join this project UNLESS there are certain goals that they wish to achieve. Perhaps the goal that was beset by the Japanese Ministry of International Affairs to spread the Japanese culture furthermore.

    And Reino Barack’s innovation to create a Tokusatsu serial here creates an opportunity for both sides to achieve their goals. RCTI will receive higher ratings and prestige, while Japan could introduce their pop-culture without costing much. I would say this is a win-win solution between them. And I believe, such thing also applies in the formation of JKT48, although perhaps different in one or another way.

    Please do correct me if my own personal insights are wrong.

    • Haddad says:

      Not really, those things are already been discussed since the beginning of this year not only in the 48fandom, but also in other fandom like manga, anime, music, etc. Especially when the J-IMPACT event were held, the officials were spreading some questionary about the influence of Japan sub-culture to those who’re present.

  3. Tomo says:

    I’m highly interested in so called “Plathome Export” from Japan. Personaly thinking, this kind of project does not generate “Cultural Flood” such as “K-Flood”. Because “Plathome” projects prepare the field where every diffirent cultural creaters actively can implement brain-storming and work out. It absolutely does not push punch from any single side. Bima also will reach the brilliant success.

  4. benimaru says:

    no offence to our overseas bro and sis, but most people here (especially the self-proclaimed conservative ones) seems looking this project as a new act of cultural invasion..

    • KageTora says:

      Cultural invasion? If this is a cultural invasion what do you call JKT48? What do you call other “foreign cultures” that has been here before? Forget not that all major religions we have here are all of foreign origin. Are we “culturally conquered” by India, China, Arab, and Europe?

      I said no. We are never conquered culturally. We are still Indonesians who have and will always creatively weave our heritage out of any elements that is given to us. I’d rather call it “cultural enrichment”. Elements from India, China, Arab, and Europe have had their own contribution in enriching our cultural heritage. I don’t see the reason why elements from Japan shouldn’t.

      The time we start being more consumptive than creative, demanding more than contributing, complaining more than giving constructive criticism – is the time we are conquered.

      • Buddy says:

        like you said people can have different opinions. that’s why i said people just want to find a place to say bad thing to other. if you ask how do you know? i will say i don’t know, :-P but then what is their motive if not to say bad thing or maybe they just jealous. if they said bad word but also giving some advice or idea to improve JKT48 skill that is what i call constructive critism but if not that what i call insulting. this is a case about me and my friend watch JKT48 sing in budokan live in youtube. less than 1 minute my friend say the song is bad, are you lolicon, and many other bad comment. but what i don’t understand is he watch JKT sing from beginning until the end of RIVER song after that he start to write bad comment about JKT48. i ask him what is your motive to write those bad comment, he said its up to me, i do what i want to do. this is why haters will be haters, you can’t talk using reason or logic with this kind of people. why waste your time watch JKT48 sing if you don’t like it and then waste more time to write bad comment about JKT48. it’s same with bima satria garuda movie if you like this movie then keep watch it but if you don’t like it then stop watch it. trust me you will see people who don’t like bima satria garuda movie write some bad comment about that movie without write some advice or idea. i think by saying that people just want to find a place to say bad thing is better than say many other bad words. :lol:

  5. ilhamsyah says:

    man, he’s 29? i’m gonna be 28 this year and just sittin here……


    BTW i’d rather support this than being sarcastic. Many people in this country always said that they were feeling invaded by other cultures but didn’t do anything to create or learn deeply about the meaning of their own traditional cultures. And then as the projection of that, they started to “hide” behind the religion and nationalism faux-values, over and over again (x___X);

    • Buddy says:

      don’t worry bro, you still can be the main hero in your imaginary world. :lol: don’t waste your time to understand that kind of people. just enjoy the movie. we all just the gentleman who appreciate the beauty in this world. 8)

  6. Gonjack says:

    Let me quote Edwin E. Gordon about his music learning theory. his theory is similar with infant language learning proccess, and here are the points

    1. Listen
    2. Imitate
    3. Think about what was imitate
    4. Doing improvisation with string up all things that was remembered
    5. Communicate all things that was collected
    6. Expanding way of thinking for aplicate all things that was collected

    In 90s, Indonesian folks was got first point by saw “Ksatria Baja Hitam” (local name for Kamen Rider Black).

    With Much cosplay event in some city, I have seen some people make a great costume by himself like this one >>>>>http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2013/03/rx-0-full-armor-unicorn-gundam-girl.html, and I think it represent the second point.

    Some people in Jogja, even make some tokusatsu movie that distributed in youtube through this channel>>>http://www.youtube.com/user/jtokufilm?feature=watch, it could be represent the 4th point.

    Bima Satria Garuda Project, I think it is the most advance tokusatsu learning culture for Indonesian folks, could be represent point the 5th and the last point that was happen communicate each other that could make indonesian & Japanese staff work as a team like in BIMA SATRIA GARUDA and aplicate all the things that was learn for the kids goodness. I was heard Reino-san moral education explanation in first press confrence that embodied in Bima Satria Garuda, It so amazing, so there are no reason for reject this project. I believe good intention and good method could bring good result in the end. 8)

    Sorry for my bad english :oops:

  7. Tomo says:

    Please kindly don’t use the word “invasion” easily. What do you all think? Is JKT48 project, Japanese cultural invasion? Is also Bima, Japanese cultural invasion? It is hihgly difficult for me to think so. When I saw the RIVER performance in Budokan, I was lashed out by their divine development. I totaly grasped “JKT is not Japanese export thing. It is totaly Indonesian”. I never felt sad,but so happy to see them. Proud. Great chemical reaction between two nations. As you can see, there are several important stakeholders in any business projects. But if any wonderful chemical reactions do not occur, any profit will not go into their pockets. I think we have better respect marverous chemical reactions between any foreign cultures.

    • HERMAN says:

      Don’t worry Tomo San. I’m an Indonesian, and I don’t fell invaded at all. Here’s an analogy: Just because I use Honda motorcycle everyday, it doesn’t mean I’m a subversive person. I use it because of its quality, that’s all. And I still believe in spirit of my country.

    • Haddad says:

      the problem is that, the national conscious of Indonesia is kind messed up right now. the terms “one’s culture as nation’s identity” is one of many things that’s been aggresively debated from god knows when in our country. That’s why, even though “Invasion” is harsh word, most Indonesian people will easily use it even for the slightest bit of foreign influence to justifies anything since we’re just like a teenagers who’re still looking their identity right now.

      • KageTora says:

        ” we’re just like a teenagers who’re still looking their identity right now.”

        totally agree with this :lol:

  8. aruppa says:

    I think there is significant different between “invasion” and “consciously adopting”. No offense, K-Wave and J-Wave (in 90s) is adopting the invasion model, since their culture injected in our everyday entertainment with no modification. But, I appreciate what Reino (and his father) did. He “consciously” adopted the Japanese market appeals, combining them with local style and demand to create a new hype in Indonesian entertainment industry.

    I agree with Buddy, KageTora, and Rifqi, and I want to add that the criticism from local is a good sign. Indonesian entertainment industry had been in stagnation for years, with little creative breakthrough (there are some that very good, but can not appeal because the lack of promotional power). It needs to be refreshed. In the bright side, this “Cool Japan” project can generate a new kind of insight, creativity, and knowledge to Indonesian entertainment industry as JKT48 did.

  9. HERMAN says:

    So the question is: It’s local or no? Here’s my answer: IT’S NOT LOCAL. It’s a Japanese import.

    Everyone on this planet knows that Kamen Rider is from Japan. No one can deny that. If he (Mr. Barack) wanted something local, he should have picked a local hero title, such as: Wiro Sableng (Wiro The Mad), Si Buta dari Gua Hantu (The Blindman from Ghostly Cave, cool!), Panji Tengkorak (Banner of Skull, Indonesian version of Sergio Corbucci’s Djanggo, also cool!), Ken Arok (Yes, Ken Arok, King of Tumapel Kingdom. Capcom’s is the other Ken) and many others. So if he keeps staying with his persistence about local Indonesian hero for his project, well, for me it’s silly. As silly as someone who says KFC is a local brand because its local resources.

    And the next question is: Is anything wrong with Japanese import? My answer is: Not really. As long as it’s for good cause. Only a few ultranationalist don’t seem too comfortable to admit it.

  10. Gonjack says:

    To Herman-san, I think Wiro Sableng, Si Buta dari Gua Hantu, Panji Tengkorak ithat came in 70s & 80s is just some of many american superhero boom impact, especialy super hero that appear in old American comic that was enormously hit this country, and I think it is ok, and then even if you would call them local hero there not even one of that was you mentioned deserve to be it. If you mention local hero, i think the most apropriate is like Jendral Sudirman, Pangeran Diponegoro, Tuanku Imam Bonjol, Sisingamangaraja, Cut nyak Dien, esc, but based on my experience as a child every story about them just make me confuse :roll: and too difficult to-be understand by me as a child.

    I also remember my experience when I was a child with Ksatria Baja Hitam (Kamen Rider Black & RX), I learned much moral value from Kotaro Minami personality, and value about braveness, protect every girl from evil things, kids nowdays really need it. I was thinking about alternative method to fix IIndonesian kids mental & personality that was contaminated with adult drama (ex: Haji Muhiddin) that just show bad manner in thousand episodes. Reino-san concept is similar with mine, educate kids with things that could be easy to be understood, so one more time,

    “there are no reason to reject this project”

    • KageTora says:

      Some how I was reminded at our lines of local heroes …

      I agree with gonjack here that story of heroism – in any culture – are meant to instill moral values to children. Perhaps having many source of heroic figures from across the globe beside local sources can prepare them better to live with as global citizen while keeping their sense of local identity. I personally feel lucky that my late father occasionally brought me to shadow puppet performance when I was a child, while allowing me – with proper guidance – to watch tokusatsu, jidaigeki and wuxia from VCR, reading comics from Marvel and DC, and told me stories of Heracles, Achiles,and the Argonauts. I repay him by teaching my son and nephew the same way.

      There has been concern among older generations that nowaday young generations are starting to disconnected from their own cultural heritage. Of course, it’s not entirely their – those young generation – fault. It is partly because the media, particularly television that started to “invade” our collective consciousness with the coming of private televisions. It is also due to lack of parental guidance that these generations need to choose and sort values that contained in their source of entertainment. I personally promote JKT48 as ‘healthy source of entertainment’ to some parents who are my peers.

      Of course the coming of this project should be welcome with enthusiasm – even though at this point the only Indonesian taste is only seen in names of cast and characters and some symbolism. Nevertheless, a progress is a progress, no matter how small it is. I’d rather save my criticism for later when relevance called.

  11. Briliant says:

    Well, so far BSG has succeeded in fulfilling its goal. It’s been 5 months since BSG first aired and I think Reino Barack’s concepts of the serial are well delivered.
    21 episodes and it still goes on, it means that the main idea to get the kids in the house on sunday, watch an educational and entertaining tv show was not
    a failure at all. Even Reino himself has brought GACKT as Bima Legend a.k.a NOIR in 2 episodes of BSG.
    All I wanna say is, we just have too see this VERY FIRST INDONESIAN ORIGINAL TOKUSATSU HEROES in positive ways.
    You don’t want to see your children get caught watching porn in sunday morning, right?