Love JKT48 Translation Vol. 02

Let’s Play on the Beach with JKT48!!

It’s finally the middle of March!
The rainy season has ended, so we can vacation to the island of Tidung.
We took a one-hour boat ride, which was really fun!
Under the clear blue sky, we played in the middle of the endless ocean.

Haruka x Akicha: Holiday in Jakarta

Over the past six months, Akicha and Haruka have spent their days working hard on stage and in the media spotlight both in Jakarta and in Japan as exchange members from AKB48. Today is a special day where they are free from their daily activities, so they visited Dunia Fantasi in Ancol! In the afternoon, Ayana and Rena will join them after finishing school.

Dunia Fantasi, or Dufan for short, is the largest theme park in Indonesia which pampers visitors as if they are in a fantasy world. Members admitted that they enjoyed the amusement park which featured attractions from eight different parts of the world, such as Indonesia, Asia, Europe, America, and others.

Haruka x Akicha with Ayana and Rena

Girls’ talk filled with laughter in a cafe!
Jakarta really is fun!

After playing in the amusement park all day, Haruka and Akicha meet up with Rena and Ayana who came to join them. Like others girls of their age, the moment they get together, the four instantly started chatting. This time they are talking about “the difference between Jakarta and Japan”. The smallest difference for them can mean a lot. Even though the conversation often goes on tangents, moments like this are fun for them.

Taking self-portraits the Indonesian way?!

Akicha: During holidays like now, what do you usually do?
Haruka: Yeah, I’m curious. Where do you usually go?
Rena: I usually go shopping at the mall…
Ayana: For me, I usually play at my friend’s house.
Haruka: What about Mangga Dua (a shopping center in North Jakarta)?
Ayana: Oh, there are too many people there; it’s really hard to walk around. You have to keep saying, “Excuse me. Excuse-me.”
Akicha: It sounds like Takeshita Street in Japan’s Harajuku district…
Rena: It’s a big mall, so it’s kind of complicated too.
Ayana: When I go with my mom, sometimes we get separated, so in the end we’d meet up at the lobby.
Rena: I usually walk while holding my mom’s hand.
Haruka: If the four of us go there, we’ll surely get separated. “Oh, no. Where are the others? I don’t understand.” (While acting like a lost child)
Ayana: If we don’t find Haruka, and she ends up alone, it looks like something funny will happen. Hehehe.
Akicha: Oh, by the way, I want to ask something. How do buy credit for your phone?
Rena: Oh, you just need to scratch off the card, then you put in the numbers.
Akicha: How do you put in the numbers?
Ayana: You buy the voucher in a mini market, scratch off the part with the numbers, and then just need to input the numbers into your phone.
Haruka: It seems everything is done using numbers in Indonesia. I also recently started using a package for unlimited Internet.
Akicha: Let’s exchange text messages every day, okay?
Haruka: I rarely send messages in Japan. It’s only at certain times, like when I have to ask, “Where are you?” or “Let’s go out tomorrow.” After coming to Indonesia, I started sending messages often. I’ve never sent this many messages in my life!
Rena: Honestly, one day without using a phone is all right with me.
Ayana: Liar. I see you looking for your phone a lot after losing it while saying, “My phone’s gone. My phone’s gone.”
Haruka: When I got messages while in Japan, I often replied, “I’m sorry for taking a long time to reply. My phone was in my bag.” But when I joined JKT48, other members often ask, “What are you doing?” Since then, I started text-messaging often.
Ayana: Indonesians can’t live without mobile phones nowadays.
Haruka: You know, Akicha also has to take a picture of everything with her phone camera.
Akicha: Yeah, so I can put it in my blog. I like taking photos.
Haruka: Yes, right! Oh yeah, sometimes I think it’s strange when JKT48 members put their phones on the table and then set up the camera timer to take a photo. That never happened when I was in AKB48.
Akicha: Yeah, I was also surprised. At first, I thought they were going to pose while looking in the mirror, with the phone camera as a substitute for a mirror.
Haruka: I think it’s for taking a lot of pictures one after another, right? In AKB48, you’d just take a self-portrait by holding your camera up.
Rena: But when you hold it by yourself, it’s hard to press the shutter button.
Ayana: Yeah, if you use your hand, the result is shaky.
Haruka: Well, AKB48 members are good at pressing the button. But in JKT48, I only recently understood that at times like this, you can use the timer too. I’m also learning.
Akicha: Right, right. I also thought that it’s for taking multiple pictures at once.
Rena: Also, what JKT48 members usually do is take more than one photo at once.
Haruka: When I asked, “What photo? What photo?” it turned out my expression was the same on all the photos. If you’re going to take four photos, tell me from the beginning!
All: Hahaha.
Haruka: By the way, each JKT48 member has her own unique personality.
Akicha: Yeah, of course. Every member has different a different character.
Haruka: Moreover, even if they’re still young, they’re not childish.
Akicha: I think you’re the only one who still likes to be noisy, hahaha.
Haruka: What I mean is, even if they’re all young, they’re calm! In AKB48, I was mature and calm!
Akicha: No, in AKB48, you were noisy too. Hehehe.

Haruka caught dating by fans?

Akicha: Even so, it’s been a long time since I came to an amusement park!
Haruka: Have you been to Dunia Fantasi (the largest and only amusement park in Jakarta) before?
Ayana: I have. I came with my classmates for a school trip.
Haruka: The rides are fun, but sometimes scary too.
Akicha: I never realized that Haruka has a loud voice. But when Haruka screamed louder than me, I realized, “Haruka can be loud too!” Hahahaha.
Haruka: Well, that’s because it was fun. Hehehe. Recently there was an event where we went to Waterbom too, right?
Akicha: I’ve never been there.
All, except Akicha: We’ve all been there.
Haruka: We performed “Gomen ne Summer” that time, right? We went there when there was a school event. It was hot at the time, right?
Akicha: What is Waterbom?
Rena: It’s a big swimming pool. There was a stage then too. After that, we performed “Oogoe Diamond”.
Akicha: I’ve never been there!
All, except Akicha: We’ve all been there!
Akicha: Why do we have a difference in opinion like this?
All: Hahaha.
Haruka: Have you been to Waterbom, Ayana?
Ayana: Of course. There are two Waterbom parks in Indonesia, a big one and a small one.
Haruka: Did you walk around in your swimsuit?
Ayana: Well, foreigners usually do. There are also those who use bikinis, but I usually wear a short skirt when I’m walking around.
Haruka: That makes me want to go there!
Akicha: I guess we can’t really go to the swimming pool when we’re in Japan.
Ayana: Why’s that?
Haruka: Because you can get caught by fans.
Akicha and Haruka: But there aren’t any jobs where you need to use a swimsuit here.
Akicha: But I still brought my swimsuit to Jakarta!
Haruka: I also brought it! A swimsuit with a sakuranbo (Japanese cherry) motif.
Akicha: You’re 21 years old, and you still wear sakuranbo motif? Hahahaha.
Ayana: I don’t want to see Haruka’s swimsuit.
All: Hahaha.
Haruka: Rena, you don’t use a bikini, do you? Hahaha.
Rena: Well, I always wear a T-shirt and shorts when I swim.
Haruka: Tube top?
Akicha: Like a school swimsuit, right?
Rena: I’ve also been to Waterbom!
All: Next time, let’s all go together!
Rena: You might get sunburn.
Haruka: It’s okay if you use sunscreen. Oh, by the way, I’ve been to the swimming pool with my dad once. When I went on the slide, there were fans that saw us, and it became an uproar because they thought we were a couple on a date.
Ayana: Well, instead of going with my family, I usually go with my cousins.
Rena: I usually go with my dad and younger sibling. My mom is afraid of getting sunburn, so she usually doesn’t want to go. She will suddenly make a fuss about going home when we’re on the road.
Haruka: If we go with the members here, maybe Akicha will ask for a break in the middle of the trip because Haruka, Rena, and Ayana are noisy.
Akicha: Hmmm, no… Wrong again. Hahaha…
Ayana: What about the slide from the 7th floor of fX? Has anyone been on it?
All: No!!
Akicha: Care for a ride?
Rena: I want to try!
Haruka: Rena will surely be too scared and say, “I don’t want to! Kyaa.”
Rena: I’m not a coward. I’m brave enough to ride a roller coaster.
Ayana: Isn’t it Haruka who’s a coward?
Haruka: It’s okay for me, but Akicha might not be able to.
Akicha: I went to Disneyland with my younger sibling recently, but uh…
Haruka: That’s because you’re starting to get old, right? Hahaha… You tire easily, right?
Akicha: Yeah, really tired. After riding a roller coaster, my head was dizzy.
Rena: I went to an amusement park with my friends recently. Since it was the first time without my parents, I could keep going on the roller coaster!!
Akicha: One day, let’s all go to Tokyo Disneyland.
All: Let’s go!! We want to go!!
Haruka: If we go with JKT48 members, it will definitely be exciting. We’ll want to go on this ride and that ride. I think everyone will scream “Wheeeeeeee!!”
Rena: Everyone is too lazy too queue though. In the end, I think we won’t ride anything. Hahaha.
Haruka: It seems like everyone will just eat in the end.
All: Hahahah, very true.

During Break

The mugs used in the photo shoot were actually filled with a cold drink. During the break, when the members tried to drink using straws quietly whispered, “The way we drink is strange.” “If we drink something hot with a straw, we’ll burn our tongues, right?” “Come on, everyone. Let’s pretend the drink is hot.” After that, the members burst with laughter. Truly a coverage filled with laughter.

Profile of the JKT48 Team J

Since the beginning, Team J members and AKB48 members taking part in the exchange program have been working hard together with all their might through moments of joy and also sadness. It has been an eventful year, and each member has her own memories of their journey up to this point.

Individual profiles are merged with the members page.

JKT48 in Wonderland

A picture book falls from an old cupboard. My mom used to read me this book when I was younger. It’s a story of an unknown land which is full of riddles. Huh? I don’t think this is right though. It’s not the same book I read before. Moreover, the heroines in it…


Ayana, surrounded by card soldiers, is in confusion.
“I don’t know the way home, but if I win this game, will you please tell me?”


At last, Dhike successfully opens the door of the wonderland.
“The rabbit went that way, right?”


Cindy, if you drink too much of that, you’re going to get smaller and smaller and disappear!
“No way! How can a drink that smells this good do that?”

Cinvia & Yona

Cinvia: “What happens if I eat this cake?”
Yona: “What will happen to us, I wonder?”
Cinvia: “Will we become bigger than a house?”
Yona: “Or even bigger than a tree?”


When Ghaida regains consciousness, she can no longer escape from this wonderland.
“I’m like a bird inside a cage.”


“With this, the door will surely open.”
Beby finds a key and peeks into the keyhole with curiosity.


“These red roses must belong to the Princess…”
When Nabilah opens her eyes, she is already holding a bouquet of red roses.

JKT48 Theater Guide

Easy to understand for beginners
JKT48 Theater officially opened in September 2012. How is the atmosphere inside the theater? Those who have not been there can read this guide. Come to the theater!

JKT48 Theater is located on the fourth floor of fX Sudirman, where performances are held almost daily. fX Sudirman is a modern shopping mall located near Gelora Bung Karno in the center of Jakarta. There is also a hotel located at this mall, which makes it a convenient location for traveling to Jakarta.

fX Sudirman F4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Entrance Hall

A lottery will be conducted at the JKT48 Theater entrance to determine the order of audience members entering the theater. Audience members who are not able to acquire a ticket can watch the performance on the monitor located outside the theater entrance. Camera angles in the theater are arranged such that we are able to see the stage and watch the show easily.

Ticket Box

Those who are selected to purchase tickets for a JKT48 Theater show, please arrive at the ticket box located at the entryway at the appointed time. Tickets are printed in two colors, green and blue. This is because lottery is conducted by the color of the ticket. Your hand will be stamped as confirmation of your payment.


Tickets purchased come with a written lottery number. The lottery process will begin at a certain time, after which ticket holders will enter in the order according to the lottery number announced.

Member Photos

On the wall along the hallway to the foyer are photographs of each member in alphabetical order according to teams. Please find the location of your oshimen’s photograph on your own.

Standing Space

There is a standing area in the rear. We recommend audience members who want to support their idols whole-heartedly to remain in this standing area.

Guest Seat

Following the lottery, audience members will enter the theater in sequential order, beginning with the green area and then the blue area. Seats draped with yellow cloth are special seats for fans who are attending from overseas and out of town.

Door to the Theater

Doors to the theater are located at the end of the foyer after member photographs. Visitors can enter through these doors after a security check of their belongings. In other words, it is the final gateway before one can meet members.

Emergency Exit

In addition to the entrance doors, the foyer also provides access to an emergency exit. In the case of any emergencies, staff members will guide you to exit through this door.


The foyer is an area displaying posters of albums and singles released by AKB48 up to the present. Security check will be conducted in this area. We appreciate your cooperation.

JKT48 Official Shop

We sell official merchandise, whether it be T-shirts, CDs, photographs, or stickers of members. For updated information on new merchandise, please check the notice board.

Profile of the JKT48 Trainees

Half a year has passed since the second generation final audition. Trainees are working hard to improve their dance and singing so that they can become regular members soon. What are their reasons for joining JKT48? What are their current and future goals? What are their hobbies and habits? How do they go through their daily lives? Find the answers here, and get ready to choose your oshimen!

Individual profiles are merged with the members page.

Welcome to Kinal’s Room!

Consultation session for Trainee members
The Team J captain, Kinal, although known for her fierceness, is very popular among Trainees because of her kindness. Unfortunately, because Kinal was very busy, there are very few chances to speak with her. Therefore, we will arrange the meeting this time! Trainees, on the “road to regular member”, are trying their best to become regular members. These are the times when Trainees walk their days full of worries.

We’re told that our MC method is boring…

Kinal: All of you are on the road toward becoming regular members. Do you ever worry about your activities in JKT48?
Noella: I’m still pretty nervous when talking on stage.
Kinal: You’ll get used to it after some time. During MC sessions, you have to try to build up the conversation from any simple topic. On top of that, don’t cut off someone who is talking. Try to adjust to your comments to relate to her story. But yeah, the most important thing is to find your own individual character and style.
Annisa: How do we make the conversation fun on stage?
Kinal: It’s important to find your own character and atmosphere. If someone is shy, create a conducive environment so that she will feel comfortable in joining the conversation.
Noella: Sometimes it’s hard for members to follow each other’s conversation when we’re on stage. The audience have also said that our theater MC sessions are boring. It’s pretty difficult…
All Trainees: Yeah, that’s right…
Nadila: There are members who are good at speaking, but there are also those who are reserved. We’re sometimes confused on how to start a conversation with the reserved ones.
Kinal: Well, if their nature is reserved, then there’s nothing to do. We should accept them for who they are. You should already know that both Ayana and Cindy Gulla are actually reserved, right? However, sometimes they can still joke around.
Nadila: Whenever we watch Team J during training it feels kind of ordinary, but when we see you perform in the theater we’re all shocked at the quality. On the other hand, sometimes we become less energetic.
Kinal: We used to be like that! We’ve just become accustomed to it. Training is the time when we really have to concentrate. Otherwise you will feel drained. After all, we still have our school activities.
Natalia: Compared to Team J, people often say Trainees need to train more.
Kinal: C’mon now, be confident! It’s understandable if people are comparing us; Team J is also being compared to AKB48. As long as we can find our own character, we don’t need to worry. As Trainees, you have to try different approaches. Don’t dwell on the negative comments, but instead use it to whip yourselves into shape.
Natalia: Managing your breathing while dancing is also pretty hard…
Kinal: There’s a trick for that! When you find yourself gasping, relax your shoulder. For example, in “Kagami no naka no Jeanne d’Arc” don’t force yourself to be a tough girl. Try to act natural. Maybe think of a policewoman.
All Trainees: All right!!
Kinal: Now that’s my girls!

How do you manage time between JKT48 activities and school lessons?

Nadila: How should we manage time for studying? Is there a special trick for keeping your concentration while studying after coming home late at night?
Kinal: Rest is the most important thing, which is also the case when traveling. Do you eat breakfast every morning before going to school?
Trainees: (2 answer “Yes”, while the rest “No”.)
Kinal: You have to eat your breakfast to help you concentrate in school. It wakes you up! School usually runs from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. During that time you have to put your best effort into studying. Anyway, there’s something that I want to say to all Trainees, something serious. After every performance there’s a lot of trash backstage. I want you to stop depending on the staff to clean your own mess. You have to be aware and responsible in keeping the place clean. Think of the theater as your own home; keep it clean for everyone’s comfort.
Trainees: We will!!

It’s Kinal’s turn to ask the Trainees. How is their communication with fans, and what are their hopes?

Kinal: What kinds of gifts from fans make you happy?
Saktia: I got a very big doll. It’s cute!
Vanka: I got a jacket. It’s really warm whenever I wear it.
Dellia: A poster of an anime I often watched when I was younger. It’s nostalgic. The poster was pretty big, too. Hahaha.
Kinal: Anything out of the ordinary?
Natalia: I got three packs of fish and chicken meatballs! I also got a picture of a male Taiwanese artist once. Hehehe.
Annisa: I once got a note filled with puzzles like in a mystery novel. Hahaha. In the end, I couldn’t figure out how to solve it.
Alicia: Noella and I each got one half of a pair of socks from the same person.
Noella: There was even a note attached. “Find the other one.” Hahaha.
Alicia: When I got the sock, I told Noella about it, and she said she also got the same thing. One is blue, and the other is red. In the end, Noella and I kept our own socks, hehehe. I also once got a 1,000 rupiah (≈ US$0.10 ≈ ¥10) banknote with the message “Keep it up, Acha!”
Noella: I also got a 1,000 rupiah banknote!
Alicia: We make a good pair. Hehehe. (Both of them do a high-five.)
Kinal: I think both of your fans have the same mindsey. Hahaha.
Noella: A lot of people said that we look alike! Where’s the resemblance?
Kinal: Are there any tweets from fans that left an impression on you?
Annisa: There are people who say, “I’m sorry that I can’t go to the theater lately,” and then there are mentions that say, “When you’re around, I feel really happy.” I don’t know why, but reading them make me really happy.
Nadila: There was a tweet from someone who came to the theater from as far as Surabaya, having sold his bike to be able to watch us once on Saturday and then going home by plane on the same day.
Kinal: Wow, I’m touched.
Nadila: Yeah, me too. Hehehe.
Kinal: By the way, what dreams do you want to achieve through JKT48?
Vanka: I want to be successful in the entertainment industry.
Dellia: I want to be a great singer.
Saktia: I want to be a role model as an idol.
Natalia: I want to perform in Tokyo Dome.
Noella: I want to become a regular member and have a group like Team J.
Alicia: Yeah, it’s hard to have that kind of camaraderie.
Kinal: I’m glad that there’s something you’re learning by observing us. Don’t forget that you’re all in the same team. I’ve never though that Trainees are below team J. I want you work harder than us while supporting each other. Like the saying before Pajama Drive, “J: Joyful; K: Kawaii; T: Try to be the best,” I want you to be like that. Joy is when you are performing with all your heart. Kawaii is showing your lovable side so that your photo shoot turns out well. Trying to be the best means giving your best effort when performing in front of an audience. Be confident and chase after your dreams. You’re still young and fresh!
Trainee: Who among the Trainees is your oshimen?
Kinal: Who, I wonder? Hahaha. Is there anyone among you who’s thinking “I want to be the leader of the Trainees”?
Trainees: (No one raises her hand.)
Kinal: Huh, why not?
All Trainees: It sounds troublesome!
Kinal: Well, that’s kind of true. Hahaha!
All: Hahahahaha.

Theater Photo Report

JKT48 Team J: Renai Kinshi Jourei / Aturan Anti Cinta

In contrast to the Pajama Drive set list, which starts off with a spirited song, “Shonichi” (“Hari Pertama”), the Renai Kinshi Jourei (Aturan Anti Cinta) set list begins with the song “Nagai Hikari” (“Cahaya Panjang”). This song opens with a soft and gentle solo vocal. Renai Kinshi Jourei was first performed on 26 December 2012 by members of team J. This well-known and highly regarded set list, which has been dubbed a “Divine Show” in Japan, dazzles audiences with rapid costume changes beginning with the song “JK Nemurihime” (“Putri Tidur Gadis SMA”). After that, the tempo of each song gradually increases, enveloping the audience in a merry mood with unit songs such as “Heart Gata Virus” (“Virus Tipe Hati”) and “Tsundere”. Not all songs are cheerful, however. A song such as “Kuroi Tenshi” (“Malaikat Hitam”) or “Renai Kinshi Jourei” (“Aturan Anti Cinta”) delivers more mature nuances and is performed through sexiness. Overall, this set list demands intense facial expressions and attitude. It is a set list that is rich with visual contact from members and also intricate movements that are not to be missed.

JKT48 first began to attract public attention during the performance of Pajama Drive. These performances ran for about half a year. (From May to August, several theater performances were held at temporary venues over the course of four months.) The presence of Aki Takajo, with her experience of performing in Team A, and Haruka Nakagawa, a third generation AKB48 member, have been influential in that success. However, the first generation of JKT48 also persevered through a very busy schedule while displaying extraordinary performances. Certainly, this would not be possible without the warm support and enthusiasm from fans.

It can be said that team J is still new in performing Renai Kinshi Jourei, but they hope to continue to grow until they are capable of performing an original Team J set list.

JKT48 Trainee: Pajama Drive

As is known by the public, Pajama Drive as a set list was performed by Team J when they were still considered Trainees. It is a well-known set list that was previously performed by AKB48 and SKE48. After Team J held their last Pajama Drive performance on 13 December 2012, JKT48 Trainees continued with the set list and performed it for the first time on 11 January 2013.

This set list is full of cheerful songs that fit the image of JKT48 Trainees, with member favorites such as “Shonichi” (“Hari Pertama”) and “Wasshoi J”. There are songs that are cute, those with very fast beats, and also more serious songs such as “Two Years Later” and “Inochi no Tsukaimichi” (“Cara Menggunakan Hidup”). It possesses a variety which requires members to perform with a range of expressions.

Pajama Drive as performed by JKT48 Trainees has different a sensation from the one performed by Team J. How do JKT48 Trainees present Pajama Drive in order to highlight their unique identity? Perhaps you have already found the answer when reading this book.

Event Photo Report

JKT48 Team J

22 April 2013 @ JKT48 Theater
JKT48 finally announces its new single, “RIVER”!

As the theater audience called for an encore, the projector screen suddenly came down above the stage. The theater quickly fell silent, but as soon as the words “NEW SINGLE” appeared, fans continued their cheering. Their cheers rumbled even louder as the words “SENBATSU ANNOUNCEMENT” appeared, much like the announcement of Team J members in the past. The names of 16 members who would perform the newest JKT48 single were announced, ending with the five letters “RIVER”. In the midst of this excitement, members began appearing on stage one by one. Several moments later, Kinal yells out, “JKT——————!” and all members answered, “48!” The song started with the familiar stomping movement, and the resulting performance successfully carried the audience with its swift current.

If “RIVER” was a turning point for AKB48, then it represents the light that will show JKT48 their path ahead. That night’s events should be remembered in their journey to achieve an even higher level of success.

JKT48 Trainees

Announcement of the new song “Mirai no Kajitsu” performed by JKT48 Trainees
It has been 5 months since the formation of JKT48’s second generation. These members, better known as Trainees, are now finally capable of performing their own unique song, “Mirai no Kajitsu”. Prior to its official debut on television, JKT48 Trainees rehearsed the dance in the changing room, albeit with a soft voice because it was meant to be a big surprise. During the song’s introduction, fans showed some confusion but soon gave them a grand welcome upon realizing that it was a new song for JKT48 Trainees. This song carries a message of support. “Essentially, as long as you keep moving forward, your will get closer to your dream,” which make it appropriate to be performed by JKT48 Trainees. Their smiles were full of satisfaction at the end of the performance. This meant they had taken a step forward together with fans.

16 April 2013: First showing of “Mirai no Kajitsu” in JKT48 Theater
JKT48 Trainees’ special song, which debuted on 13 April 2013, was performed three days later on the 16th as a bonus song at the end of the Pajama Drive set list performance in JKT48 Theater. After all the songs in the set list were performed, it was announced that “Mirai no Kajitsu” would be presented as a bonus song, to the delight of the audience. Once the song started, it felt as if JKT48 and their fans were enjoying the song together.


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Yoshimasa Nakano
Toshihiro Iyoda
Ayumi Nishimae

JKT48 Operation Office

Harris Thajeb
Kaz Tsukaguchi

General Manager
Jiro Inao
Mifumi Kato

Operation & Production Director
Ghopta Chandra (Ican)

Creative Director
Toshiaki Gomi

Assistant Creative Director
Genjek Pok

Members Manager in Chief
Angga Agustian

Members Manager
Genta Windi
Santi Andrian
Tedy Wijaya
Denny Blessa
Irvan N Martpresia

Digital & Social Media
Pribadi Prananta
Galih Rakhmadi
Farahani Qamadhieta

Event & Media Relation
Putriasihta Baeha

Media Relation
Elfi Syahmiar

Yoshiyuki Sakata

Akihiro Shono
Fritz Fernandez

Rumiyati Dharmono
Lorensi Sri Radiati
Endang Setyaningsih

Sound Director
Takahiro Kumagai
Hironobu Tanaka
Nao Hirata
Erika Ootake

Music Director
Fay Ismail

Sound Engineer
Ario Hendarwan

Costume Director
Shinobu Kayano
Miki Asano

Stage Director
Hiromi Tabei

Gitcha Chandraswari
Inneke Patricia
Donny Yuliantino

Hair & Make-Up
Charlie Ho Team

Evelyn Francisca

Documentary Unit
Adythia Utama
Lastanto Fitroni
Cakti Prawirabishma
Aji Pradityo

JKT48 Theater Operation
Vikry Artha

Special Thanks
AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, SNH48

Unofficial English Translators

WasshoiJ, RHKilis, Yuki88, Kurisu, Japarta, Daydreamerzz, Veranzzo, Ferdian_t, QuezFlow, Razgriz1011, Haddad_P, AnakDekan, Angga

Special thanks to:
– JKT48, who drive these lazy asses to work together and start the project;
– Tokyo Pop, Anon, TakumiRB, Wotaliano, and Japarta, for their contributions in translating into Japanese and relaying messages to our friends in Japan;
– All JKT48Stuff authors—Pitra, RedRanger48, Sergio, Djt, Torque, Sultan, and Kagetora;
– 2ch JKT48 thread—Hon sure and Stream;
– Everyone in Everyday48, Melos no Michi, and Stage48; and
– Last but not least, all of our visitors and friends! We love you guys! Share the JKT48 love!