JKT48 1st Sousenkyo Videos Translation


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

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  1. benimaru says:

    Viviyona Apriani and Jessica Vania v 0_o v

  2. rizka says:

    Wooow you guys work really hard ! That makes you guys (((CREDIBLE))) hahaha
    Anw, I love how you describe Sisil and the effort to explaining the pun ^^

  3. Miko says:

    Thank you guys for english translation!
    -JKT48 U.S fan :mrgreen:

  4. andrew says:

    vote for Devi Kinal, however I was disappointed with the “flying get” CD packaging

    • Angga says:

      May I know why?

      • andrew says:

        CD package just wrapped with paperboard, there’s no free photopack like the previous releases, and the audio CDs not readable on my car tape.. I bought three CDs, and cannot read at all (manufacturing defect perhaps) so i have to put those files to iPod to listen . however I could have voted for Devi Kinal three times :wink:

  5. gorgom says:

    Dhike and Ayana. Best. Appeal. Videos. Ever. :lol:

    P.S. : You guys are really incredible! Such a great job… :-P

    P.S. 2 : It might stretch things too far but I hope someday JKT48 will make E nglish and Japanese subtitles for their stuffs (CD, DVD, Youtube vids, etc). CMIIW, JKT48’s stuffs also sold on AKB’s online store right? So, I think it makes sense to include subtitles for non Indonesian fans :roll:

  6. m says:

    I think they should say it Team KIII (K three) not only team K. Except if they say JKT48 team K.
    I think they should do that to respect team K and team KIV who already respect them :-|