Stand Against The Bullies


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  1. abaone94 says:

    And the bully used a Melody fanbase account to attack the Middle Eastern fanbase. What the hell.

    As a Melody-oshi, I felt disgraced by this incident. It will not only taint JKT48’s name on the international stage, but also Melody’s name. If anyone would be so unintellectual, at least use your own name and not a fanbase! Now that it happened, I’m afraid that overseas fans will continue to diminish, and that Melody’s fans would be viewed in a negative way just because of one insensitive ba*tard.

    For our overseas friends, please continue to support JKT48 in any way you can. Just ignore the troublemakers and choose your allies from those who are eager to cooperate with you all. There are still plenty of us here than those kid-bullies over there. After all, JKT48 still need your support.

    Thanks, and pardon for speaking so rude.

  2. Zakky26 says:

    Really need to do something about that fanbase….

    Couldn’t help my self asking them their intention…but i facepalmed my self reading their reply….

  3. WasshoiJ says:

    A long time friend has always said this to me. “People leave fandom not because of the idols, but most of the time, it is because of the fans behavior themselves.”

    • RedRanger48 says:

      A long time friend has always said this to me. “People leave fandom not because of the idols, but most of the time, it is because of the fans behavior themselves.”

      already leaving my oshi Viny because of this, so this is valid

  4. I’ve faced that kind of thing before :!: That was so awkward :mrgreen:

    • Angga says:

      I never knew you faced that kind of thing before o_O

      I really apologize for what my fellow Indonesian had done to you too…

  5. eyelessdemon says:

    i really feel ashamed to my own country. especially now :(

  6. animevoicejanai says:

    Im not ashamed to my country. but for that fanbase admin lets bully back… lol :lol:

  7. Zakky26 says:

    It’s too bad israa already decides to leave the fandom….really too bad…

    • Israa Madani says:

      Well, This is the only way to stay safe xD
      moreover, today I got Threats Death once again in my own twitter account, many people saw that threats death :-\

      I decide to take an action and reply who ever try to do something to me or to Arab fans ~ so, it won’t be a big deal anymore,
      I will face them all, and let’s see what will happen. If it’s need, I will Bully back :)

      • Zakky26 says:

        Israa! I’m really sorry for this to happen to you.. :((

        I understand you want to fight back,i just hope it doesn’t end up bad…please continue supporting the girls in anyway that you find safe to do it…

        • Israa Madani says:

          I’m sad to say it’s hard to continue, even if I want to…

          Because of being a fan of JKT48 I got Hates I never gets it my life, even my friends in real life are not talking to me know~!!
          they were JKT48 fans, but the bully they got. it’s my fault from the start to push them to know about JKT48 ~ and now? we are not friends anymore… because of Indonesian people :3

          There’s No Regrets On Leaving JKT48 Insha’Allah ~ I will support them in my own way, but it will never be like the past.
          and yeah, Nabilah will always be in my heart, I will not stop loving her for sure.

          • anshor says:

            why T.T

            but life must go on…

            yeah like “idol grow with fans and destoryed with fans”

            like past-writer fans

            just wait :v

          • K-9 says:

            i’m feel sorry as indonesian.
            its okay to leave fandom actually. but dont stop support them. they need your support.

            lets keep support JKT48 with our own way :(

      • Surya C. says:

        I feel sorry Israa, this happened to you~

        As Indonesian.. i really..

  8. Geth says:

    The risk of SNS society, be wise and strict

  9. ganso says:

    these kind of thing just happened again

    • Angga says:

      She decided to get out of the fandom ASAP already….

      Sigh, well done Indonesians, well done.

      • Hidden Tiger says:

        If it is something to be proud of for being an Indonesian that they seek, they are ruining it. Anyway, it’s not the first, and I doubt it will be the last.

    • ken says:

      This is ridiculous. Sounds very possessive to me. Are you saying that only Indonesian people have the right to be a JKT48 fans? I admire them for being an Indonesian and support the girls as the national idol of theirs but if it too much the will be ruining it. Is it a sin if we like JKT48? If the local fans continue to behave like this, I’m sure as hell that international fans like her that only became a fans recently would leave the fandom immediately. “Don’t make sense”? what the f***
      Anyway, hope that @MissLawverdeen could visit this website and see how all of you supporting her.

      • Tomaxxxx says:

        A typical internet troll, here’s some advice “never argue with them , they will bring you down to their level” :wink:

        Note:they are very persistent for this kind of thing actually :lol: , especially a girl. they would not stop until they know everything about you and they would want to befriend you :lol: :lol:

  10. glx48 says:

    Those fans are out of control!! JKT is getting famous locally and abroad(not only southeast asia and east asia) and they’re not ready for this FACT?!

  11. bum says:

    Sorry…Just says… TOLOL….
    Hanya orang tolol yang melakukan ketololan,

    Harusnya membantu OSHIMU TERKENAL,…..
    bukan membuat NAMANYA MENJIJIKKAN…
    dasar fas TOLOL, IDIOT…..Aiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm

    Kasihan Nama Melody RUSAK lagi gara” fans idiot……

  12. to Agga. I can’t DM you so random share it here lol. this is my LINE

  13. terocak says:

    Why when we can support AKB48 who isn’t from Indonesia and the Japanese AKB48 fans allowed and welcome to us, we(especially fans like ex-admin of Melodiest48INA) cannot do as good as fans from 48 families born?

  14. anshor says:

    and that “Salkus” maybe one make me sick to look fans in twitter T.T

    and shanju have comment in G+ about “image inappropriate”

    it’s terrible thing than accident in AKB48 yesterday T.T

  15. Tio says:

    Maaf atas kelakuan dari sebagian teman kami, sekali lagi maaf

  16. ukitch says:

    hi , I’m one of the fans 48 . I come from Indonesia .
    I honestly love akb48 more than JKT48 . I do not know why but I was more like akb48 . akb48 as a trendsetter than 48 others .

    Indonesian fans on the bullying problem you all , I apologize on their behalf . I was really embarrassed and truly sorry. I do not think it turns out there is such a low person . and ironically from my own country . according to what I have seen so far , fans JKT48 very cheerful , they oshi their loving support .

    we need to remember is where there are fans , as well as haters . my country even many who hate JKT48 . they say JKT48 plagiarism , lipsync , no albums , and mimics girlband korea , mimicking akb48 , and lain2 .

    I admit I really prefer akb48 than JKT48 , but not to offend let alone slander and bullying . the severity , not just fans who were bullied , even JKT48 itself.

    seriously , for you , wherever you are, whatever your nation and language , we humans have rights . it’s up to you guys or whatever we want to support anyone . Named SUPPORT SUPPORT MEANS NO MATTER WHATEVER HAPPENED .

    small example , at our school there are definitely not like us . but if it can make us die ? should not be disturbed at all . Just relax , stay and live life as usual .

    never mind haters , bully , and others .

    once again , I apologize profusely , they represent all my apologies . they are just stupid assholes who do not know anything .
    JKT48 continue to support , or support whoever you want to support , do not care about anything !

    if someone wants to ask me please go :cry:

  17. I’m So Sorry Because Running A Twitter Account Admin Not Me Instead of Others

    Translate :
    Saya Minta Maaf Yang Menjalankan Sebuah Akun Twitter Bukan Saya Melainkan Admin Orang Lain :)

  18. Zakky26 says:

    I think it’s every fanbase to remind all of their followers and even admin to respect their idols…i hope someone can coordinate this to all of the fanbase…

  19. aryckagusta says:

    seriously, I really could’nt understand of some part in this article, your english is too high for me…T_T, I’m really sorry, I think it’s out of my capacity:(((. be knowledgeable, I just ordinary fans, no more, hehehe…:D!!

  20. J says:

    One pattern I see in this article is : all the bully victim is a girl

    This is might be typical Indonesian internet habit whenever we see girl on the web.
    1st step : ask for photo
    If she’s refusing, push her more!
    2nd step :
    A) if she’s a beauty, flood her with lousy pick up line
    B) if she’s ugly or keep refusing : Bully!!! :twisted:

    I’ve see this case of behavior in socmed and forum

  21. Jackvespa says:

    ckck bikin malu melodiest aja tuh orang

  22. Zen says:

    …i remember the old time when i’d got bullied to from Indo fans …that time i was having some convo on twitter with my two foreigner fans friend in English ‘n after that there’s Indo fan mention to us in bahasa indo said that we’re as Indonesian was to cocky using English for convo ‘n that fan told us to drop ‘n dead ‘coz it’s embarrassed as Indonesian …of course only me could understand what that indo fan mention to us …well, basiclly, that fan didn’t believe that JKT48 had fans from other country ‘n acuused my two foreigner friends fan as Indonesian in disguise …hahaha …so from that time ’till now i’m not follow any Indo fan or their fanbase … :D

  23. hagiatmaja says:

    feel sorry to hear that. for foreign fans, not all of indonesian fans are like that. please don’t generalize

    • Israa says:

      Dear Zen,

      I didn’t generalize, and I actually thanks many of Indonesian fans, and they know themselves~
      And please read the last part of the letter,,, Thank You :)


  24. frz11 says:

    In my opinion, the account @. Salkusforfun we can block or report to immediately shut down, because the account has a negative effect on the fans and make JKT48 members felt made ​​uncomfortable by that account, I hope there is a follow-up or penalty to the owner of the account.

    • kivcapt says:

      Ahh.. I’m totally agree with your opinion. But i’ve reported them as a spam before LOL

  25. Yui'i says:

    I think I Understand know * The Problem Fact” of this cases
    – Indonesian JKT48 fans do not believe there are fans from abroad…
    – Indonesian JKT48 fans “MORE” do not UNDERSTAND english, so they affraid their IDOL (ex.Melody) will tease/harm Melody in abroad
    – Salkud is Sucks expecially for GIRL fans…

    One Side think they do good think ( PROTECT) their IDOL, but…..they done ( HARM) to other fans…..
    Other side fell first side is GATHERING of SUCK mans because 90% fans member was MANS who like sucks PICs or TALKs about it like (SALKUS)

    – Maybe Some Indonesian FANS made some FANDOM (Twitter/facebook/webs/blog)which are just contain special for WOMAN/GIRL ;
    – Fans member 100% girl except maybe admin (combination)
    – Don’t/Never TALKS about SALKUS in this FAN-PAGE ( ….salkus will never be STOPPED, because we must know there are more man fans who like that part, not just JKT48, AKB48 also like that..)
    – May be someone need to GATHER all FANDOM-PAGE like Twitter/Facebook/blog/webs….The problem is..Who will do it…?…haha

    Just it the solution from me

    • aramor says:

      now it seems like EVERY man in Indonesia is a pervert lololol

    • Al says:

      “Indonesian JKT48 fans “MORE” do not UNDERSTAND english”
      This Part. I appreciate your own opinion. But I don’t agree with That Part. FYI Most of them understand english. But they don’t speak good english enough. at least my grammar is Bad as well haha Sorry ><

      Deustch ist schuld haha. Seit ich deutsch lerne, habe ich Probleme mit meinem Englischkentnisse. Na ja, mein Deutsch ist trotzdem noch nicht gut auch

  26. Saya Benarkan Masalah Ini Bahwa Ada Salah Satu Admin Dari Pemilik Page Yang Tidak Sopan Terhadap Orang Luar Negeri Ketika Saya Tanya Ke Dia Dia Sudah Meminta Maaf Kepada Orang Luar (katanya)

    • Surya says:

      Yah min, gua ngerti udah minta maaf. Tapi semua udah terjadi sih, mau gimana lagi? Mungkin aja korban udah mengerti dan memaafkan, tapi yang lain belum tentu.

      Dan kalian sebagai fenbes sendiri pun harus saling menegur jika saling berbuat salah.

  27. I wonder why they bullied Israa. When i know her, i feel pretty happy to know that JKT48 has some overseas fans. And i wonder too why they said that Israa is lying. She always using Arabic when she talks with her friends. I think some of them is kinda stupid (LOL)

    And for the salkus things, well that’s very disgusting. Since i’m a girl, I always think what will they feel when they is some photos of salkus (especially Shanju because of her “hey hey hey”). Well, i as a girl will feel sad when that’s happen to me…..

  28. diioo says:

    Lol, after rena started her concurrency, I. Begin tto rreaalizee JKT FANS ARE F***ING DISGUSTING. That’s why I stopped liking JKT.

    • stevrum says:

      are you saying that all JKT’s fans are disgusting :?:

    • bum says:

      tobat bro… nama ini…. dimana-mana bahasamu…. akbwrap. todayidol….wkwkw
      stopped2….tapi koment jg lu..dasar bajing loncat….anjiiiir ni orang

  29. aramor says:

    now this article is one other reason for me leaving this JKT fandom. even though I’m Indonesian, I was really disgusted by their behavior. now I’m focusing on the 48s in Japan only. I just can’t stand that kind of fans. really, really DISGUSTING.

    • bum says:

      do you think your are not PERVERT…
      You says ” now I’m focusing on the 48s in Japan only”…..

      aiiiih, you must blind, because as long as I’m to be akb48 fans…
      I must see GRAVURE…..

  30. kivcapt says:

    In addition, there’s another twitter account as bad as Salkus. The username is @usmanguantengz . Kinda stupid account..

  31. Bagas says:

    i found so many case like this, like the fanspage from mexico on facebook, etc. and i think JKT can’t go to international cause still there’s so many stupid fans, and that’t why too i left this stupid fandom

  32. Eru says:

    This what makes me prefer Japan48 than JKT48, i didn’t blame the idol, but their ALAY (overreacted, immature) fans make me want to step on their face…

    u know what? f**k immature fans…

    and for Israa, sorry for the behaviour of our immature friend…

    • bum says:

      Korean pop singer….minggir aja… nama eru…..

    • bum says:

      Korean pop singer….minggir aja… nama eru…..

    • bum says:

      Korean singer also ng-idol……wkwkw


    • bosokuIndo says:

      sudah-sudah jangan bertengkar, aku tengahi ya..penyanyi dari indonesia, korea, dan japan sama-sama bagus. asal tidak bohongan/asli bernyanyi di depan penggemar. kalau aku kasih nilai idol grup/girlband/boyband/penyanyi bohongan adalah nol sedangkan penyanyi/band asli adalah nilainya delapan sampai sembilan. sesuai statistik forum penggemar yang berotak skala internasional menyebutkan bahwa 90 persen penggemar penyanyi/band asli punya otak di kepala. sedangkan 90 persen penggemar penyanyi bohongan punya otak di kemaluan. makanya jangan harap penggemar penyanyi bohongan berotak.xixixi….

      • stevrum says:

        saya hanya punya satu pertanyaan buat anda, apakah JKT48 itu hanya mencari bibit penyanyi saja seperti indonesian idol atau x-factor?

  33. Deni says:

    Me, as a fan from Indonesia feel go into one’s shell. “don’t makes sense” they said.?
    Go to hell!!
    Are you guys ever known tv or youtube?
    if not, you guys must be peoples who exist before century.

    You want to PROTECT your idols, yeah me either. But all you do is just Over Protecting.
    You want to SUPPORT your idols, I’m on your side too. You wanna look your idol success, right?
    Look! they are almost there in the fact they have overseas fans.
    You must be feel proud of your idol and you can breath relief knowing your idols needs is just a step ahead to reach their dreams. just because JKT48 is Indonesia’s, only Indonesian who can support them. Throw that mindset away to the trash bin.

    And for the ‘salkus’, I think those who take the girls ‘salkus’ foto are pervert. Truth to be told, i want to bash their eyes with a hammer. And shanju, my oshi is often be a victim of their act. That’s makes me feel more hate them.

    I apologize to all Overseas fans. Please don’t think that every Indonesian are evil and please keep support JKT48 with your own way.

    Tambahan: Sorry if my english is bad. I just an ordinary High school student

  34. Deni says:

    Oh My God, what a morron am I. Tomorrow I have an exam but I read this article instead of reading books :mrgreen:

  35. anshor says:

    dear @angga

    maybe comment filter needed in here.

  36. Luthfi says:

    oh man! I really hate “SALKUS FOR FUN” and another disgusting things like that!!! ! can we just block it? honestly, i really ashamed for being Indonesian after heard this.. can we just stop being jerk to another? and for Israa: i’m really sorry about those Indonesian fans who where bullying you & your friends.. :( please don’t be sad okay? you’ll never walk alone :)

  37. bum says:

    What do you think about this clue….
    he’s maniac…. :evil: :twisted: :lol:

  38. abaone94 says:

    Honestly the comments section is getting out of control.

    This is not the place where you can blame others while you are still attacking them in a rude way. What was done is done: it’s no use blaming again for a thing that has already happened. Better take this incident as a hard lesson so that there won’t be anything like this again in the future.

    Secondly, this is an English fan blog in the first place, so I’m reminding again – by all that’s holy – USE ENGLISH. And let us restrain from typing bad words shall we? Be picky when choosing your words, because it shows how intelligent you are – at least on the internet. Using unfiltered words to attack others only shows how of a fool you are.

    Third and the foremost: SHOW RESPECT. People are bound to have different opinions, so it’s useless to force them to see things in your way. Respect others – including their opinion, their username, or anything else that he/she had to say – if you want to be respected.

    Lastly, stop flaming this article. Remain peaceful when giving arguments, and don’t offend everyone.


  39. naruto helm says:

    i’m very upset after reading this post. I can’t understand why so many immature creatures here in Indonesia. The sad fact is these kind of creatures are the majority of Indo fans. Zomblay (zombie alay), football fans temperament… hufff cape dech… :cry:

  40. Israa Madani says:

    Hello Everyone, This is me again~!!

    Reading the comments was Inspiring me to support JKT48 again, But~ I just won’t back like this dude!!
    Anyway, Thank you guys for the Comments and spreading this out to all JKT48 Fans,,
    I got so much Mentions in my twitter account showing support for me, and want me to continue supporting JKT48.
    I don’t know but i’m Speechless, and so Confuse thou ~

    Anyway, I’m so Thankful again ~ and I will do something to thank you all to who protect all the fans from other countries,
    and to who ever hurts us ;) ~ let’s stay positive everyone ^^

    Israa with nickname Asoo ^^

    • Israa Madani says:

      Oh By The Way, I always forget to say this, I’m studying Indonesian so I can Understand many things~ xD
      see ya later ;P

    • shunusuke says:

      ah, glad to hear that, Israa, wish you really enjoy this idoling activity and keep support JKT48. and once again, please forgive my fellow Indonesian for their immature behaviour.
      cheers. :)

  41. QuezFlow says:

    Hello, guys.

    Dear Israa.
    Maybe you’ve heard it alot but I want to say “sorry” as well.
    Regarding your case, those kinds of things already can’t be help. I want to cry everytime there’s a single fan leave the fandom or even more “hating” the group as well.

    In my case, to stay safe in socmed, I just follow or listed people who talk positively yet realistic and rational in this fandom. I never read those nasty and racist tweets from rude fans.
    Well, I just care about my girls, the hell with those disgusting fans. But if they bully the members, I just report their account and ask my friends to do so.
    I’m an ignorant to begin with, so I never think those gross fans ever exist. I keep support my oshi by tweet her encourage words which maybe drowned by others’ tweets but that’s all I can do. Sounds so weird, but alhamdulillah it makes me safe and never make stress or overthinking. It also makes me grown up, by choose people to follow, read only what’s good and wider my knowledge or my connection, and once again “never argue with them, they’ll bring you to their level (of stupidity)”.

    I won’t push you to come back to this fandom. I appreciate your decision. Your support for oshi alone is enough. Thank you so much for support the girls x)

  42. Farrell Green Eye D. says:

    As an Indonesian,
    I’m really sad to hear this, because it was making negative image of JKT48 and it’s fans. They should be happy about this, but what happen? They just bully the fans from abroad. And about salkus? One of my oshi Shanju is called the “Queen of Salkus” by the salkusers on the internet! How terrible is that? I ask the admin to stop, but he just keep sharing salkus! By the way, I used to f*p to JKT48 members before I be a fans and fortunately I can stop. Of course, the fans should make positive images of their idols, not the negative images!

    We should respect each other, even we live in different countries and support our idols together. As JKT48 fans keep increasing in numbers, we should be a good fans and be nice to our idols. Right?

    For Israa,
    I respect your decision to leave the fandom, even I would be happy if you join back. By the way, Nabilah already know your banners you send to the theater!

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