Author: Angga

Obituary: Mr. Jiro Inao

We’ve received news that JKT48 Operation Team’s own Mr. Jiro Inao, fondly remembered for his various appearances holding a mop before announcing new announcement for JKT48, is no longer here with us. According to...

Novinta’s Newest Movie – Petak Umpet Minako

Produced by RakBuku Production (Their first ever featured movie) with Billy Christian (Hi5teria, Tuyul) on helm, Petak Umpet Minako or Minako’s Hide and Seek (which was originally a novel written by @manhalfgod), told a...

Ve and Lymphoma

At first I thought that it might better if I just keep it for myself, but after several considerations, I might make you worried more if I keep my mouth shut and perhaps it might be better if you know.