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  1. anshor says:

    wow…. link please >.<

  2. aldo says:

    i don’t think KFC English version that was sung by JKT48 is aweful
    actually,i am really ejoyed that version
    it more like some opening soundtrack of anime that were translated to English
    and it sounds cute (it’s because their cute squeaky type of voice)
    but there are some part in the song, that i think the vocal coach push it to make it sounds
    well, more like the Japanese or Indonesian version
    like on the “And the future won’t be as bad as what it seems” part
    their using *staccato, instead making it more flowing
    it will be more likely in my opinion

    and please take a not
    we got two and half japanese in this senbatus (akicha,Haruka and Ayana)
    that English is not their mother tounge nor 2nd language
    of coure Rena is an exception :)

    ever heard Ve spoke English?
    she got good American accent

    and for the rest of senbatsu member, i can’t say much
    never heard of their English accent before

    *its vocal technique to produce shorten articulation

  3. WasshoiJ says:

    I already enjoy the funky sounds, be it it’s the Japanese or Indonesian version so the English version is a bonus tbh.
    I like it when I frantically try to find out who are singing the lines. Makes it even more fun, lol

  4. metalhead says:

    hmm , some people just never learn to keep their mouth shut , i pity them

  5. Ririn says:

    I’ve just listened to it and it was pretty good, actually.
    Their pronunciation isn’t bad considering probably most of them don’t even speak English in a regular basis–correct me if I’m wrong on that point, though. They don’t sound like English speaking people at all at most times, but they sound cute and make me say “Aww, their way of saying this is so cute” as oppose to downright weird to me. I personally like their way of saying ‘tomorrow’. it’s sooo Indonesian.. :mrgreen:
    Haruka is just waay too cute.. >.<

  6. Cl4p Trap says:

    Maybe some people who think can speak English better expected it to be sound like Thomas and Friends OST accent, they think no better :lol:

  7. FAKTOR NERD says:

    i think the lyrics are okay with the exception of 1 or 2 awkward lines,
    but i don’t understand the attitude of not allowing/discouraging people to criticize a commercial published work of art, or the attitude of like being afraid to be too critical..
    a published art will always be criticized n compared. its not about ” oh can u do it better?” or ” ga usah kritik kalo nilai english lo jelek mah”, its a commercial corporate published product and you can have opinions about it..

    i my self think that the song is pretty boring and i don’t like it(not just the english version), but that’s just taste, i just dont like it, its just me, and taste /like-dislike is undebatable

    • Ririn says:

      Criticism is good. It helps people to grow, but giving offensive and rude comment is simply unacceptable.
      There are hundred of ways to send your message without causing others to be irritated about it.. Some people just say what they want without really understanding what it really means to other, and that is mean.

    • Cl4p Trap says:

      I give you trivial information: INSULT is different from CRITIC :lol:

      • Ririn says:

        I agree. That is exactly what I mean, but somehow I don’t have the guts to say it in a straight forward manner like that.. :oops:

        And I totally get your thought about preference and taste, and I believe that it is a personal truth that it is nobody can interfere with. :)

        • Annie Tjia says:


          Based on my experience, English fluency sometimes doesn’t determine how good you sing English song. When I speak I can be fluent because I don’t need to focus on the rhyme. Actually English song is kinda hard you know, so even though I haven’t heard the song yet I know they have tried to their best effort to sing it. Even Utada Hikaru still sounds a bit weird when singing her English song, and she’s way more senior than these girls. It’s normal.

  8. JK21 says:

    good translation!! I like it!! and more is the Rhyme… I really surprised with Rhyme of the Lyric’s, it’s so hard to make good Rhyme in some translation song..

  9. Zen says:

    My english is bad ‘n i don’t even know how to pronounced the lyric properly. That’s why if they had lack of pronounciation, those kind of thing didn’t bothering me at all so i could really enjoyed the song …hahaha … :-D … Beside this is their first time to cover the song from 48G into universal language to hope that they can reach the fans from all over the world. That kind of effort that i really appreciated … :wink:

  10. stunamy says:

    aku adalah penggemar dari harugon tersinggung dengan kejadian pelecehan kepada harugon. link –> youtube.com/watch?v=rziiFdHDkmk

  11. tsunamy says:

    our reaction -cutted-

    • Angga says:

      No, it is not “your” reaction per se. I’m fine with your effort to let people know about what you thought happened in the show between Raffi and Haruka. But by using our website as the mean to spread that and falsifying the title for the link IS NOT fine by me.

      I understand your frustration, but please, prevent yourself from posting a misleading comment and link in a clearly wrong article.

      Believe us when we told you that we are still looking into that matters BEFORE we want to write the article. There’s still no proof about what happened and the camera didn’t help either to tell us what really happened back then. To prevent any misleading article that would cause us some law suits, we need to investigate this matter first.

      • Annie Tjia says:

        It’s simple, why don’t we ask Haruka about it instead of spitting to people in website? If Haruka doesn’t have any word about it then why should we take the matter up to the surface. No matter if you’re Harugon fans or something, putting something like that is kinda provocating, right? So, please, all visitors, bear it in your mind that we are in this forum is because we are supporters of 48Family, especially JKT48. Don’t be such a party pooper and make us unconfortable. All authors in JKT48stuff and even most fans are very disturbed with the rumor. Please don’t rub salts on it.

    • Cl4p Trap says:

      Even war can ended a war by make apologize to each other, haha yeah right.

  12. sunred says:

    I enjoyed it. catchy lyrics and the rhymes are just so cute here and there. good job JKT!

  13. yankee says:

    it’d be better if JOT put english speakers (ve, sonya, stella) for the next english version

    p.s: (ve accents (for me) sounds so american) :-P

  14. kopi says:

    oh!! I enjoying the English version too, maybe because the base rhymes already good.

    — lyric were ok and the girls pronunciation is not really bad I think.
    — at first time I listen, it gives a weird feeling cause it’s the first time I heard members sing a full English song but when I replay it some time the weird feel will gone hahaha

    — maybe it’s not perfect product which everyone wanted (human can’t makes something perfect, yes?)
    — yes, some parts actually can be improved– like some parts girls voice is not really clear–beaten by the music sound, but members and staffs worked hard on it, they just want to deliver something fresh for fans.

    — and YES!! I agree! it’s fair enough if they said they don’t like it, said the song were boring.. or maybe the song is not their taste, we really can’t do anything about that everybody have their taste

    — Sure criticism and input are needed for further improvement, but hey!! they are not doing that! look at their “criticism” words there, they are just bashing, saying unneeded bad words and very insulting without any solution– seems they love doing that like their hobby. They just want to showing up their selves, show who they are and then feel almighty, and I see most of them are Indonesian there..

    … is it really? –I “don’t like” it so I “must hate” it– applied?? is that because the product were below their expectation then they act like that to release some their stress feeling..?

    I’m sorry …

  15. Andricks says:

    I really enjoy it, it’s surprisingly good, and members’ pronun are not that bad! :wink:

  16. Arya says:

    It sounds like a mixed languages. Kinda hard to hear the pronunciation clearly :wink:

    • Arya says:

      I can’t tell what they’re saying in the song while hearing it using earphone, but when I play it on mobile by speaker phone, it’s pretty much clear to hear the words…funny..

  17. maryamahkarpov says:

    I already heard this version, i think the pronounciation is pretty good enough… it better than japanese or korean speak english…
    peace :) ….. why some people said it very awful… :(

    • yankee says:

      yep,.. so that’s why aki-p choose jkt48 not akb48 or other sister group :wink:

      • maryamahkarpov says:

        LOL… u right bro… i already heard many english song sang by japanese singers… i really couldn’t understad them… :)

        • indr@ says:

          Yup, honestly the first time I listened to this song I can’t understand the lyrics at all, it sounds like Japanese singing English :wink:

  18. Ash says:

    Love it.

    My favourite part was the “in a hard shell, crack it open, see what it will tell”.

    too cute :-P

  19. himawari says:

    I don’t think any native english speakers really care about their english being perfect since it’s not their first language. So I think it’s kinda weird Indonesian fans care so much about it lol. I think their english is really cute ><
    I hate kfc but the english version is fun to hear

  20. tomomo says:

    my opinion is it’s not so bad. This is JKT48’s english ver., so keep JKT48 sing english version for the next single!!!!!!!! :-D
    For the tweet that say “muak denger pertama kali”, i want to say that it’s not easy to sing english version KFC, i hope he/she can tweet more polite an educated in the future……….. (i know that everyone has own right to comment but that’s teet is very awful………)

  21. Tomo says:

    Why don’t Aki-p. turn all 48 songs into English versions? I think this would be helpful for the fans all over the world. It is OK that 48 does not have to perform those English versions on the stages, I think. Just spread the sweet and addictive tunes with the universal language on the glove :wink:

  22. indr@ says:

    YES, finally JKT48 sings an English song, I think JOT has listened to my advice..or, maybe not :mrgreen:

    Like I said before, if the 48 family want to go international they need to sing a song in English..

    I believe that JKT48 member can speak English better than its sister groups..maybe, that’s why Aki-p choose JKT48 to sing the English ver. of KFC and release the single at the same time with AKB48..

    I hope JOT will make a video for the English ver. and upload it on Youtube, so we can share it and let the rest of the world know about KFC English ver. by JKT48 :-P

  23. mm says:

    I haven’t listen to it (my internet connection is bad right now) but just by reading the lyrics I can already sing along so I love it already! :p

  24. benimaru says:

    don’t you love reading those keyboard toughguys degenerates comments about koiisuru english version :lol: :lol:

    criticizing something they even can’t do by themselves :lol: :lol:

    and surprisingly; most of those (or maybe all of them?) shermheads are Indonesian :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  25. KageTora says:

    Indonesians are known for hypercriticism paired with hypocrisy. To understand how these two polar opposites could exists in one persons, you might want to compare it with complex of superiority paired with inferiority.

    I don’t mean to say that all Indonesians are like that. It’s just because those particular people spoke louder without enough people to counterbalance, so that we looks that way. Another complex, I guess.

  26. Annie Tjia says:

    JKT48 members can speak English better actually. Kinal spoke English in third episode of JKT48 Missions, didn’t she? Stella also can speak English and mandarin, and I’m sure other members are also good with their English. As I’ve said in my previous comment that speaking English is so much different than singing it, the rhyme focus usually topples the pronunciation. It’s normal, doesn’t mean they are bad.

    • Arya says:

      I believe they can speak English better. It just that we doesn’t used to hear them singing in English, and yes, singing is different from speaking. At first time hearing KFC – eng ver it sounds like hearing River by SNH48, sounds weird but after several times heard the song again, it actually not bad at all (KFC eng ver and River by SNH). Criticism is intended to improve, it’s different from insult. :)

  27. FAKTOR NERD says:

    again, u guys, a published work of art is open to be criticized , no matter what kinda form the criticism may be,
    its not about ” emang lo sendiri bisa basa inggris?” not about ” emang lo bisa bikin sendiri?” ,
    the attitude of “im not gonna complain about this becos i cant do it better” is unnecessary,its published art, you can have opinions about it,
    if you bought an album/saw a movie and you have a negative opinion about it, you have the right to express it
    stop being offended by people’s opinion on something you like, of course you can and you have the right to disagree with it ,

    obviously am not talkin bout the haters , and if it things that haters say, why do you care ? dont give em the attention

    i mean, you never insulted something you considered lame ? like the twilight movies or bieber or coboyjunior or something else ?
    the different is you care about the art so you got offended, you shouldnt, relax.. especially on a personal twitter account, where people can say whatever they want, yes we have the right to insult a published art product

    opinions are like ass holes , everyone has one

  28. Nyobi says:

    Honestly, I enjoyed the english version of KFC! It’s good, but the member’s “english accent” is a bit… well, off… but aside from that, I love it. JKT48 should make more english songs to expand their fanbase ^q^

  29. Kurisu says:

    Okay, I’m mentioned in the article and what’s funny to me… I know I make my own mistakes. I know for a fact… I’ve been saying Shania’s name incorrectly for a year because my own accent is almost too pronounced as I read her name off the page: “Shhhania”… but when I hear Indonesians say it, it sounds clean, almost like “SUNNia”.

    I already gave my input on Stage48 and it was in the moment, quite honestly, I had just heard the English version and I just, I almost freaked out, I posted it on Tumblr right away and it’s gotten nearly 100 notes.

    (Of the comment attached , you don’t *have* to comment on Tumblr but it is an option… all those comments were positive. The most “negative” one I can think of was: “It’s weird… but I like it”.)

    My opinion after I’ve cooled off and I’m no longer in a reactionary mood to something new and exciting… I still love it!

    Some of the words got jumbled… but it’s a translated song and it’s a certainty that that will happen. Sentences running into each other. Think of all the random idioms and random pop culture references you know and then shove them into a whole other culture’s way of thinking and understanding.
    There will be hiccups… but, I recognize the efforts of the translator so much… a lot of the sentences run off like water, it’s wonderful. The 2nd verse especially has a great flow.

    I don’t speak for all English fans… but from what I’ve observed, we’re okay with slight mispronunciations, or having to check the lyrics page in order to understand something… we’re just surprised and happy this even EXISTS. We’re apart of the AKS big picture?!

    And also, the girls singing in English… I’m not going to lie, it’s cute. I don’t mean to demean or belittle them… it’s just the sound… it’s charming. It makes me smile.

    I’m happy that it exist… I’m happy at the translator choice… I’m happy the girls got to make this dent that they have with the international fan base.
    We’re looking forward with whatever you have to offer, please keep communicating with us.

  30. Tomoo says:

    I use English always when I do make business with the overseaspartners. I understand all the English that each partner has a totally different pronouciation and with a littel bit different gramar and also miss spels (me too :oops: ). But I believe I do understand their context that partners say to me. Rylics and business discussion is different. Yes, I know. But I just want to add my experience :wink:

  31. Tomo says:

    Sorry, not “Tomoo”, but “Tomo” :wink:

  32. kopi says:

    someone already covered this song
    (can I put link here?)


    maybe there will be more cover soon from more international base to spread jkt48 and this good song! :-D

    hey! this song really can make people dance happily!

    so lets sing and dance!! :wink:

  33. RedRanger48 says:

    Just a late comment. I love the English lyrics.

  34. ken says:

    Not bad actually the english version of KFC by JKT48. I kinda like it… considering not all the senbatsu members speaking english like Ve, sonya or stella or rena..at least international fans could understand the meaning of the song and it actually cute i’d say..but, anyway its just my opinion

  35. Torque says:

    This rocks. It takes a lot of effort to make even a couple of those sentences to rhyme, especially since it’s translated from Japanese. Stop being an ass and just enjoy the song, haha.

  36. Japarta says:

    It is said that KFC was created with the image of 80’s Disco music.

    Yes, it makes me remember “I’m in the mood for dancing” by The Nolans.
    Anybody knows this song?

    anyway, I think either FC in love, FC yang mencinta, KFC can make elder generation feel nostalgia
    in any country.

    • Metal48Fan says:

      It reminded me of some of Earth Wind & Fire’s stuff from the late 70s, with a touch of A Taste of Honey. I love Earth Wind & Fire, so “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” appealed to me immediately.

  37. gaban says:

    until now I don’t understand why every single JKT48 contains 3-4 songs only. it is still new for Indonesian. I think it would be more efficient if it contains 8 tracks with more expensive but more stretchable launching time (6 month)? so they can be more cost-effective video clips, distribution costs, direct selling expenses, etc.

  38. daydreamerzz says:

    Wow, huge amount of comments on this article :lol:

    Just to give my 2 cents, i love the translation. I cn only describe it as AWESOME. But the members pronounciation is still, well not very good, but it’s not something they can learn in a month so i’m okay with it..

    • Halim says:

      I think their pronounciation is already fine.
      What they need to improve is their articulation in singing those words :)

  39. KageTora says:

    We will need someone to coordinate fans version for English version. *instigates

  40. arrifeb says:

    another great cover of kfc english ver. by oaktheory :wink:

  41. PatrickStar says:

    its pretty good, beyond my expectation
    considering English is not their native language and the lyric is pretty long
    at first it feels weird but after listening it more I understand some of the lyric
    I’m hope more English version in the future from JKT48

  42. interstellar says:

    no matter what, the jkt48’s english version of anything will be better than akb48’s. on top of that, akb didn’t release one..

    so what i’m trying to say is.. perhaps the japanese girls will try to sing based on our local girls’ pronounciation. It’s much easier that way, isn’t it?

  43. Jvalz says:

    I think KFC English version translation is really good. I hope there will be another English version that brought by JKT48 in future.

  44. Sunny says:

    Chorus: “My loves in a Fortune Cookie” is WRONG!
    You forgot to add the apostrophe (‘) between the “love” and the “s”. The correct one as quoted from CD Jacket is “My love’s in a Fortune Cookie”.
    “Love’s in” = “Love is in”.

  45. Metal48Fan says:

    I found the English lyrics to be quite solid all around, and the pronunciation was excellent overall! Speaking as a songwriter and lyricist whose native language is English, the rhythm of the original makes it seem a little awkward, especially when you’re fitting one or two syllable words with each note of the melody. However, this is to be expected, especially if you’re trying to keep it faithful to the original.

    Anyways, I adore the original version, and I adore this version :). Would LOVE to hear more English versions of AKB48 songs, especially “Kibou ni Tsuite” and “Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate” :D.

    I love it! Keep up the great work! 48 forever :D