AKB48 Jyanken Taikai Guidebook 2013 – Akicha and Rena


I’m Japanese. I like Indonesian people, culture, foods. My favorite Indonesian food is Mie Ayam. I translate and introduce Akicha's activity to Indonesia and the world.

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  1. Let’s pray for Akicha & Rena so that they can enter Senbatsu through the Janken Tournament..

    I hope the final will be Akicha vs Rena :mrgreen:

  2. maryamahkarpov says:

    ganbarena….!!! do your best…

  3. kopi says:

    Go for it!! akicha-san ~ rena-chan!! I have feeling… they can win it! and they will meet again at final lol!

    good luck for both of them.

    • abaone94 says:

      It would be a great spectacle if the 2 JKT’s really made their way up to the finals and face each other :-D

      Looking forward to it! :mrgreen:

    • KageTora says:

      They won’t meet at the final. IF they can make consecutive wins, they both will meet at Semi-final

    • kopi says:

      Ahh yes ! I was wrong :oops:

      You right. I thought rena-chan were at other side of table

      So they will meet before final if they keep their winning :-|

  4. benimaru says:

    what dose it mean by being strong at rock-scissor-paper game?

    unless you had slow-motion vision, ain’t dat supposed to be pure luck?

    • Tomoo says:

      Scissors cannot cut rocks ( which means rocks are stronger than scissors). But rocks can be wrapped by papers ( which means papers are stronger than rocks) At the same time paper can be cut by scissors (which means scissors are stronger than papers). “Janken” is the win-loose spiral. “Janken” generally is used, i.e. any games are not determined as score, such as in one soccer game, the score is 2-2, but it shoud be needed to designate the winner. Probably my explanation would be fine :wink: If this is help, it makes me happy, benimaru san :-D

    • Kurisu says:

      I believe it to be mostly luck… but there are psychological factors.
      There are winning streaks when a person feels they cannot lose, so they stick with the same hand (rock/paper/scissors) and that may influence the person they go up against.

      Last years tournament Paruru played the same hand over and over (scissors – except for one time), Nito Moeno had a similar tactic but with paper… when they met in the finals, those two might have been trying to figure each other out, “what is a certain victory?”
      The psychological game: Do you change the hand that brought you this far, is your competitor counting on that?

      During the first Janken tournament graduated member Nacchan told Miichan that she would throw paper… Nacchan is from the same generation as her and they were long time friends, Miichan didn’t think her friend would actively try and trick her, but by that same token, would you blindly trust something your friend said? A friend who is also your rival?

      Akicha revealing her costume is lucky may “psych out” (make the other person lose their feeling of control) the Okita girl.
      Rena’s “wave” comment could psych out Kojima and then every girl after that – simply because Rena believes strongly in it, they might believe it too.

      … But honestly though, I watch it mostly for the costumes :oops:

  5. KacaL says:

    Akicha should wear a “Komodo” costume, I think. XD

  6. Genbu says:

    “My lucky charm is a costume. This year I will wear animal costume again. For an example, I’m thinking in the line of a “strange animal” one which is somehow connected to Jakarta.”
    Well, I think she will wear costume between Orang Utan (like Dufan mascot), or Komodo. my guess is the former. Do we have another strange animal in Jakarta beside these two?

  7. FairFans says:

    Master Dedy Corbuzier will teach Rena how to win in Janken Taikai with Magic :mrgreen:

    pliss Om Botak, teach your oshimen! :mrgreen:

  8. myth_wota says:

    I don’t like the drawing for rena. I want to support her but kojiharu is my kami oshi and I really hope kojiharu will win this jyanken since last year she didn’t enter senbatsu, more of it she speculated to graduate next year so I really hope she will be the centre. Sorry rena-chan.