Rena Nozawa is Now Officially AKB48 – Team K


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  1. FAKTOR NERD says:

    omg you guys are so quick announcing this, typical JOT staff propagandist

  2. KageTora says:

    You even precede the officials announcing this ! What are you anyway ? 48 leaker ?

  3. maryamahkarpov says:

    this site is sugoi… 8-O
    btw, did she leave jkt48 team forever? or she still has double positions…?

  4. indr@ says:

    I’m happy to hear this good news

  5. Akiriku says:

    Good news.. glad to hear that.. IMO, she’s indeed more suitable in Team K than other teams.

  6. maryamahkarpov says:

    angga… can u post the japanese fans comment about this… i always curios abaout their opinion of jkt48, especially rena… she is my fav.

    • Angga says:

      According to Anon, most of them is amazed by the fact that she’s so tall and able to speak 4 languages :D

      • Kuraudo says:

        AKB48 just recently lost some of their tall members (Mariko, Sae, Sayaka) due to some various reasons like graduation or team transfer. Perhaps Kojiharu will also leave next year. The addition of a new tall member like Rena to AKB is most welcome by Japanese fans.

  7. Megaaleon says:

    Congratulation, Rena! Hope you can become a bridge between Japan – Indonesia like you always say and get famous in there….

    We always support you wherever you are

  8. benimaru says:

    Be glad for those who already had her photopack, considering it will became one of most wanted swag now :lol:

    AKB (especially team K) should be proud now that they have another multilinguist besides Rina o_O v

  9. Tomo says:

    I am under the delusion that Rena will have the bahasa lesson for Team K. This class (approx. 30 min. why? :( ) will be the spin-off show at AKB 48 theater. The tickets will be highly difficult to get. Which means that this bahasa lesson show will be so fun and happy. Rena will teach bahasa for all the members of team K. The class leader will be Yuko(natural?). And at the storefront of all book stores nationwide, “Ren-chan’s Indonesia-go (bahasa)” will be sold out :-P NHK (Nihon Hosou Kyokai: Japan Broadcasting Association, a national, not private, TV and R station) will assign Rena as the new teacher for the program “Indonesia-go kouza(Indonesian laguage lesson). Her sweet voice will spread to nationwide. WOW :wink:

  10. Arya says:

    Ganbarena~!!! :-D

  11. harunatu aki says:


  12. mm says:

    Rena in my favorite AKB Team! YAY!! :D

  13. maryamahkarpov says:

    she posted in twitter, she will come to jakarta to attend handshake event “yuuhi wo miteiruka” on 14th september…
    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  14. SegantengGhaida says:

    Fix !!…
    AKB oshi: Rena Nozawa
    JKT oshi: Kamen Ghaida
    yey! :mrgreen:

  15. aldimas says:

    rena ganbareenaaa!!!
    i’m gona miss u so muach
    hope sometimes i can see u face to face
    here in indonesia i’m waiting u reenaa
    and here i make a song for jkt48 especialy for u rena


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