Guide to watching JKT48: Part 1


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. Angga says:

    Great article mate! Thanks for the hard work! :-D

    Hope this article could help overseas who would like to visit the theater.

    Oh and be very careful when exchanging your money :D


    Oh and this just in from Anon-san through Twitter DM :

    1. Ojek (Bike Taxi) is convenience and could help you going through Jakarta traffic very fast. But not recommended for overseas fans (Although Anon-san himself is an overseas-fan from Japan :lol: )

    That Ojek method above is recommended for those seeking for adventure or one with a daredevil nature like. Someone like Anon-san himself who goes with Ojek during his stays in Jakarta to watch JKT48 Theater :lol:

    • WasshoiJ says:

      Cool this is the first time I’ve heard about this Ojek. Would be pretty interesting to try it out at least (save fot the air pollution!) Someone post a guide! :P

      • benimaru says:

        Please don’t..

        Fast indeed, but your life is at stake (ojek skills could make valentino rossi look like an amateur)

        It won’t be funny if tomorrow newspaper headline is about an overseas fan having accident while going to fx by ojek..

      • Angga says:

        Like what Benimaru said, please don’t Ros :lol:

        If you’re unlucky, you could get a totally delusional rider that think himself as Valentino Rossi. I remember going from Depok to Cilandak (Around 20KM) in just a mere 15 minutes going a hundred KM/h in a road full of cars and buses my knees won’t stop shivering an hour after that :lol:

  2. Tokyo Pop says:

    OK,Japanese translation ASAP.

    • WasshoiJ says:

      Appreciate it Pop but my apologies for such a lengthy one >< Hope its useful enough for new travellers

  3. mm says:

    This is great! I’m planning to go to Jakarta too in a few months. Hopefully I could catch a show or two. And maybe contribute a theater report? :wink:

    • WasshoiJ says:

      That would be pretty awesome. Feel free to contact stuff and contribute your theater report! Looking forward to your experience!

    • Angga says:

      Awesome! Couldn’t wait for your report! :D

      • mm says:

        Thanks guys! I’ll probably be going at the end of September. There’s no birthday celebration around that time (oh well!) but it’s the only period I can get off work. I also just applied for OFC to increase my chances at getting tickets. ;)

        I’ll be sure to contact you guys if I do get to see a show. :)

  4. Buddy says:

    i want to give some information about ojek. i hope this info help foreigner. :wink:
    1. ojek is person who ride motorbike that mean you safe from trafic jam because they can slip between car.
    2. basicly one ojek for one people only but don’t be suprise if sometimes you see more than 2 people ride on one motorbike.
    3. ojek dont have “argo” (meter) to calculate cost of the ojek fares, (the cost depend on ojek rider based on how far you destination).
    4. you will have problem to communicate because most of ojek rider can’t talk english language.
    5. always ask how much the cost first and every ojek have different rate. if you dont like the rate go to different ojek station that give more cheap rates.
    6. you can find ojek station in every corner in jakarta.
    7. ojek not ilegal and i can’t say they legal either so if something bad happen to you there’s no place to complain because they dont have company
    8. you will get more polution because you ride on motorbike especially polution from bus (taxi is free from polution because you are inside the car)
    9. i’m not recomend ojek, but that’s your choice.
    it would be good if your hotel near FX mall and if not you can go 3 or 2 hour early so you don’t have to worry about traffic jam. if you really come too early you still can eat or walk around in FX mall. they have many store in FX mall that sell food, clothes, and gift with low price (based on rupiah currency) so you can buy a lot of gift to your family and friend (merchandise from JKT48 would be good) :mrgreen:

  5. Haddad says:

    If you’re travelling in a really tight budget, you could also take DAMRI bus with Soekarno Hatta – Blok M route that departed every 15-30 minutes. it’ll go straight to the Sudirman street from the airport. The fare is just Rp 20.000 (About $2)

    • LuphKira says:

      how long it takes from Soekarno Hatta to f(x) or GBK?

      • Haddad says:

        if the traffic wasn’t that bad? about an hour and half or less since they’re going through the Jakarta’s inner ring toll road. but it could took two hour if you’re not lucky with the traffic.

        oh, by the way. I remember that i saw this black premium taxi that parked in Century Athlete Hotel beside f(x). maybe you could use it as an alternative (if you had the budget), it’s White Horse Premium Cab.

  6. RedRanger48 says:

    Well, fX Sudirman, despite its small size for a shopping mall in Indonesia (Yeah, It is small, comparing it to Pondok Indah Mall 1 & 2 or CIputra/Taman Anggrek) there are many things you can do while waiting the show begin :

    Wanna eat something? Try these places :
    1. Foodcourt, located in f5 (fifth floor?) there you can have Bakso, Nasi Goreng, Steak, Chinese Cuisine. Sometimes the members eat there too, while waiting between shows. Prices are between : IDR25000 to IDR 35000. Since it’s located just one floor above the theater, You could check the situation easily. Some fans trade photosets or watching AKB48 videos there.
    2. Kopitiam QQ . located in the first floor, (f1) Price range between IDR 20000 to IDR 40000. It’s located near the front door of the shopping mall. A good place to chitchat before and after show , try some Nasi Goreng or Bihoon Goreng. Sometimes they play AKB48 songs, maybe one of the people working there is a fan lol.
    3.Pazia , f6 (sixth floor). I never go there, but some fans do hangout there, chit chat or trading photosets.

    You bring gifts to your oshimen, and you forgot to wrap it up? Don’t you worry, there’s a gift shop next to the theater. Sometimes fans wrapped their presents here, or just bought cards and envelops to write a fanletter.

    There’s also Cinema and Karaoke Place in f7 (seventh floor) , a perfect way to spend the time if you arrive to early :P

  7. LuphKira says:

    if u wanna an example what is Ojek.
    u can see from JKT48 – Heavy Rotation PV.
    there, Cleo took an Ojek because she trapped with Traffic Jam & that make she late for school.

    sorry for my bad English :cry:

  8. Japarta says:

    WasshoiJ-san, Tokyo Pop-san,

    Great job! Otsukare Sendy~!

  9. Tokyo Pop says:

    Japarta san,


  10. Rosirazer says:

    Additionally, please relax in the cafe where I work, “Pazia cafe” fx 6th floor.
    I was a barista “coffee maker” in the cafe, and of course I also JKT48 fans, all fans definitely know my place and many fans who also know me, then we can get to know fellow fans, :)

    you can find me there, my name is Rosi (not Valentino Rosi)
    My twitter account : @rosirazer

    sorry bad english -_-