A New Collaboration between Indonesia and Japan


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  1. Buddy says:

    wow is that’s gonna be Gundam robot in indonesia version, i gonna ask my mom to buy that robot for me. 8)

  2. benimaru says:

    So it’s going to be gundam wing mixture with indonesian mythical creature..

    Dat’s sweet!!!

    Me really hope Stella is there not just for soundtrack, but also one of the seiyuu (she looks surprisingly preety there)..

    Btw, the dude on the left at the last picture looks familiar..

    • Angga says:

      Uh no, the banner above is only for illustration purpose :lol:

      It’s going to be more tokusatsu like, so I don’t think Stella’s going to be a seiyuu in there unless she took part as the monsters’ voices :lol:

      • benimaru says:

        Aah.. That is a heart breaking info..

        If it’s only for kids education, they better hired Barney and his friends (or prey?? That fits better..)

        Where did you get that gundam picture anyway?

        • Angga says:

          There’s a link there to the source of the picture :D . Andryst really is a great artist.

          • Buddy says:

            duh i thought it’s anime like Gundam robot. you really destroying my imagination. :( that robot picture will make people misunderstand.

          • Angga says:

            Complain noted :lol: . Updated the banner with the preview of the hero suit glove :D

  3. Tomo says:

    I hope Stella act the hero’s heroine. In Ultraman series, the heroes have their heroines i.e. in their special task force. More, hope her sing the theme song too. Am I greedy? I want to see this series in Tokyo soon :lol:

    • Buddy says:

      that would be good if JKT48 member take part in that movie. if i not mistake some AKB girls already take part in ultraman movie too. btw i’m sorry before for ask this. i’m just curious are you mod in this site http://www.akb48wrapup.com/. because you and that person have same name “kono” so i guess maybe you and that person the same person.

    • Buddy says:

      ups sorry i made some mistake your name is “Tomo” and that person name is “kono”

    • Tomo says:

      This is the example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIfNXp8xcow Australian version of Ultraman’s opening. Please walk on Tube. You will be able to find English version of this TV series. But this is just Ultraman. Newly created superhero. But Bima Satria Garuda is mythical hero, isn’t it? If so, this a big difference. BTW when I hear the name “Ishinomori”, easily remenebr “Kamen Rider” series.

      • Tomo says:

        Key words are “ultraman great”. His name :-P

        • Buddy says:

          if this gonna be like kamen rider series i hope Ghaida have a role in that movie or maybe she should become one of the kamen rider like tomomi itano and tomomi kasai which have a role as queen & elizabeth in “kamen rider W”. :-D

          • Tomo says:

            Agree. “Kamen Ghaida” is cool. She would be the 1st female rider (?).

          • Tomoo says:

            Oh, I have one idea. Please laugh loudly. How about “Super Sentai 48”? All JKT48 have rolls in this one sereal TV program. Or I seems JKT’s schedule is tight, a movie would be better? Sure Kinal should be the “Captain” of “Super Sentai” :-D

      • Tomo says:

        This would be better help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=eqwaFuMir_E&feature=endscreen I guess you will easily find a taste of foreigners production ( not the taste of Japanese original. Sorry, a Japanese dub.).

        • Buddy says:

          that’s good idea. :) i’m thinking the same but it more like drama movie. all the characters played by JKT48 girls. they can be good character, villain/bad character and other supporting characters. i think whoever that decide to make JKT48 movie will get a lot of profit/money because JKT48 nowadays have a lot of fans not only in Indonesia but also from foreign country and it keep increasing. i’m just hoping JOT (JKT48 management) also thinking about making JKT48 movie. management gets a lot money, JKT member became more famous, and fans will feel happy. 8)

          • Tomo says:

            Looks like “DOCUMENTARY AKB48 No Flowers without No Rains”? I think so too, Buddy san:)

          • Buddy says:

            i’m sorry Tomo san actually my comment above is to reply “Tomoo san” comment. i can’t reply/write below Tomoo san comment so i write/reply it below your comment it’s because i though you and him/her is the same person. “Tomo” and “Tomoo” i think (maybe Tomo san accidently add another “O” letter to his name). then i just found out in some article here both you write your own comment (it strange why would you write comment using 2 name) so the conclusion is you are 2 different people with almost same name “Tomo” and “Tomoo”. just like your comment….. We have so many “kono”, “kondo” and “konno”. it really confuse me. LOL. this is to reply your comment Tomo san. i’m talking about AKB48 So Long TV drama. many AKB48 member play/take part in that drama. i want to see all JKT48 member play/take part in one TV drama together.

  4. HERMAN says:

    Man, I’m kinda skeptical about it. . It’s not the first time they ‘re foolin’ around by trying to make a local tokusatsu. The prodecessors are suck. Not only suck but just a fag and a piece of sh*t. Especially if you compared them with the legendary Masked Rider Black. Well, at least there will be Stella on it. Fans of JKT48’ll glad to watch this sinetron because of that. ( I think Stella will be a sidekick for the main hero. You know, like Mimi in Uchuu Keiji Gavan or Yuriko Misaki in Kamen Rider Stronger. Yes, sumthin’ like that.)

    • benimaru says:

      yeah, you seems right bro..

      the last succesfull local hero seems only panci, eh, panji the millenium man..

      just hope the main good guy have this giant high tech mecha as an epic final battle in every series (in case Barney became gigantic and goes rampage..)

      • HERMAN says:

        Panji is suck too. Nothing could replace Masked Rider Black as my childhood hero. Giant mecha belong to sentai. So unless there are five (more or less) of Bima Satria Garuda, I’m afraid there’ll be no giant mecha. (I suppose a robotic motorcyle as in Belalang Tempur is more imaginable, instead.)

    • RedRanger48 says:

      Well, Ishipro is helping to produce this show, so I don’t think that the show will be a piece of sh*t.
      I’m looking forward to this show… >.<

    • Haddad says:

      don’t worry about that. Actually, our very first tokusatsu heroes is still the entertaining even if you watch it nowadays :lol:

      • benimaru says:

        Yeah, and. they also will make “petruk became megaloman the movie”..

        Or “petruk became spiderman”..

      • Haddad says:

        And here I thought that I’m the only who still remember Petruk from Karang Tumaritis

  5. skyman says:

    lol wut
    Wan Kanobi (guy in the left) have a role play in Bima Satria Garuda
    Is it gonna be tokusatsu, right? So what the connection about Gundam, or do you mean something like super sentai (power ranger)?

    • Buddy says:

      hehehe…its not my fault if people start to misunderstand because that awesome picture (gundam/robot). :-P it would be good if they could make that gundam picture into cartoon/ anime and show it in TV. i’m sure many people will like it especially for gundam/robot fans.

    • benimaru says:

      The banner above was a high tech mecha before it changed to that glove thingy..

      You seems haven’t seen it, just type this on deviantart; andryst

      Prepare for a jawdrop :D (me and buddy bro already done dat.. )

  6. PN03 says:

    No teaser, trailer or official announcement from JOT

  7. Peacecraft says:

    I have big expectation about that project, I hope it doesn’t disappointing :wink:

  8. rokoko says:

    have you ever heard about pocongman or garudaman….the costumes are cool 8-O ,maybe bit weird for pocongman… :-D

  9. indr@ says:

    Wow, this is a serious project, involving ministry of Japan and Ishimori Production. I hope this project will be a success, it’s been a while since the last time we have local superheroes.

  10. benimaru says:

    Btw, among all the girls, why did they pick stella?

    Why not onya or ve or maybe shania (considering their acting experience)?

  11. Zen says:

    …If Ishipro gonna handle the technology ‘n the costume, that’s would be great …but i’m a little bit worried if MNC handle the script … :mrgreen:

  12. rokoko says:

    maybe a support role like itano and kasai in like kamen rider VV :)