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  1. mm says:

    Two words: Battle Royale. :twisted:

  2. Chuột Tây says:

    Just a Lesbian story like Nezumi x Center, Maeda-sama x Minami, Yuko-sama x Sado (in Majisuka Gakuen) is all I want. haha

  3. Tomo says:

    One sporting drama. 48 girls, a high school soccer club. Struggling each other to be final 11 (senbatsu? 8-O ).

  4. ariframas says:

    I have a same idea with mm. 51 students of all-girls high school have been taken to an isolated location. The students are each given a randomly selected weapon and a few rations of food and water and sent off to kill each other in a game to the death, and they have been given a limited time to kill each other until one survives or they all die.

    – All 51 members can fit in this movie while the movie can focus on a few of the students (leading characters) and how they cope.
    – Allows many roles in which members could act in the movie. For example, a member can take a role of a psychotic student, other members may try to
    survive without resorting to violence, some may just give up and do suicide, there are lots of possibilities.
    – It’s like a symbolization of the competition and rivalries in 48 group where everyone is competing and trying their best to survive and become the
    – I think there weren’t any movies with this kind of premise in Indonesia before.
    – It’s cool.

    – Too controversial.
    – Too dark and violent.
    – I can’t bear myself to watch if my oshimen die tragically in the movie :cry:
    – Yes, it’s too similar with Battle Royale.

  5. auronsan says:

    it’s difficult make 51 member to play together >..<

  6. ilhamsyah says:

    i’m wishing for a feeling good-style movie, like shinobu yaguchi’s directed movie (Waterboys, Swing Girls, Robo-G). Yeah, the ending plot might be easily guessed, but the process toward it that matters. So much positive values and inspiration there, with a lil’ bit of sweet and funny twist :)

  7. rara says:

    Woah nice idea for JKT48’s movie ^^ but in my opinion, i prefer some ‘detective’ movie than thriller or romance.

    maybe like this :

    Someday, Nabilah accidentally found a mysterious box in JKT48 theatre. She tells JOT about it, and JOT said that the box maybe belong to JKT48’s fans. But day after day, no one came to search that box. And then, because of her curiousity, nabilah bring the box to her home without telling anyone.
    But one day after that, nabilah is gone. No one knows where is she, include her own family. All of JKT48 members become panics because of that. And well, after that, JKT48’s have one secret mission with JOT and Nabilah’s family help: Find Nabilah, and the box ! And in that mission, one by one JKT48 members also gone without trace. So, will they finally able to seek the truth behind this and able to found the box? Let’s see.

    Lol i think i’m too much read manga xD

  8. sanusi says:

    LOL.. somehow i can imagine it well, all the plots. Nice Angga and guys.. you guys make my day! by the way, is it just me or.. i don’t know, when i read the thriller plot, i imagined the exact melody as in a ‘new ship’ MV… “kalian ngomong apa?” ne? ne? ne?

  9. Cl4p Trap says:

    Just rip off :lol:
    48 Wars ep 4: A New Oshi
    48 Wars ep 5: The Ex Member Strikes Back
    48 Wars ep 6: Return Of The Center

    48 Wars ep 1: The Wota Manace
    48 Wars ep 2: Attack of the Theater
    48 Wars ep 3: Revenge of the Harugon

  10. Tomo says:

    Haruka rows the big boat which carrys all members to Tokyo. Stromy, Rainey and too much Sunny. Then what? No idea :(

  11. Japarta says:






    • Tomo says:

      The great moderater :-D It’s a good idea :) 良いアイデアですね。みんなの妄想が楽しみです。 :wink:

      • Tomo says:

        not “moderate”. You inspire all the Japanese fans at JKT48Stuff :-P

        • Tomo says:

          Japarta san. If you need, I am ready to be support your great idea ( but I think it needs a few days) :wink:

          • Japarta says:

            Hello, Tomo san!

            Thanks. I hope more Japanese fans post this site no matter what the topic is.
            Other fans can know how much Japanese fans loves JKT48!

            And it sounds good, but what is it? Hehehe. :-D

            Anyway I didn’t finish translation of Japanese friends’ posts yet.
            I translate one by one when I have time. :mrgreen:

          • Tomo says:

            Japarta san. I just suppose so many the delusional prots of the movie will come from Japanese fans and you (love) to translate :)
            ジャパルタさん。それはたくさんの妄想的映画プロットが集まりそうですね。きっと大ヒットな企画だと思います :wink:

          • Japarta says:





  12. rica oshi says:




    見てくれていて、それぞれの道が開けてゆく。 END

    • Japarta says:


      Like the drama “Ama-chan” that is popular in Japan right now, my story is…
      With a certain trigger, a girl wish to be an idol, then she really becomes an idol and grows up as an idol. It should have comedy taste as well, and touching story is better.
      Of course the leading actress is Rica.

      She passed the audition and became an idol, however it is bothering that she is not so popular because she is the oldest in the group.
      She had ever considered to graduate the group… One day, not in Indonesia but unexpectedly in Japan she got popular by internet. Then, many protests such as “why she is not given many chance” rushed to JOT, and made JOT confused.
      Pushed by fans’ voice, at last JOT decided to have popularity poll, vote.
      Vote from Indonesia and vote from Japan were fight in confusion, it was chaotic…

      Finally, Rica was not elected as SENBATSU. But she found it is not everything to be elected as SENBATSU. She realized that if each member treasures their own character and personality and tries to be the best, somewhere, somebody certainly see them. And it makes their road open widely in the future.

  13. jeje says:


    • Japarta says:

      I want to watch nothing but “film MAJISUKA-GAKUEN ver JKT48”.
      I want to look scenes that pretty members play action seriously.
      It should NOT be JKT who produces common and boring idol movie, right?
      Part 1 is the edition “battle for the top in female school”, Part2 and part3 are the editions “new generation battle” and “war against rival school”. If Rappappa (current gang G) are acted by team J members, New generation by team KIII and the rival school girls by 3rd generation members, so all members can act in the movie.

  14. BBQ says:


    • Japarta says:

      One day, when JKT members are performing at their theater, a mysterious light overspread them, and they are time-slipped to ancient Indonesia, 4000 years ago.
      They unite and cooperate to confront various difficulties together.

  15. rica oshi says:





    どこかで必ず誰かが見てくれていて、チャンスがやってくることに気付く  End

  16. せんちゃん 頑張れ says:


    • Japarta says:

      1. Success story for girls all over the world. Involved in persecute surroundings, such as poverty, violence, crime and inactive, but she doesn’t give up her dream, wish, effort, and she does her best with her wisdom, at last she becomes the female president.
      Raise yourself, girls!
      2. Fantasy story. She lives in human world as God’s incarnation. Sometimes she defeats villains and helps human being with God’s power.

  17. inostyle says:

    バス2台に分かれてブン・カルノ・スタジアムでの初コンサート会場に向かっていると、チームJ かKのどちらかのバスがメンバーごと強奪されます。(誘拐されたほうがJ にすると)チームJのメンバーはなんとか脱出を試みるが、敵も相当の数で逃げ道はない。しかし突破口が開く。見張り番の電話がなるとJKT48の着信音楽が流れたのだ。この人JKT48のファン?そう悟ったメンバー達は(面白おかしく)あらゆる手を使って彼の心を動かそうとする。彼の推しメンは誰だ!センディがダンドゥットを歌ったり、それぞれ得意技を披露するメンバー、あきらめかけるとメンバーがある事に気づく。「そういえばさっきの曲」その曲は僕の太陽だった。推しメンはKにいるに違いない。ナビラが無理やり彼の電話を取り上げ「誰?今その娘に掛けてあげる。こんなチャンス二度とないわよ!」何故か主導権を握るナビラ。彼は葛藤しながらもメンバーの名前を言う。(バレた方がいいとは思います)

    • Japarta says:

      I prefer a runaway & escape story even though it is orthodox and common. Ver. JKT something like “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by Hitchcock.

      Team J and team K are in two buses on the way to the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium for their first concert. Team J’s bus with members is jacked.
      Team J tries to escape but no way because suspects are also many. However, the way is suddenly opened. the lookout man’s mobile phone rings, and the ringing tone is JKT48’s song. “Oh, is this guy JKT48 fans?”, members senses. And they try to change his heart with every effort.
      Who is his Oshi-Men!? To reveal his Oshi-men, each member shows her unique performance such as Sendy sings Dangdut. Almost they give up it, but one member says “Hey, right now I remember his ringing tone was…” it is Boku No Taiyo.
      His Oshi-Men can be one of team K. Nabilah robs his mobile phone and asks him “Who is your Oshi-men? Let me call her. Don’t miss this chance, you know?” Nabilah gets the initiative. He hesitates, but finally says his Oshi-Men’s name.

      On the other hand, team K are at a loss because their concerts will start a few hours later. Then, calling from Nabilah.
      Nabilah : Can I talk to Viny?
      TeamK somebody : Nabilah, what do you mean? Are you OK?
      Nabilah : Don’t care, but hurry up!
      Then Viny comes and takes the phone.
      Nabilah : Viny, listen to me. This is the matter of life or death…
      Nabilah explain the reason to Viny. Then Viny starts to talk the lookout man over the phone. Viny listens to him kindly as if she is his girlfriend. He talks that he unwillingly joined suspects group due to an unavoidable reason. Viny says him “Please help my friends, it’s for me.” It makes him change his mind.
      Now Nabilah changed to Melody, and Melody talks to Viny over the phone, “Viny, now I need your help. Listen to me…”, then team J’s escape gets started!

      One of suspects calls JOT. “They are still safe. You should start JKT’s concert on time. But we will send some of our members to the concert, you have to let them enter the stadium”. No way for JOT, JOT starts to prepare the concert.
      Meanwhile, team K’s members start their strategy, following Viny’s direction. They email many fans, who works for various jobs. “We are NOT allowed to email fans, you know. But this is secret.” Of course, fans who receive email from their own Oshi-Men directly are crazy to go to rescue team J, they are policemen, military, taxi drivers, Cyber hackers, etc., etc.,

      At long last, team J escapes from the place they were confined, but are surrounded again by suspects. Their back to the wall! But a battle legion comes there. Emailed fans had a good command of their networks and finally they succeeded in finding where suspects are. Now, suspects have no way.
      Then team J members get information from suspects, that their kidnapping team J is just a camouflage, but their actual purpose is to assassinate the President, who comes to the concert. (maybe The president’s children are JKT48 fans.) After telling it to team K, team J immediately head to the stadium.

      Team K’s member also head to stop the assassination, interrupt suspects’ movement by any means.
      10 minutes before the concert, team J arrives at the stadium. They fight against suspects.
      Finally, the president’s family are safe, and explosive systems set in the stadium are canceled.
      But! Suddenly the stadium is blackout! No lights there, and ring with fear…
      Members say “ …we can not reach the dressing room”. Fans who hear that, makes the path with lightening Cyalume (light stick). “Thanks, friends” JKT48 members head to the dressing room.

      Viny meets the lookout man, and she’s going to say something but he says “Thanks. If someday I become a nice guy, I come to meet you again. I do never shake hand with you until the day.” Viny says “Sure. I await for you”.
      It starts Overtune, fans who work for power company already recovered electricity. With bright face, JKT48 members appear in front of fans. The supreme concert get started now!

  18. sendy ganba says:


    • Japarta says:

      Applying Indonesian myth as a motif (sorry I don’t know Indonesian myth), a female God comes to human world, takes the form of human being and makes funny episodes.
      Sometimes she uses cute miracle to help human world.

  19. Ve OSHI says:


    • Japarta says:

      I prefer a love story, but all casts should be JKT48 members. Even extras such as passers are also acted by members.
      For male part also they disguise themselves as a man. It likes TAKARAZUKA but no musical.
      Acting heroine, old man… it’s good if one member acts many roles too.
      It maybe interesting to let Nabilah act poles, such as a pupil and mama-san of a bar.
      *Mama-san : bar owner, female.

  20. HERMAN says:

    I’m sure as hell they’re gonna make Indonesian version of “Night of The Living Dead”. (Just kidding. Peace…..peace……)

  21. pote says:









    • Japarta says:

      There were a brother and a sister, their relation is quite good. The sister likes her brother very much.
      One day, the brother is absorbed in an idol group, JKT48. Her loving brother becomes not to see her.
      She feels sad, and heightens her anger. “Why my loving brother doesn’t see me? Oh yes, JKT48 causes it.” She takes out her anger and decides to revenge on JKT48, she will become a JKT48 member but ruin it from inside.

      However, after she becomes a member, she is overwhelmed by senior members’ ability. She doesn’t want to be defeated, her flaming mind makes her practice like mad.

      Unconsciously her mind to ruin JKT48 had already gone, but she still doesn’t want to lose to senior members who took her brother’s heart is getting bigger and bigger.
      However, as she experienced conflicts and reconciliation with members, she becomes to believe in members bit by bit. Her healthy competing mind works well, she gets ability as a JKT48’s member and becomes popular.

      In the beginning her brother made a fool of her, “you are nothing among pretty JKT members”. Every time she hears that, her motivation is getting higher. And the brother’s view for her is also changing.

      One day, big surprise shocks JKT48. JKT48 “SOU-SENKYO (vote for SENBATSU)” will be held.
      (in the movie, no need to show how many vote each member got. It’s enough to show SENBATSU member, the center girl and the number of vote for her to avoid any misunderstanding… because real members act in the movie, )
      Her brother says “I do never vote you. You know, I will vote my oshi-men ”. And she is furious what he said.

      Their relation is no good now, and the day comes. Members’ name are called one after another. But her name is not called yet… Until now, she had never appreciated by her brother, moreover she cannot beat JKT members who took her brother’s heart… she disappoints.

      But, at last, her name is called as the center position member who got the most vote.
      She cannot understand what happened. The MC tells her brother made every effort to collect votes, did part time job too to make money for voting her, everything was to make her the top. Until now, her brother didn’t show anything in front of her. But now, she comes to know that her brother has been supporting her. Her tears fell fast. Her brother is looking at her from his seat with tears and smile.
      In the winning speech, she expresses her deepest gratitude and love on the stage.

      Wooo, good brother and sister. Happy happy!

      How enjoyable having hallucinations is! Hehehe.

  22. Japarta says:

    Hello, mates!

    I asked fans in Japan to creat their own story for JKT movie.
    And they posted stories in Japanese.

    within a couple of days, I’m going to translate them.
    You can enjoy stories from fans in Japan!

  23. harunatu aki says:


    21××年 宇宙戦争で家族を失った中学生の彼女は、必死の努力で自分の夢だったアイドルグループ「SPACE48」に合格した。

    • Japarta says:

      I think SF is also nice.

      In year 21XX, a junior high school student girl, who lost her family in the space war, realized her dream to pass the audition and join the idol group “SPACE48”.

      3 years later, she becomes the center member of SPACE48. But, due to the pressure of center position and the offence from haters she gets tired and decides to graduate from the group.
      She goes to a medical center and has her face changed, her memories overwritten with common school life.

      She returns to common life, but she is shocked when she watches the concert of idol group “SPACE48”.
      “I wanna join SPACE48!!” she wishes strongly.
      One day she walks around in her town, she finds a sign board “Dreaming Trip”
      That shop enables her to see any dream if her dream is input the machine.
      Without hesitation, she selects “becoming a member of SPACE48”.

      After she wakes out of sleep, big tears drop from her eyes. Her memories get back.
      Then, she challenges the audition for SPACE48 again and passes. She gets her original face, tries to be the best and gets the center position again at last.
      With enormous popularity, she is well known whole space. One day, she gets word. It is from her parents whom she believes their death… (to be continued)

  24. mansei says:

    nee~~ I wish it fantasy movie. Magical High School. They are learn magic, can teleport (with hisatsu teleport background music), they can use magic when they singing (ufufufu like mermaid), but they should hide their magic if there is a lot of normal people. And for the final assignment to graduate from that school they need to accomplish the mission. This mission is to gather something around the world, so they need to travel a lot. To do that, they separated to 6 team Team named by their favorite animal. one team contain 5 student. They will go to several place to find 5 item (each group has its own item), and if they could gather that 5 items they can use magic to blend that 5 item into something rare. Each item has guardian (they are can use magic too). When they do that assignment, there is some evil witch won’t it happen. They try to manipulated some student mind. That will challenge their friendship and loyalty power.

    I try to daydreamin about which member get a role. ofcourse 51 member. teehee~~
    Teachers: Stella & Gabby
    Stedents: (Team and leader decide by teacher, but they are choose team name by themselves)
    Swan Team: Leader: Ayen, member: Shanju, Nat, Beby, Ikha
    Fish Team: Leader: Noella, member: Haruka, Ayana, Lidya, Kariin
    Fox Team: Leader: Ghaida, member: Hanna, Octi, Nyash, Frieska
    Rabbit Team: Leader: Vanka, member: Melody, Nabilah, Nichan, Rachel
    Cat Team: Leader: Sonia, member: Ve, Jeje, Acha, Saktia
    Tiger Team: Leader: Kinal, member: Sendy, Nadila, Yupi, Delima
    Japan: Rena, Akicha
    Taiwan: Shinta, Sinka
    Malaysia: Tata, Yona, Shafa
    Hongkong: Vienny, Cigul, Uty
    Indonesia: Rica, Delli, Dena
    Villain: Sonya, Della, Dhifa, Nobi, Sisil.

  25. rica oshi says:


    • Japarta says:

      They are on the school excursion by ship, but the ship is distress and they reach a desert island.
      While waiting rescue, they are living for “survival”.
      Quarrel, mutual help… in due course they nurse team spirit.

  26. Tomo says:

    A political story. Melo became Minister of Agriculture from a political party. But the other members are the one of several polictical parties. Then, they compete each other in one election (“Sousenkyo”? :) . “Osomatsu :oops: (a poor joke)”

  27. Kurisu says:

    I’m going to go as boring as possible… damn, some of your potential movie ideas are dark!!!!
    I just don’t think I’m that creative, I think I’m also ‘set’ with how I want it approached, have the movie be almost an extension of the MV for “Yuuhi wo miteiru ka?”

    Most of Team J star as seniors in school, deciding on their future… there’s a love story, there’s a secondary story line that has a hint of lesbianism (girl falling for her best friend), there’s pressuring parents, a girl who gets a sudden marriage proposal.

    Girls deciding on their future, influenced and helped by one another… and it ends during their graduation ceremony.
    Second film, we cut to Team J making their way in the world, in jobs or at school. Team KIII are the leads and there’s an added element to their story, maybe want to spend a night in the school or something.

    Third film is the reboot, only starring girls from generations 3 and onwards… and if Team J / KIII are in the film, they’re completely different characters.

  28. satriaperdana13 says:

    sebelumnya saya mohon maaf krn menggunakan bhs indonesia, krn saja ga bisa menggunakan bahasa inggris dengan baik.
    Sejenis Anime One Piece tapi dengan alur cerita gabungan dari bebagai film. Dengan latar belakang kehidupan seperti game / dunia fantasy.

    Judul: Kagami No Naka No Jeanne D’Arc Of Pirates

    Prolog: Cerita ini terjadi pada jaman dahulu kala, dimana kehidupan manusia dan monster saling berbagi satu sama lain. Namun akibat keserakahan para penguasa, kehidupan semakin sulit. Sebagian dari manusia dan monster pun memilih jalan menjadi bajak laut untuk bertahan hidup.

    Kagami No Naka No Jean D’Arc Of Pirates

    Chapter 1: Kagami No Naka No Jean D’Arc Of Pirates
    Cerita: Awal terbentuknya Kagami No Naka No Jeanne D’Arc Of Pirates
    Prolog: Disebuah pedesaan (desa:Jakarta) kecil yang makmur tiba-tiba diserang oleh sekelompok bajak laut monster yang jahat. Para bajak laut menghancurkan desa tersebut dan membunuh semua penduduknya. Pada kala itu penduduk yang selamat dari serangan bajak laut: Kinal, Melody, Rica, Nadila, Rona, dan beberapa orang lainnya. Akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk menjadi bajak laut dengan nama “Kagami No Naka No Jeanne D’Arc” atau lebih dikenal dengan Bajak Laut JKT48. Nama JKT itu sendiri berasal dari desa asal mereka yaitu desa Jakarta, dan 48 itu merupakan tanggal awal terbentuknya bajak laut mereka. Dan Bendera pada lagu Kagami No Naka No Jeanne D’Arc milik JKT48 di jadikan simbol / identitas mereka.
    Seorang gadis yg mempunyai jiwa pemimpin.
    Posisi: Kapten Kapal Bajak Laut JKT48
    Keahlian: Pengaturan dalam strategi pertempuran

    Anak dari seorang ahli bela diri yang sangat disegani di desa Jakarta dan merupakan sahabat KinalJKT48 dari kecil.
    Posisi: Komando Divisi 1
    Keahlian: Pertempuran tangan kosong
    Divisi 1: merupakan divisi yang terdiri dari gadis2 yang mempunyai keahlian pertarungan jarak
    dekat tangan kosong
    Anggota Divisi 1: …

    Chapter 2: Hari Pertama dan Pertemuan Dengan seorang pemburu
    Cerita: Pertemuan dengan GaidaJKT48
    Prolog: Perahu JKT48 berlabuh disebuah pulau yang dimiliki oleh keluarga kaya. Pulau tersebut
    digunakan oleh keluarga GaidaJKT48 sebagai tempat berburu
    Chapter 3: Teman Pertama
    Cerita: Bergabungnya Gaida
    Prolog: Banyak hal tak terduga dipulau milik keluarga GaidaJKT48. Keluarga GaidaJKT48 yang sedang berburu di pulau tersebut di serang oleh sekelompok bajak laut monster. Bajak Laut JKT48 membantu keluarga GaidaJKT48 akan tetapi semua keluarga GaidaJKT48 tidak ada yang selamat, dan GaidaJKT48 yang tinggal seorang diri memilih untuk bergabung dengan Bajak Laut JKT48
    Seorang anak dari keluarga kaya yang mempunyai hobi berburu.
    Posisi: Komando Divisi 2 atau Komando Gunner
    Keahlian: Gunner / Pertarungan jarak jauh dengan menggunakan senjata sejenis HandGun. Walaupun
    seorang gunner lambat dalam pergerakan, tetapi serangan mereka mempunyai daya rusak yang besar.
    Divisi 2: Merupakan divisi yang beranggotakan penembak penembak jitu. Biasanya divisi ini membantu divisi2 lain dalam pertempuran dengan menggunakan sniper dari atas gedung.

    Chapter seterusnya tentang

    @VeJKT48 dan @Naomi_JKT48: *Bayangin Ve & Naomi pake seifuku kagami + bawa pedang :oops:
    Dua bersaudara yang memiliki kemampuan ahli pedang. Mereka merupakan anak dari seorang bangsawan yang jujur akan tetapi mendapatkan penghianatan dari para penguasa yang korup.
    Posisi: Komando Divisi 3 atau Komando Slayer
    Keahlian: Pertempuran jarak dekat dengan menggunakan senjata sejenis pedang.

    @SendyJKT48 dan @StellaJKT48:
    Dua orang sahabat yang bekerja di sebuah tempat bernyanyi.
    Posisi: Komando Divisi 4 atau Komando Geisha
    Keahlian: Bernyanyi dan Membunuh (sejenis geisha)

    @NabilahJKT48 , @Yuvia_JKT48 , @CindyJKT48:
    Posisi: Komando Divisi 5 atau Komandi Alchemist
    Keahlian: Memiliki keahlian penyembuhan seperti dokter

    Posisi: Komando Divisi 6 atau Komando Spy
    Keahlian: Menyusup ke post2 musuh dan mengumpulkan informasi

    To be Continue

    Jadi setiap member memiliki asal mula yang berbeda-beda namun memiliki tujuan yang sama hingga bergabung dengan “Kagami No Naka No Jeanne D’Arc” atau lebih dikenal dengan Bajak Laut JKT48

  29. Sinopsis ini saya pakai dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Setelah itu, mohon terjemahkan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

    Cerita ini menceritakan tentang perjuangan hidup Melody yang penuh penderitaan. Berikut sinopsisnya:

    Melody dikenal sebagai murid yang pandai, berbakat, dan berwibawa sehingga menjadi seorang idola di sekolahnya. Melody memiliki bakat di bidang futsal, menyanyi, menari, dan menulis. Tapi, Melody harus mengalami masalah yang sangat dilematis karena kedua orangtuanya terancam bercerai karena konflik rumah tangga. Adik kandung yang bernama Frieska juga harus menghadapi masalah yang sama dengan Melody. Frieska tidak ingin kedua orangtuanya bercerai. Bahkan Melody dan Frieska tidak diurus kedua orangtuanya selama kedua orangtuanya mengalami konflik rumah tangga.

    Masalah Melody tidak hanya tentang ancaman perceraian kedua orangtuanya tapi punya banyak masalah lain. Melody trauma karena beberapa sahabat mengalami musibah yang cukup besar. Misalnya, Diasta, teman SMA Melody, meninggal dunia karena kecelakaan lalu lintas secara tragis. Ve, teman SMA Melody juga, mengalami kecelakaan lalu lintas. Kondisi Ve koma setelah mengalami kecelakaan lalu lintas. Sementara Sendy, teman SMA Melody juga, meninggal dunia karena menjadi korban kecelakaan pesawat terbang. Sendy meninggal dunia ketika ia menaikki pesawat terbang jurusan Jakarta–Denpasar. Sendy pergi ke Denpasar untuk berwisata di Pulau Bali. Diasta, Ve, dan Sendy adalah teman sekelas Melody di kelas XI-IPS. Masalah lainnya yang diderita Melody adalah Melody menjadi penderita miopi atau rabun jauh yang cukup tinggi. Melody diharuskan memakai kacamata minus atau contact lens untuk memperbaiki penglihatannya. Masalah Melody meluas di dalam sekolah. Melody sering di-bully oleh 3 teman sekelas Melody di kelas XI-IPS yang dianggap “penguasa”. Mereka adalah Beby, Cindy Gulla, dan Ghaida. Ketiga gadis itu tidak menyukai keistimewaan Melody dan mereka sering menghajar Melody. Akibatnya, Melody sering luka-luka, kacamatanya atau contact lens-nya dirusak oleh 3 gadis itu, dan dia sering menangis karena diganggu oleh ketiga gadis itu. Puncaknya, kedua orangtua Melody resmi bercerai setelah proses hukum perceraian kedua orangtua Melody selesai. Melody sangat sedih dan tidak bisa berhenti menangis setelah kedua orangtuanya bercerai. Adiknya, Frieska juga ikut sedih karena mengalami masalah yang sama dengan Melody. Hidup Melody penuh tekanan yang sangat berat. Hidup Melody sudah tidak berarti lagi karena banyak masalah besar yang dideritanya dan Melody ingin mencoba mengakhiri hidup dengan memotong lengan kanannya dengan pisau besar. Tapi, Frieska berhasil mencegah aksi nekat Melody. Frieska berkata bahwa hidup Frieska akan sangat menderita jika Melody melakukan aksi nekatnya. Setelah Frieska mencegah aksi nekat Melody, Melody sadar. Melody sadar karena dia tahu bagaimana nasib Frieska setelah Melody jadi melakukan aksi nekatnya. Melody sangat menyayangi Frieska.

    Kisah pahit Melody mengundang banyak simpatik dari teman-teman SMA Melody. Melody dikenal sebagai idola di sekolahnya tapi dia memiliki banyak masalah pribadi yang dideritanya. Dengan membangkitkan semangat Melody, para teman SMA-nya Melody membuat organisasi tentang kepedulian Melody. Para anggotanya merupakan teman-teman SMA-nya Melody yang menyukai Melody termasuk murid lelakinya. Dengan terbentuknya organisasi kepedulian Melody, semangat Melody bangkit kembali dan kembali berprestasi lagi.

    Pemeran utama: Melody
    Pemeran sahabat Melody di kelas XI-IPS SMA: Stella, Dhike, Nabilah, Kinal, Akicha (berperan sebagai murid pindahan dari Jepang), Diasta, Ve, Sendy
    Pemeran antagonis Melody di kelas XI-IPS SMA: Beby, Cindy Gulla, Ghaida
    Adik Melody: Frieska
    Anggota Tim J lainnya, Tim KIII, dan Tim Trainee: Pemerannya variatif mulai dari sebagai murid SMP hingga murid SMA

  30. jeje says:


  31. Tom says:

    Anything is okay as long as it has hot kissing scene between Kyaputen Kinal & Nakagawa Haruka 8)

  32. Hendro Prasetyo says:

    Something like ousama game that played by h!p artists. Veranda plays as Honda Chiemi (Because Veranda’s face reminds me of Kumai-chan) while Dhike plays as Iwamura Ria (Because of her cold face/tsundere). Jeje plays as Ueda Kana (Who suicide/jump off from second floor window. Stella plays as Hanamura Ryoko (Transfer student at epilog). Akicha plays as Female Teacher. And Ayana plays as Kanazawa Miharu (Nobuaki’s sister). Sorry about my grammatical. Any comment/Advice/suggestion/recommendation? Please/

  33. Ridwan says:

    Well apparently I just read it after that movie called Viva JKT48 was released. That movie is really bad, I even couldn’t watch it more than 10 minutes! It’s a shame that Harugon have played in several movies and her acting is actually good. Can’t blame the members though, JOT trust the wrong people, yep that stupid Maxima Pictures which consistantly producing shitty movies alongside K2K Pictures.

    Sorry for bad English, kinda rusty, never had chance to use it….