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Obituary: Mr. Jiro Inao

We’ve received news that JKT48 Operation Team’s own Mr. Jiro Inao, fondly remembered for his various appearances holding a mop before announcing new announcement for JKT48, is no longer here with us. According to...

JKT48 “Halloween Night” Costumes

For the third consecutive year, JKT48 will release a new single at the same time as AKB48. “Halloween Night”, AKB48’s 41st single, will double as JKT48’s 11th single to be released on August 26, 2015. Below, we take a look at each of the 16 costumes presented at Monday’s Kibouteki Refrain Handshake Festival.

Welcoming JKT48 Team T

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, JKT48 Team T which was announced a few minutes ago in JKT48 Theater (24 January 2015, ~21:10 P.M.) You can click on each selected members picture to view...