Introducing the JKT48 4th Generation

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. tetsuansil says:

    i think this is the first generation that fully functional as ‘trainee’. not as a trainee who will formed into a team like their senpai.

    welcome abroad!

  2. yhyksk says:

    so, this Tan Zhi Hui Celine is from malaysia, right?

    • Word is that she was born in Malaysia, but is an Indonesian resident. It’s unclear what her citizenship is.

    • nafri says:

      most likely she is born in malaysia due to her name..i dont think indonesia/chinese descendent used chinese name + english right?

      • It’s difficult to say at this time. Celine was born in 2001, while the regulation enforcing non-Chinese names on Chinese Indonesians was annulled in 2000. If her parents are Indonesian, she is legally allowed to use a Chinese name.

  3. benimaru says:

    Fidly Immanda Azzahra, nicknamed; Fia (14 yo)..

    congratulations kid, me surely hope you will “survive”..

    it will be a harsh life there.. especially after what you have done :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • qenneth says:

      can you elaborate, what she has done :-D

      • Fujiwara says:

        she “used to be or might still be” one of the Jkt48 haters saying that the girls are just showing of their thigh, just lipsync etc
        i think there are rumors and pic of her smoking . .. though i might be mistaken though :oops:
        well i hope she have found the light and enlightment and seriously be a member of jkt48 :)

      • animevoicejanai says:

        well, she claimed that has saw Yona with a guy. took a photo from back and posted on her facebook. haha,,, 8)
        she’s a JKT fans though.

    • haha says:

      welcome to the jungle fia :)

      This could even be worse than the jungle

  4. Jinan says:

    i thought theyre still candidates..

    well, Jinan, we have same names :-P

  5. nim says:

    Maybe like AKB early system ‘draft member’ ? :-D

  6. Sunred says:

    Welcome, but what I truly want is for Andela to be cloned 15 times.
    Next senbatsu, All Andela.

    Thanks. 8-O

  7. Evelyn says:

    what does the TBD mean?
    welcome gurlz.