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JKT48 1st (Theater) Show Exclusive Report


The Long Awaited Theater Started! 24 Angels That Came from the Sky had Arrived in Jakarta!

Indonesians, Especially Jakarta’s citizens!
24 Cheerful and cute angels had come from the sky and try with all their might to sing, dance and conversing with you..To show a theater act that you’ve never seen before !!
For our friends who lucky enough to attend the show or those who haven’t got the chance, Let’s enjoy the stage atmosphere through this Exclusive Report!!


The joy that they felt when they performed in front of their fans. Forgetting all the exhaustion they felt with their strenuous drill.


Cute costumes , Sweet lyrics , and both of them combined in each and every members. We are all dazzled with their cuteness that can’t be compared with anything..

Try to be the Best!

The boundary is limitless. For today, do your best for singing, dancing and conversing in the show. Jump higher, raise you hands higher, made the stage with the fans. All that chemistry will formed a bigger festivity!

It’s All Starts and Ends with Tears

Idol Group “AKB48” was born in Akihabara, Tokyo. At their first start, they were a small idol group with the concept of “Idol You Can Meet Everyday” but now had evolved into an Idol Group that represent Japan and holds concert all around the world.

This ever evolving idol group now have 4 groups, AKB48 which holds their theater at Akihabara, SKE48 in Sakae, Nagoya, NMB48 in Namba, Osaka; and “HKT48” from Hakata, Fukuoka.

And then now, the first AKB48 overseas sister had born, JKT48 which based themselves on Jakarta. Started on November 2011, JKT48 in a blink of an eye have appeared on various medias such as CM, Television Show, Newspapers, and Magazines. Now their name is not known only in Jakarta, but now have been recognized as an Idol Group with national scale in Indonesia.

The rapidly growing JKT48 at last could do their first theater debut on Nyi Ageng Serang, Pasar Festival, Kuningan Jakarta Selatan at May, 17th for 4 full days!!

This theater have a big purpose. “Idol You Can Meet Everyday” means that we could meet JKT48 members everyday through the Theater. Not only via Television Show or any other medias, we as fans could also participated building the stage in the theater along with JKT48 through their singing, dancing, words, laughter and sometimes tears…. To feel every of their movements and their growth from close. This concept is the reason why AKB48 loved by the whole world, and the objective JKT48 would like to reach.

But, the road to their debut theater is not easy. The set-list chosen for their performance is “Pajama Drive” that originally performed by Team B from AKB48 circa 2008. Composed with 16 songs, Pajama Drive set-list was a hit in Japan and keep being performed for a year.

JKT48 members got to master the set-list contents in just a mere one and a half month. The already tight schedule for each members makes practice session often without complete members. Added with the fact that most of the members were still studying in school or university, they have to keep practicing until late midnight to complete their obligation.

But, All the girls still trying with all their might to prepare for their “First Day Theater” that will come soon or later. With the hope that someday, somewhere they could practicing with full members, JKT48 members were practicing using wall and mirror and do some on stage simulation using mineral water bottles for microphone that they will hold later.

After the never ending strenuous drills, that important day comes. “First Day Theater” is the first stage that they will never ever repeated again even though they will do the same performance set-list for thousands, even millions of times.

Could they dance well ? Could they do the MC session smoothly ?

Full of hope and worries, May, 16th has come, one day before their performance. That day the will do some rehearsal, and tomorrow, they will face their fans on stage!!

That day starts and ends with tears.

This account was based on the exclusive reporting with the JKT48 members for 5 days, starts from their rehearsal on May, 16th to May, 20th behind the stage. Let’s feel their growth together bit by bit through this account.

Look, the 24 angels had come in front of you! Are you READY ?

5.16 – The Last Rehearsal

The rehearsal that ended with tears of sadness. Will the stage curtain for the first theater performance open for them?

6 months after the formation of JKT48. In preparation for their first theater performance, a dress rehearsal was to be held on stage. The girls’ first task was to greet the crew and staff. These greetings are important in building the trust and harmony of everybody that is involved in the theater, all for the sake of an amazing show.

The rehearsal started after the warm-up session. Because it was the last day of preparations before the main stage, detailed attention had been given to the dance movements, positioning, changing intervals and other aspects. Particularly, after the last unit song “Kagami no Naka no Jeanne D’Arc”, a series of continuous costume-change was practiced in order to simulate the actual tempo flow. The faster they changed their costumes, the more perfect the flow will be.

This technique was done so that the members could remember all their movement for the stage through muscle memory. However, their first rehearsal event on a new and wider stage had caused members to sometimes get confused in executing the difficult dance movements; there was even awkward silence as they forgot their parts…

In the end, the rehearsal that started at 3 PM, continued till past 12 AM at night. Anxiety and exhaustion engulfed the JKT48 members. Not only that, they will also have to face their fans the next day.
Finally, the stage crew decided to break the worst kind of news to the members.

“If you cannot do this perfectly, you will not perform tomorrow.”

The girls had tried with all their might and spirit, but even then, there was still that horrible possibility that their theater performance will not go on….

Filled with mixed emotions, JKT48 members started to shed tears of sadness. The cruel deadline had come. Rehearsal ended with less than satisfactory results, and also with the question of whether the performance will still continue. The JKT48 members left the rehearsal stage in a depressed mood.

5.17 – 5.19 ~1st Day – 3rd Day~

7 hours passed after last night tearful rehearsal. Surprisingly, JKT48 members came to the theater gleefully. They have cried and practicing while in the bus and in the hotel all they can until morning. Thanks to that, all the worrisome factors on stage have been conquered and they no longer depressed when entering the stage. And of course due to that , these 24 members really belongs on this exact stage, without missing any single members.

As a note, for this theater all 24 of the girls will be participated. Usually, the set-list they used only needed 16 members to be available. That’s why JKT48 divided the members into two groups and there are some members who will do double role on each team.

Since JKT48 doesn’t have any team yet, this show could be called as a “Trainee Theater” . This also marked the beginning for rivalries to enter a team.

The first day for “JKT48 1st Stage Pajama Drive” has now been officially started. It’s a full-house!! In the middle of the hot stage that cannot be cooled down even with air conditioner, “Overture” blaring. JKT48 members enter the dark stage along with the fans MIX. They formed a circle, then with “Shonichi”‘s intro twice snare drum booming, they have started their show.

All JKT48 members try with all their might in singing and dancing. The stage prepared by the members and crew mixed with all the fans strong affection, resulting in a true theater performance.

On stage, there’s no longer any anxiety the members felt last night due to the support and passion shown by the fans that has given the girls a boost. Performing without being afraid for making mistakes, to give the audiences the best they could 120% body and soul.

Started with team songs by 16 member to attract the fans, then continued with unique songs that have their own appeal such as “Tenshi no Shippo” that full of cuteness; bravely prancing and dancing around on stage with “Pajama Drive” and “Kagami no naka no Janne D’arc”; then a song that describe a girl’s heart who fallen in love in “Temodemo no Namida”.

Next is the MC session which also an important factor that plot the theater into an enjoyable experience. They will have different theme for every performance and the girls talk will full of improvisation from the JKT48 members.

As an example, “What is your favorite Animal ?” theme which then answered with “cat”, “dolphin”, or “Rabbit”. But then comes Frieska with her answer “White Tiger!! I want to keep it as a pet!” which turns the stage into a burst of laughter since everyone can see another side of this reserved girl.

The warm atmosphere that lasts for one and a half hour then turns into a touching moment due the fact that the show will reach an end with “Boku no Sakura”. Then the members left the stage and darkness once again covered it.

Not long after that, encore call could be heard “JKT! 48!!” . The fans keep on shouting the encore call as if they tried their best to show their thanks to JKT48 members…

The lights came back covering the audiences seats. The encore starts. Started with “Wasshoi J”, then “Shiroi Shirts” which was the last song. And with that , the first theater is done, all the lights were lit again. All the members hastily leave the stage, of course with the purpose to say thanks to the fans outside the theater.

They form a line to do the hand shake session and to say good bye to the fans that left the theater and heading back home. A hand shake with the JKT48 members that have performed so well in front of them is obviously the best gift for JKT48 fans.

Continued with the performance on May, 18th and 19th , now they performed “Kimo no Koto ga Suki Dakara” as a surprise. Added with more surprising factor such as door prize session on the stage. When the show was done, the fans got another chance to do a two-shot session with their “Oshimen” as a thank you.

For the night show held at May, 18th, there’s also a surprise to Sonya whom having her birthday. AKB48 “Namida Surprise” fill the air . Every audiences members start singing “Happy Birthday” when the birthday cake arrived. Sonya moved to tears since she could celebrate her birthday along with the JKT48 debut theater.

Well, tomorrow is the last day from the total 4 days of the first JKT48 theater. All the crew and staff were having a meeting. What kind of surprise awaits on the last day ?

5.20 – First Theater Last Day

Day number 4 for JKT48 first theater and also the last day. The girls were full of confidence which reflected on they way they do the MC session. They look at the fans and express themselves all with their heart. Very different from the first day they done the MC session, where they talk nervously.

The theme for the MC session on this last day is “What do you think about the theater ?” which then answered by the members seriously along with with the gratitude they shown to their fans.

JKT48 is a group full of vigor. Passionate dancing and gleefully MC session have shown that they are not inferior to AKB48 or other groups. And what makes up the cheerful atmosphere is non other than the warm and endless hospitality from the fans. At that time , the stage is echoed with the MIX, the response and jokes from fans who filled all the audiences chairs. Thanks to that atmosphere, all JKT48 members could try all their best in all the seven shows in four days.

But, there’s a little “accident” in the introduction MC session on the 7th day. Shania suddenly sobbed. All the feelings that she felt as a front liner in all of the shows, felt by the other members simultaneously. One by one, all JKT48 members cried together with her.

It’s been half a year since the first time the members started to grab a mic while trembling and standing in front of the audition stage, through extraneous drills, and to be at last reached where they are right now. Today, they’ve shown a stage which full of satisfaction smiles and happiness, warding off all the cried of helplessness and all the regretful tears.

It’s all started with regretful tears and ends with happiness tears…
The girls have grown along with all the tears that coming down their cheek.

As a closing for that day, they once again coming on stage and sung “Heavy Rotation” centered by Melody. The audiences reaction when the mic started to stand cannot be describe by words. As JKT48 first song and first PV , even at that time, it was felt that this is already a legendary song in Jakarta.

The show then continues with “Aitakatta” acapella version sung by the members. The members then started to giving out a poster with the member signature as a gift after the show was done. They then accompanied the return of their fans to their home by doing high-five session, handshake, and of course the two-shot session which took time longer than it used to be. As if they want this happiness to be everlasting….

This four days gave proof why the concept of “Idols you can meet” is popular in Japan. To see and feel with your own eyes the growth of your idol, and to give them support to raise their popularity… Once you felt this kind of sensation, it’s hard to let go of it.

JKT48 Theater will continues on.

There still some chance for you who have see their performance or never see their performance before to try to watch the girls growth from now on.

And don’t forget to always stay faithful in promoting your “Oshimen”.


Members Profile

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The Ultimate Delusional Project



“There are JKT48 members at my school!?”
I woke up at the usual time and went to school as usual.
Sigh, I think this day will pass me by like the previous days…Well, that’s what I think at first.
But that changed when I got in to school

Delusional 01

The school bell played its tune,
Miss Melody went to the class with ….

Salam kenal, aku Rena Nozawa dari Jepang” (“Hi, I’m Rena Nozawa, I’m from Japan “)
Her inarticulate Indonesian is S,s,so cute~

Then Rena sat next to me, “Can I read the textbook together with you?” she said.

I didn’t know what to say when she asked me in Japanese…
We read the textbooks together side by side, and Miss Melody class begun. Rena face was very, very close …

Please, stop looking at me!!

Delusional 02

At lunch break, someone grabbed my arm very hard, it turns to be my childhood friend Shania, She brought me out into the classrooms hallway.
Apparently she was very angry. I wonder why?

What’s with the grin ? I’m sure none of today lessons goes to your thick head

Oops caught in the act, what should I do?

“Whatever” she said as she returned to the classroom

I chased her with haste back to class.
It turned out to be just me and Shania left in the class.

Hey wanna Play games ?” she said.

What a tsundere girl.

Delusional 03

Looks like the lunch break will end soon.
I was in a hurry to the library.

There she was..
She also looks very gorgeous today… That was I thought when I looked at her. But suddenly..
Oh grave, our eyes met!

You seems very often to the library. what kind of book do you like to read?” she asked.

For the first time I talked to Jessica Veranda, the senior that I admire the most.

It’s just that I can not say, that the reason I went to the library every day is not for the book, but for her.

Delusional 04

Upon returning to class, my sister Nabilah peek into my classroom.

Brother! Here it is, where were you? You forget your lunch box! Here take it
Thank goodness! Thank you so much sweet sister.

Since I think you must be confused, I took a run! I’m good right? But being too hasty, I fell in the hallway. So maybe the contents of your lunch box will be a mess, Please do not be mad ? promise me!

Delusional 05

After the class ends…

Today’s wretched. I lost at RPS, so I should carried all the sports equipment by myself. When I opened the door, there was Ghaida, my classmate who was changing her clothes for her Badminton Club.

So,so,Sorry, I didn’t mean to….
Why are you panicking anyway?
No… I…uh..
By the way, Would you mind for a round?

And so, somehow I played badminton with Ghaida.
She was so active running everywhere, looking more radiant than when in the classroom.

Well isn’t it hot? Here, drink!

With a body covered in sweat, Ghaida gave her bottle of water that she had drank earlier.

Is this for real !?

Delusional 06

Oh no, This is bad.
Because it was too fun to play badminton with Ghaida, I seems to be too late to attend extra lessons with Ms. Melody.

You’re late! Lessons will start soon, so sit down.

Ms. Melody teach me personally, It was Math, the most difficult subjects for me.
Come to think of it, I was very lucky to be taught by her personally.

Which part of this ….” Ms. Melody approached me, her body fragrant aroma wafted by me. I could not hold it anymore. My pounding heartbeat will be heard by her.

Hey! Are you listening to me? I know you can, so try your best! But remember, this extra special lessons is just for you. Do not let anyone knows about it” said Ms. Melody, smiling.

A,alright Ma’am! I promise I will not tell anyone.

Total Delusional

After clearing my stuffs and walked through the school going home,

Hi Bro, let’s go home together,” said my sister Nabilah as she ran towards me.

Can you take me to my house? I do not know the way,” said Rena.

Did you already read this book?” asked Jessica Veranda with a smile while approaching me.

Who should I answered first? However…

By the way, my training is over, wanna go home together?” said Ghaida.

If you want, we can go home together” said Shania with her gloomy face and hard to express how she felt honestly..

Let’s all go home. But you’ll go with me to the bookstore,” said Ms.Melody.

I don’t know anymore, Don’t tell me I have to choose one of them …?

Oh well, I just go home by myself then!

Back to Reality

Oh..this was the alarm clock to wake me up in the morning…
So that’s how it was, this gorgeous dreams that I was having have just ended.
And I went through the day as usual…
But who knows, perhaps there will be a transferred student in my real life!


Girl’s Talk


BDG48, Possible ?

When JKT48 members from Bandung gather, a deep love towards their hometown can be seen because they are “Born and raised in Bandung”. According to the members, this charm of Bandung, a different one from that of the capital city, Jakarta, will get to be fully unraveled. Will this magazine’s project to produce “BDG48” finally be realized then?

A: Beby Chaesara Anadila (Beby)
B: Ghaida Farisya (Ghaida)
C: Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Melody)
D: Diasta Priswarini (Diasta)
E: Rezky Wiranti Dhike (Dhike)
F: Allisa Galliamova (Mova)
G: Frieska Anastasia Laksani (Frieska)

MC: To all of you, what is great about Bandung?
B: The air is cool, and there are still a lot of trees.
C: Especially if we to compare it to a big city like Jakarta…!
D: Because it is located at a highland, the temperature is lower.
G: The scenery is awesome!
A: That’s right!
G: And the culinary too!
A: There are many choices for food, I personally like “Cilok.” it is made from boiled starch, pinned to a satay puncture and then served with peanut sauce. It’s really yummy!
(the scene became livelier)

Sundanese Language Lessons

C: Bandung people are hospitable. If they are asked a question, they will also answer it in a friendly manner. It’s just like when you say “punteun”. (“Punteun” could be meant “Excuse Me” in English)
D: That is just how it is. It’s because of their accent.
A: Even if you speak in a harsh manner, it will still sound polite.
B: The people from Bandung will still sound polite even when they are scolding someone. Just like when they say “heh tong kitu!” (eh don’t be like that).
All: Hahaha.
F: Aya aya wae (Could be translated as “It’s just like you (to say that) )
C: Anyway, Ghaida and Mova are very good with the Sundanese language.
B: Beby too!
MC: Mind if you try to speak in Sundanese then?

A: Nyarios naon atuh nya teh? (What are we supposed to talk?)
F: Ghaida, nami abi Mova, abi tinggalna di… (Ghaida, my name is Mova, I live at…)
B: Cipagaleuh lain? (at Cipagaleuh, isn’t it?) Hahaha
F: Abi the bogohna jeung warna beureum sareng boneka Teddy Bear. (I like the colour red and also Teddy Bears)
All: Hahaha
B: Ari Beby resepna naon? (What do you like Beby?)
A: Lamun abi mah resepna nyemil. (I like eating snacks.)
All: Hahaha
G: Ngagayem! (Snacking!)
B: Lamun teh Melody? (What about Melody?)
C: Resep naon nya? (Hmm, what do I like?)
B: Ka abi nya? (You like me, yeah?)
All: Hahaha
B: Duh isin (uh, embarrassed*)
All: Hahaha
C: Dhike, resepna naon Dhike? (Dhike, what do you like?)
E: Teuing resepna naon hahaha (I don’t know what I like)

Commuting 6 hours from Bandung-Jakarta for Training

MC: How many of you were born in Bandung?
A, C, D, F, G raised their hand.
MC: Ghaida isn’t from Bandung?
B: No, I am from Banten.
MC: That means only Ghaida and Dhike weren’t born in Bandung, yeah? From which age were you in Bandung?
B: Since high school.
E: As for me, when I was 5 years old and still a kid.
MC: Ah, I see. So where were you originally from, Ghaida?
B: From Banten, but Banten is still part of Sunda too.
MC: Is there any difference? Like the surroundings?
B: Nope, but perhaps Banten is just a bit harsher.
MC: Oh, so that was why you moved to a more friendly place, right?
A, B, C, G: Hahahaha
B: Coincidentally I also have a bloodline from Cianjur, West Java too.
MC: What about Dhike, where are you from?
E: I am originally from Palembang.
MC: Then before joining JKT48 your domicile is always in Bandung, isn’t it?
All: Yes.
MC: But now, you have to travel back and forth Jakarta for training, yes? What do you think about it? Isn’t it tiring?
A: Of course.
All: Definitely tiring!
F: It certainly exhausts our mind and energy. Our studies may get neglected too.
C: Most of us are still in school.
G: State owned schools, yeah?
A: Yes.
D: But we are still passionate!
B: Yes! We’re still passionate!
A: At times, we get stuck in a traffic jam and a lot of unforeseen things happen.
MC: What kind of unexpected things?
A: Like…
B: Like when there was a demonstration, and a lot more events that cause traffic jams.
F: Leaked tire too.
B: The air conditioner stopped working too.
MC: Among all of you, there are some that are in college and the others are in school, do you travel to Jakarta after finishing your college or school?
All: Yes.
MC: When does school usually end? And at what time do you arrive in Jakarta?
G: School ends around 3 o’clock.
B: Me too. I finish my school at 3pm.
A: As for me, I usually finish school at 2pm but I go to Jakarta from 3pm onwards.
C: Training usually starts from 6pm in the evening, so there is still time to go to Jakarta.
G: If we come late, please bear with us. It’s kinda far hehehe
A: Like, very far…
MC: There were some who mentioned unforeseen events during your travel, has it ever made you come late to Jakarta?
B: When there was a fuel demonstration, I took 7 hours to go to Jakarta, I had to take another route.
A: When there was a labor demonstration, I was stuck at the toll for 2 hours. I even had to climb the road borders just to go to the restroom across the street.
D: The traffic jams too. When I arrived at the training place, it was night time and training was already over.
MC: That must be very tiring. Are there any interesting stories when and you finish training and have to travel back to Bandung?
A: We usually reach home at dawn.
G: I even had to travel home at 3am during the night. I arrived at 4 o’clock and planned to take a rest, and then wake up again at 5am. But I over-slept till 10am and ended up not going to school.
MC: How do you usually go to Jakarta?
All: A Public Travel Van!
MC: If by travel van, how long do it usually take?
C: Around three hours.
F: Sometimes the road is already empty when I return by travel at night. It only took me one and a half hours to go to Bandung.
MC: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using the travel agency?
C: It’s usually full on the weekend, and sometimes, we still can’t get a seat even though we are already in the waiting list. At other times, we arrive late to training because we had not booked it previously. Not only that, even if we get onto the waiting list, we often don’t get the travelling times we desire. There was also a case where we had to wait several hours before moving out.
MC: What was the longest time you had to wait for the travel?
F: There was once when I wanted to go home when it was already late but there was no travel service. So I had to wait until midnight before being able to return to Bandung.
MC: Does your family often scold you for returning late?
D: Yes of course, we are their daughter after all. We’re coming home late and there’s no one to escort us.

Did the first event in Bandung make you feel homesick?

MC: Not long ago, you had held a performance in Bandung for the first time. How did it feel to be able to perform in your own hometown?
All: Happy!
C: We did not have to go to Jakarta, just directly to the show place. It’s more relaxing.
G: Let the other members from Jakarta feel the tiredness we usually get, hahahaha
C: In the future, we want to be able to perform in Bandung again. Fans in Bandung that aren’t able to go to Jakarta can also watch us live too. Besides that, our parents will also be able to see our show. It feels good.
MC: When you had your performance in Bandung, did you go to the show place directly from home?
C: Yes, directly.
F: Able to wake up a bit later too.
G: Me too!
MC: Were you glad to be able to perform in Bandung?
F: Of course. Until now we always held the shows in Jakarta, and not every fan in Bandung who wants to watch us is able to travel to Jakarta. But during our performance in Bandung, they were able to come and see us live. They must have felt happy too.
A: There are a lot fans, ya?
G: They are not losing out to our passion either!
A: There were also many fans that traveled from Jakarta to see us.
MC: The members from Bandung are very loved by their fans, why do you think this is the case? Why do people from Bandung, love people from Bandung?
D: Perhaps, it is because of a difference from that of modern Jakarta. The people from Bandung are traditionally educated, so everything has to originate from Bandung. Cultures that come from other cities will face a harder time feeling accepted here.
G: So, from the beginning we were already comfortable with the culture there.
F: And then, in Bandung there is also something called “Pamali” (actions that are discouraged because it goes against the norms) like sitting in front of the door, or like, it being a must to use spoons during meals.
C: To have manners too. Perhaps it might feel outdated for modern people but it’s actually very important to watch our manners too.
MC: As for you members, what do you think about it? Do you prefer being in Bandung?
D: At first, I thought traveling between Jakarta-Bandung is an easy task, but as time goes by, my feeling of wanting to return to Bandung became stronger hehehe
C: There must have been a desire to feel the lifestyle of a metropolitan city like Jakarta, ya? But in the end, we want to come back to Bandung too.
MC: Homesick maybe?
C: You could say that.
MC: For people who have never gone to Bandung, is there anything you want to recommend if they come to Bandung?
G: The food! You have to try going to northern Bandung too.
C: There are also a lot of sights, like Tangkubanperahu Mountain, Ciwidey.
F: You have to go to Ciater too!
D: The scenery is beautiful! You can bath in the hot springs, the food is delicious too!
F: Even if it is midnight, it is still crowded.
MC: It gets even more crowded from midnight till dawn too, yeah?
All: Yes.
C: If the night is cold, bathing in the hot springs will make you feel really good.
All: Hahaha
C: In Ciwidey, there is Situ Patengan lake and Kawah Putih (White Crater). You can pick strawberries by yourself. If you’re going to Lembang, there is Tangkuban Perahu.
B: There are also a lot of cheap goods in Bandung!
F: Most of the stuff in Jakarta are expensive but in Bandung the prices are still reasonable.
D: And there are a lot of local brands in Bandung. If it’s Jakarta, most of the goods are imported.

Jakarta is hot.

MC: Before being a member, have you ever been to Jakarta?
All except B: Yep.
B: My first time going to Jakarta was for the auditions. It’s really cool to see a lot of tall buildings.
MC: How did you feel about your first visit to Jakarta?
B: It’s cool. For the first journey, I had taken a train to Jakarta. When I arrived I suddenly thought, “Wow it’s so confusing with so many streets!” Then I tried travelling with Trans Jakarta [TL note*: public bus service], and then a taxi too. It’s true that Jakarta has a lot of tall buildings, but the people are cold there. When I said “Excuse me”, there wasn’t anyone who responded.
MC: Before entering the team, what were your thoughts about Jakarta?
C: It looks like a very modern city from the news.
B: Because almost all the news are about Jakarta.
C: Yeah, it’s the capital city after all.
F: Images about the traffic jams.
All: Traffic jams and it’s hot.
B: We perspire lots even if we do nothing.
A: That’s right!
E: We don’t remember the way either.
MC: Well, those who don’t remember the way, raise your hand!
B,C,E,F,G: Me!
A: I don’t know the way either but I always daringly try to find a way out.
C: It’s hard to remember the streets in Jakarta. Just a little mistake and you have to take a long re-route, although your destination is really just across the street. It’s a lot nicer in Bandung because there are many shortcuts.
G: Jakarta is too big.
B: it’s not big anymore…
G: Complex! Hahaha.
MC: You have been to many places in Jakarta. Which one is your favourite?
G: Dufan!
F: So amazing.
D: I like shopping.
E: I like Seaworld.
C: I like Taman Mini. I went there when I was still in elementary school and I rode the cable car.
B: I personally prefer Dufan.
A: So do I.
MC: So I guess everybody likes Dufan.
F: Bandung also has a similar theme park like Dufan, but If I have to compare, then Dufan is more fun. Anyway, Bandung is small and it just feels too close. We cannot call it a trip if it’s too close. Hehehe.
D: That’s right, it’s too close. It needs to be far to be called a trip.
F: If it’s close then it is not a trip at all.
A: It just feels very normal if we have it in Bandung.
D: It’s also good in Jakarta because it has a lot of facilities.
C: If we compare Jakarta with Bandung, Jakarta is more modern and the facilities are also more adequate.
MC: Well, whatever the city is, Bandung, Jakarta, all of them are fun, yeah?
All: Hahahaha indeed!

Shush! This is a secret!

As expected of teenage girls, when they get together and discuss members’ secrets, things will certainly merry! Everything that the members know about each other’s secrets and their interesting stories will be revealed till nothing’s left.

“You know, she’s actually like that!”
“Really ? She’s also like that ?”

Curious? Then let us see, what their secrets are!

A: Jeje
B: Sonya
C: Stella
D: Rena
E: Sonia
F: Kinal
G: Ayana
H: Shania

Rewards for Forgetful Members

MC : So you girls already had your first theater performance in May. Did anything interesting happen during those 4 days?
E : Ayana, she fell flat when she was changing her clothes in a hurry, hahaha.
F : Mova forgot to wear her safety pants! ahahaha.
All : Hahaha
F : She wore a skirt, and then asked “Do we need to wear safety pants too?” We answered “Yeah, of course, it’s still the same as before.” And then she looked like she just went into shock. Hahaha
MC : I heard that someone cried backstage?
C : That was the first day, I got so nervous during the press conference that I accidentally dropped my mic. I was crying when I got back to the dressing room.
All : Hahaha
MC : Then, what happened after you cried?
C : Well.., I apologized.
MC : So did you cry at the show?
C : Nope, after the show has ended.
MC : Anything else ?
C : Shania , she always goes to the toilet before any show.
H : Hey, that happened only once!
B : Come on girls, let’s not expose the toilet talks.
MC : Any other interesting stories?
G : When we were in Thailand, we stayed at this really big hotel that has an automatic washing machine in every room. Once, we wanted to wash our clothes but we did not understood how to do it. We would have tried asking the other members but it was already late and they must have been asleep. So we decided to just place all our clothes into the machine and pour glasses of water in, thinking that the clothes will definitely dry the next day. But the next morning, it was still full of water and the clothes were not washed at all.
D : It smelled like clothes put for two days inside a washing machine with mold and fungus.
G : So we decided to pour everything (sweet smelling fragrance) we had, shampoo, soap.
F : Didn’t they have washing detergent there? That small packet.
G : Really? There wasn’t any as far as I know.
A : Stella and Sonia, these sisters always make a ruckus before a show.
MC : Do they often make a scene?
A : Everyday hahaha.
G : The older sister likes to play pranks.
A : So when Stella starts to tease at the younger sister, Sonia will get annoyed and sort of lazy to reply back. That becomes a signal for the older sis to tease more and more until finally, the younger sis cried.
C : Oh! Talking about Ayana, whenever she finds a pillow, she will fall asleep in no time.
A : The same as Sonya.
G : Well..yeah, since I already have a pact with the pillow, hehehe.
C : Besides that, Sonya, she’s a foodie, always looking for food everywhere.
A : Although she said she’s in a diet hahaha.
MC : Isn’t Jeje also fond of eating?
C : Sonya ate more than Jeje, hahaha.
A : We are the Foodie Team, Sonya, me and Stella, hehehe.
G : Shania and Beby too!
A : True that!
MC : Are there any more interesting stories? Like when you are going to the shooting location or staying in a hotel.
A : We lose our keys pretty often.
C : And who was that who pretty often lost her keys ?
A,G : ME hehehe.
MC : Did someone lose their keys while you were in Japan?
A : Ah Shania!
G : She even lost her passport.
A : Sonia also lost her wallet.
E : Yes, I dropped the wallet in the bus heading to the hotel. When I realized it, the bus already left and so I couldn’t do some shopping the next day.
MC : It was still in the bus ?
E : Yeah, in the end they sent the wallet over to Indonesia,
G : Shania also left her passport in the bus . And she cried.
MC : Did you find you passport ?
E : Yes, they returned in the next day, I cried so much when I lost it.
C : She even broadcast it over social media, “Does anyone here knows where my passport is ? Help, I lost my passport”
All : Hahahahaha.
MC : Shania is such a Drama Queen, Stella is also a drama queen right ? Many says that she’s Kepo* hehehe.
*Kepo is a slang word in Indonesian that probably have the same meaning as “busybody” , a person who always curious and often do unnecessary investigation and questions.
C : Oh pleaase… hahaha.
MC : I heard that the most Kepo one is Cindy ?
ALL : YES! She always curious about everything.
E : When we first visited Japan, she always followed me wherever I went.
A : When Sonya talked over the phone, Cindy was right there near her, and she asked repeatedly “Who is on the other line ? What are you talking about on the phone kak* ?” . Stella who was just beside them at time, told Cindy off, “Hey, brat!” Hahahaha.
*Kak , short of Kakak, a honorific for girls older than one. The same equivalent with Neesan.
MC : Any other secrets from the other members ?
G : Kak Cleo is totally funnah .
A : Yeah, I really don’t know why.
C : Agree, Kak Cleo always tries her best to crack a few jokes, but we never laugh.
E : Yeah, and then she asks, “Eeeh, why are none of you laughing?”
A : Now she is proud for being funnah, even though she should be ashamed of it instead. Hahaha
H : Oh, when we went to Tokyo Tower, there’s a Ghost House there. All of us are scaredy-cats. Only Rena, Ve and Ghaida who are not.
D : Shania is a scaredy-cat too right ?
H : Yeah, if there were anything happened , I’ll be the first one who panicked. Nabilah acted like she was brave, but she’s not. She most afraid of cockroaches and worms.
MC : And you’re telling me that you’re not ?
H : Well…yeah, I afraid of those two things too, hehehe. Kak Sendy afraid of Ondel-Ondel , if she ever sees one, she will scream from her lungs and cry.
MC : What is Ondel-Ondel ?
H : Ondel-Ondel is a form of folk performance from Jakarta, using a large puppets while dancing to a Betawi’s Song.

Rena is Actually Talkative!

MC : Do any of you have weird habits?
F : Gaby likes to play around with her teeth.
A : Yeah, if a normal person looks at a mirror, they will usually smile or check their appearance. But if its Gaby, she will play with her teeth. Tongue too hahaha.
E : And talk to herself too. Hahaha.
MC : Any other weird habit?
H : Sonya is always looking in the mirror.
C : At the backstage, everyone was already ready but we couldn’t find Sonya anywhere. In the end, we found out she was still drying her hair in front of the mirror. Everyone was exhausted from trying to find her. Kak Melody also perspires easily, perhaps she needs to dry herself with a hair dryer too hahaha.
All : Hahahaha
E : Nabilah does that actually, she uses hair dryer to dry herself…
F : Even before the show starts, she is already saying, “Grrrah, perspiring again.”
H : During our time in Thailand and very early in the morning before anyone woke up, Sonya was in front of the mirror, talking with herself in Thai, “Sawatdeeka” (Good Day), “Kaotkhunkraa” (Thank you), “Sawatdee..”
B : She’s practicing Thai! so that she remembers.
MC : Other members ?
H : I love biting my nails.
G : Me too, hehe.
E : Gaby loves to mimic her lips to Angry Birds characters.
A : Yeah, her face is often described as being similar to Angry Birds.
C : Ayana too, like what we talked about earlier, if it looks like she’s calmly sitting, she is actually sleeping! It only look as if she is awake.
H : During a shoot, we were all already in our dance positions, but she slept even though she was standing. If I didn’t remind her at that time, “Ayana, don’t sleep!!” she definitely wouldn’t wake-up.
F : Shania, whenever she gets nervous she will start sucking her thumb. Even after being told to stop, she won’t let go of it. Hehehe
G : Rena, she looks reserved in front of the fans, but if she is with me, ouch…she keeps talking and talking.
C : When she introduces herself, she is reluctant to speak a lot but when she does starts to talk, she can go on without stopping.
E : She’s getting better with her Indonesian…
A : Once, Sonya and me were having a conversation about Rena and she was near to us. We thought she didn’t understand because she just remained silent. Until one day, Rena asked Sonya, “Umm, at that time Kak Sonya and Kak Jeje were conversing about me right? Hehehe.” It turned out that she understood, but she didn’t say it. But she’s not mad for being talked about; instead she says she is happy because she is starting to understand the Indonesian language.
G : But when Rena speaks in Indonesian, it does looks like she is shy. And she has such a quiet voice.
F : Doesn’t it get even quieter when she’s talking in Japanese ?
G : But when she’s conversing with me, she gets really talkative.
C : She’s a nag when it came to her hair-do, it should be like this or that.
F : Even when tying her hair, “Oh no, it’s way too high, I look fat! , change it a little bit, “Oh no, it’s way too low”
C : In the end she went back to the starting style.
F : Although, whatever way she ties her hair, for me she still looks like the same.
All : Hahahaha.
MC : Rena is so quiet here. Is there anything you want to say?
D : When I was sleeping, I heard voices; it was actually Ayana talking on the phone, “Hello, Hello.” I then woke up and realized that Ayana was sleep talking with the phone at her ear.
MC : It’s all about Ayana’s sleep habit hehehe
C : When AKB48 came here, I shared the same room as Sonya. This Sonya is like a water buffalo. If she falls asleep, it becomes really difficult to wake her up. At that time, we went to Jeje’s room but Sonya had left her mobile phone in our room so she went back to take it. We never understood why she never came back though. Phoned her but she didn’t answer it either. I went back to our room and knocked on the door but there was still no answer. Turns out she was already asleep…her sleep is like that of someone who died.
B : I wanted to rest my eyes for a mere 5 minutes at that time, but I fell asleep instead hehehe.

JKT48 Members Image

MC : JKT48 members have their individual image right? Can you tell more about the story behind your image? Like for example, Stella’s image is of being hot-tempered.
G : She’s flirtatious!
MC (?) : Yes, she is quite grumpy at times. For everyone else, maybe Stella is scary but she is actually quite scared of Ghaida. [QC’s Note: *It might be a misprint]
All : Hahahahaha!
F : Ghaida softly caresses Stella’s chin pretty much often.
C : When she does that, Stella always ended up screaming
MC : Is there any other story like that ?
F : Dhike usually gets paired with Ghaida during dancing, she has said that when their eyes meet, the way she’s being looked at is kinda scary.
C : Everyone of us scared of Ghaida.
F : But she’s actually very feminine y’know.
A : If we show Ghaida that we are scared of her, she actually enjoys it. If we just ignore her (approach) , then it’s okay. But if we start to avoid her approach, then … (Jeje mimics Ghaida and starts to caress Sonya)
B : Kyaaaaaaaaa!
All : Hahahaha.

Actually, the talk about these secrets is getting hotter and as an idol figure, they still have more secrets that go beyond our wildest imaginations. But we will end it here for now. Thank you for reading this article. – Editing Team

Try To Be The Best From Now On

The JKT48 in three years ahead
Idol Group ‘JKT48’ indeed has just been formed. Nonetheless, their Appearance on the theatre stages is already started. Not just in Japan, their activities in Jakarta has also been shown with full spirit as well. Wonder of how they are picturing “The JKT48’s future”? Lets go straight into the conversation with the members, and talk about each of their expectations of the JKT48’s future.

A : Nabilah
B : Cindy
C : Rica
D : Cleo
E : Ve
F : Gaby
G : Sendy
H : Delima
I : Ochi

All the members hope to be able to play a role in a film?

MC: In the future ahead, say a couple months from now, what would you all be like? What do you want to do?
A: I want to become a better idol for all my fans. I want to work more professionally in my career, make my fans proud, and be able to be an idol that is suitable with their expectations of me.
H: As for me, I hope that JKT48 can be the first Idol Group in Indonesia.
G: My main intention is to have a closer relationship with God, and then, to also be closer with the fans because without the fans, we will not progress anywhere.
MC: Okay, so far, we have only been talking about 3 months into the future, what about next year, what do you guys want to do?
All: Produce an album!
G: Want to make a massive concert!
B: To be able to have overseas tours and also tours that are not only in Jakarta or Bandung; we would like for JKT48 to be known in the other cities of Indonesia too.
All: Amin! (TL Note: Amen)
G: Maybe not only singing and performing, but in the future, we would also love to appear in movies too.
B: And of course, all the actresses would be JKT48 members!
All: Hahaha.
C: Apart from that, we also want people to know that we are an idol group, and not a Girlband.
I: So if there were people asking, “JKT48 is a Girlband yeah?” we can answer “Not at all!”
MC: For now, how well are you known outside of Jakarta?
All: We’re still kind of new yeah, and not really that well known.
B: Lately, we have been focusing on the theatres and Japan (activities). Appearances on TV are still really limited, that is why maybe people do not really know much about JKT48, except, probably our more famous songs.
G: As for me, I hope that all of JKT48 members can be famous.
All: Amin!!
B: Moreover, we would also love to be even more established; right now, the majority of our fans are fans of AKB48 in which they already know well about J-Pop and the sister groups of AKB48. We also hope that people are able to differentiate us as an idol group, rather than the other girlbands that are very mainstream in Indonesia nowadays.
MC: It seems like you have been called the “I want you I want you Group” yeah?
All: Yes, we have!
A: Most of my fans whom I’ve been receiving letters from… they began knowing about me after seeing me appear in a CM, and then, searching more on Google.
G: As for me, from a CM also
A: Sometimes, because we have lots of member, even wanting to try and remember the members’ faces seem really difficult.
G: For example, when we need to wear an all-reddish colour uniform, somehow I feel that all of our faces look alike. Perhaps, the way to differentiate us is through thinking like, “Ah, that girl is the tallest!” If you look at the positions, there is this ‘line’ for tall members and also another for short members. Hehehe.
MC: As for you, how do you differentiate the other members? For example, “Cleo is the tallest.”
D: Yeah, kind of like that, I have my own characteristics too. If the other members of AKB48 have each own character, maybe mine is that of having straight long hair and split in the middle. That’s all.
A: As for me; crooked teeth, lisp, having less teeth. Hahahaha.
All: Hahaha.

The desire to sing in Japan wearing Batik (Indonesian Trad. dress)

MC: As for 3 years from now, what do all of you want to be?
B: I want the fans to be able to feel proud of their idols not just because of our attractive appearance, but also because we are not stubborn people.
C: I feel the same way as Cindy. I hope that in the future, work and school can be more well-balanced.
D: As for me, I hope that JKT48 will be even more successful and also for me to graduate from college. At first, I had regular classes, but now I try to take extended classes and have also moved to another field. I was from the Engineering Industry at the start, but I am taking Law now. This is because there is too much practicum in Engineering and it feels really difficult. I hope that in the future, I am able to balance both my studies and work life, amin.
E: Basically I hope for the same with everyone, that JKT48 will be more successful, is able to go international and become more united!
F: As for me, I want to learn to become a real and proper idol. Apart from that, I also want be able to learn how to divide time between study and career.
G: I want to make my whole family proud, graduate from college in time, and also have more success with JKT48. I already love singing, and I hope that one day I will be able to be both a successful singer and also a respectable idol – just like how I idolize Agnes Monica. In order to do all that, I still have a lot to learn.
H: Well, as for me, I want to finish my Junior high school first and get into senior high. For the next 3 years, I wish for JKT48 to be at the same level as AKB48!
All: Amin!!
G: I hope that the President of Indonesia will watch one of our concerts too!
(The atmosphere becomes intense, and members start clapping their hands.)
Because we want everyone to know that idol groups like us exist in Indonesia.
All: Yes, the sister group of AKB48!
D: At this moment, we are a bridge between the two countries, Japan and Indonesia. Because of this, when we were at the Indonesian Embassy during our first trip to Japan, we had been told to be the tourism ambassadors for Indonesia. Acknowledging this, we have to be able to introduce the Indonesian culture to many other countries, and to Japan for now. For example, Batik.
G: I would love for us to wear Batik for our performances in Japan so that everyone will know that it is one of Indonesia’s trademarks.
All: Yeah!!
G: We must be proud of our own nation, you know.
D: Now, we are feeling really proud because it is as if we have 2 citizenships currently. We are officially Indonesian citizens, but we also feel that we can become a part of Japan

Privacy Matters

MC: As all of you begin to become more popular, there are bound to be privacy issues popping up. At least, at this moment, not many people really know about you when you go around.
G: But really, it seems like some people do notice us sometimes.
All: Hahaha.
MC: However, when you do become as famous as AKB48, there might be a loss of privacy. How would things be for you then?
E: Well, the loss of privacy is certainly one of the risks of being an entertainer. But to me, the important thing is that we have to be true to ourselves. For example if you are basically a quiet person, don’t force yourself to act like you are a talkative one. Being an artist also doesn’t mean that we cannot go to public places, but we do have to keep a low profile because we are public figures that are noticed by many people; and who have also placed their hopes on us.
F: Like what Ve just said, it’s important to keep ourselves low-profile and to watch our own behaviour in public.
A: An important thing for me is not to be an arrogant person. Say, we meet someone in a shopping centre, and they ask for a photo, why not?
D: We still have a lot of freedom these days. If we go to public places or travel by public transport, people don’t really notice us yet. I have only just begun to wear a mask lately, because perhaps, the feeling is slightly different now than before. But even If I go to a shopping mall, I am still able to play in a Game Center and do anything I like. If somehow there is no more privacy, I might not be able to do all that again. That is why, while I can, I want to make the most of it.
G: As for me, I still want to be myself. The Sendy right now and the Sendy in the past has not changed. But there was once when I was buying ice cream, a group of High School students appeared from behind me and started singing “I want you, I need you.” I immediately thought, “Did they recognize me ?” I do not wish to be like Cleo who tries to hide; because I am always me, I will remain me wherever I go.
All: Hehehe.
E: The important thing is to “be yourself”.

We are All One Label, JKT48

MC: In the future, if JKT48 grow like AKB48 and have more than 48 members, what will JKT48 be like?
B: Perhaps, potential rivalry will arise with the addition of more members; however, we must always be aware that we are not selling our individuality here, but that of the whole JKT48. Of course, there might be members who have more appearances compared to others, but everyone knows we are members of JKT48, so automatically; all the members will be famous too. Other than that, members will not be bringing each other down but instead, keep supporting each other; because we are all one label, JKT48!
G: We are also not able to say whether JKT48 wants for its members to remain fixed, like now.
B: I think, it is a good idea if we have more members as we would all be able to split the group tasks.
D: In my opinion, even if there are more members of JKT48, dedicated fans would not turn their hearts from us so easily. That is why we always have to make an effort to be ourselves, improve on our weaknesses and become even better. As for me, I know that I’m not a good dancer, but at every practice session, I work hard to concentrate so that I will not lose out to the other members. Any rivalry is done through healthy competition; we do not bring each other down but we keep supporting everyone. Furthermore, having new members mean that we will have juniors; we have to be able to help each other out too.
A: As for me, I want to adapt quickly with the new members. It is not that the case that because I am a senior member, they have to lower themselves to me; we are all here as one. The important thing is to remain respectful. If a new member is older than me in age, I have to stay respectful to her even though I have been a member in JKT48 longer than her.
All: That’s right (all nodding)

In all seriousness, the members had a conversation about their hopes for the futures. Let us look forward to the following development of JKT48.

Message From Yasushi Akimoto


Yasushi Akimoto founded AKB48 in December 2005 at Akihabara, Japan. He is also the main producer for AKB48 and all of her sister groups. What kind of vision does he have for the newborn JKT48?


Lyricist. Since high school, he has shown his talent as a screenwriter and written scripts for many famous television shows. From 1983, he also began writing lyrics and has produced many hit songs. Naturally, he became the lyricist for the AKB48 groups.

In 2011, five of AKB48 singles written by him were lined up in the Oricon Yearly Single Rankings. All five singles eventually became Million-Sellers, broke new records and made history. One of the singles, “Flying Get,” was awarded the Gold rating during the 53rd Japan Record Awards.

I believe one day, unique personalities will emerge from within JKT48. I am looking forward to that important moment.


Six years before the birth of JKT48, AKB48 was formed in Akihabara, Japan. How was this group who, later monopolized the idol entertainment world, born?

“In 2005, at the beginning, I had wanted to make a theatre group. However, I was worried that if we performed the same stage drama everyday, the audience will get bored easily. I also imagined how interesting it would be to have a dance performance accompanied with singing. In the end I decided to produce idols.

Afterwards, I looked around to find a place for the stage performance. Fortunately at that time, Akihabara was bustling with a unique “Moe” culture so I decided that the stage will be in Akihabara. By using the passion and spirit of the locale, I got the idea to build a theater with the purpose of making Akihabara a center to spread the trend.”

After going through some activities, the concept of “Idols you can meet” was born. This concept of “Idols you can meet” spread bit by bit.

“At the start, in every AKB48 performance, we always reserved seats for fans from outside Akihabara. Because we felt that this made the fans go through too much trouble, we then made sister groups outside of Akihabara; in Nagoya, Osaka, and Hakata (Fukuoka). Their purposes were not different, because like AKB48, the important thing was to have a “Designated Place.” With the theater performances at these locations, we can establish a loyal and stable fan base and keep generating meaningful Contents.”

AKB48 eventually became famous worldwide thanks to the internet, to the point of getting invitations to events outside of Japan. In the middle of this rising popularity, during the year 2011, the intention of creating sister groups based in other countries began to grow. Subsequently JKT48, the first AKB48 sister group based outside of Japan, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“I chose JKT48 members with the same way and intuition I used during AKB48 auditions. My basis in selection was to uncover attractive looks and attitudes or unique capabilities and potentials that possess appeal. After the members were chosen, we train them to sing and dance to prepare them for stage performances….which is why at this point, JKT48 is still taking the first steps AKB48 took when they just formed.”

But to be successful as an idol group, the most needed ingredient is “time.”

“The process cannot be rushed and must be allowed to happen as naturally as possible. If we get too over-protective, such as giving overly-detailed instructions, all of it becomes too mechanical, and in other words, ‘unnatural’.

Because of this, I just provide the conditions and the place. The rest is up to each member of JKT48 to freely be creative in these prepared situations and places. This way they can perform in events with all their hearts in it. Consequently, not only the members, but the fans too, will also become more serious and enthusiastic. Claps and chants, encore calls….All of these will turn into a precious experience for the members.

By gaining these experiences one by one, and in the process of all their hard work, every member will transform gradually and develop their distinct personalities. During that moment, i will then for the first time, give them a personal message. The chemistry that will emerge out of these diverse personalities will create a force that even I cannot imagine.

That force is what AKB48 possess right now. Someday when the members have developed their own unique personalities, at that moment, JKT48 will be able to have their own original stage.”

Lastly, as the main producer, do you have a message for the members of JKT48 right now?

“My message is ‘Do the things you like, with all your heart.’ Essentially, singing and dancing is part of a human’s natural instinct. You may look at AKB48 and imitate them, but in the end what is most important is your own instinct to decide what is cool and what is cute.

For example, have you wondered why a flower garden with many different flowers looks so beautiful? It is a feeling not possibly experienced from neat rows of the exact same flowers.

It is the existence of the different flowers that bloom in the garden that make it look so magnificent. In this same garden, there are flowers absorbing moisture, flowers dancing merrily in the breeze, and even flowers trying hard not to get chewed by insects. It is only because of this diversity of life that the attractiveness of this garden can begin to unfold.

Now, JKT48 is like a seed that is just starting to bud. Therefore, members! Do whatever you can right now with all your heart! I’m looking forward to the day the unique flowers in JKT48 bloom.”

Message From Takahashi Minami



First generation member of AKB48. Captain of Team A. Born 8th April 1991, now 21 years old. Her charisma and leadership is well-known not only among fans, but also with other members and staff who trust her highly.

Takahashi Minami, the captain of AKB48’s Team A, has given her support to JKT48 even before the group officially formed. What are her impressions of JKT48’s members after seeing the group up close during their events and live performances together?

The spirit of each member is important but certainly, what makes JKT48 shine the most are their fans!


Takahashi Minami, affectionately known as “Takamina”, has often been named as the role model that JKT48 members look up to. Takamina is also the first AKB member to visit Jakarta in October 2011.

-What was you first impressions meeting JKT48?
The first time I first saw them was during one of their practice sessions. When all of them noticed me, they screamed “Takamina~!” and ran closer. Everyone was so cute, I felt a bit like Kinpachi Sensei (*).

At that time, I felt, “All of you are like my beloved students,” and we began to hug each other. However, being Japanese, I’m not that used to hugging and had felt quite reluctant to start hugging on my own initiative. So until the end, I stood there passively while holding in all these feelings of my heart pounding.”

-What were your feelings when you watched over the scene of JKT48 practicing the choreography for “Heavy Rotation”?
When I saw the moves for the intro at the beginning of “I want you-“, I thought to myself, “It looks like they still have a long way to go.” But I was so touched in seeing their determination to keep practicing that I wanted to keep supporting them.

Four months later, Takamina came back to perform on stage with JKT48 at “JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL 2012” in Jakarta. This strong willpower of JKT48 has not changed since their last meeting.

The performance all-around became a lot smoother and was at a more matured level. But the most important thing was that their spirit of “Doing their best with all their body and soul” felt a lot bigger than before. We, the ‘48 group’ are not necessarily the most professional dancers as compared to other idol groups. However, I am sure that the determination and willpower that we put into all our efforts will not lose to anyone else.

Action on stage with JKT48 has made me realize that performances done with all of our hearts will always be appreciated and supported by our fans everywhere. Even when I was walking backstage I could hear a distant shout of “Takamina-san, otsukaresama desu!” (Takamina, thank you for the performance). They also tried to talk with me using broken Japanese. I felt so happy seeing their kindness. It makes me want to support them even more!

-As their senior watching the growth of JKT48 as performers, is there a message you wish to leave them?
I always felt that joining AKB48 is an extraordinary and unique opportunity. If I think about the activities of AKB48 until now, my mind becomes preoccupied trying to finish the tasks in front of me and I never get the chance to think a little deeper about the meaning of my presence in the group. Because of this, I want my juniors to take time to pause and think about, “What an extraordinary thing I am doing right now” and also, “What am I doing this for?

I am sure that by reflecting upon the meaning of these, their development will grow even more drastically. I understand that we will primarily be busy with our studies and lessons but I do hope they can realize this as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the existence of fans is inseparable from the growth of JKT48.

The feeling of always wanting to support and encourage is within everyone in the world even if their countries are different. Although it cannot always be conveyed through words, I believe this support can be shown in so many different ways. I am thankful because every time I come here, the reception has always been warm. I am very happy for their support to AKB48, but I hope the fans can also become one with JKT48 fans so they can make Indonesia more lively!
Because I am certain that JKT48 members will shine even more with all of your support. Please support us!

-Last question… who is Takamina’s Oshimen?
Melody is cute, so very cute. Also, Rena-chan who can speak Japanese too. It is a shame I cannot converse with everyone because of language barriers, but someday I want to be able to talk to everyone about a lot of things!

Note : Kinpachi sensei is teacher from a dorama “3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei” played by Takeda Tetsuya




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