JKT48 First Original Song: Rapsodi


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  1. Tomo says:

    Good news! But I wonder if you all associated with JKT48Stuff tell me what is the most important value of this original song. Nice melody and smooth code progression. I say it is a good song. But the 48 groups have been presenting their unique points of view and understanding the girl’s life with Mr. Ysushi Akimot’s relics. Why does JKT48 need the original song without his words for the songs? (Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t criticize. I am just wondering.)

    • Kurukurupa says:

      IMO, because management wants to spreads their market. Until now, JKT48 market is small. After 8 years and releases 20 singles, a lot of non-fans only know Heavy Rotation, Aitakatta, and Koisuru Fortune Cookie.
      Fyi, the composers behind JKT48 new single are famous in Indonesia because all of their song is bop.

      • Tomo says:

        Thank you! Understood! Market expansion! Great for JKT48! BTW still the management team belongs to Dentsu X Entertainment, Right?

      • Tomo says:

        So, may I guess this new beautiful song becomes the entrance for the whom has not yet been interested in JKT48? Once many pop songs lovers will like this song, probably they will pay attention to the songs which JKT48 has already released. But the taste between them is very different. To gain the larger market, will JKT48 transform to an ordinary girl’s pop group?

    • Ferdi says:

      Probably because there are many cultural differences between Japanese and Indonesian teenagers. JKT48 tries to conform to the youth culture here which change continuously every generation, without putting aside our respect to Akimoto-san as Total Producer of 48 Group

  2. Tomo says:

    Congratulations.! The wish of Melody finally came true.