Author: Richardson Kilis

JKT48 “Halloween Night” Costumes

For the third consecutive year, JKT48 will release a new single at the same time as AKB48. “Halloween Night”, AKB48’s 41st single, will double as JKT48’s 11th single to be released on August 26, 2015. Below, we take a look at each of the 16 costumes presented at Monday’s Kibouteki Refrain Handshake Festival.

Interview with a Former Member: Diasta

It has been over a year since we last met Diasta during an informal fan gathering after she left JKT48. When we last saw her, she was just returning to her normal life as a college student. However, within a few months, she became active again in Indonesia’s Japanese pop culture scene.

JKT48 10th Single Post-Election Analysis

Having emerged from last year’s 6th single election as battle-hardened veterans, JKT48 fans returned in full force for this year’s 10th single election. Many fans welcomed last year’s results with enthusiasm, and also a great deal of satisfaction