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Interview with a Former Member: Diasta

It has been over a year since we last met Diasta during an informal fan gathering after she left JKT48. When we last saw her, she was just returning to her normal life as a college student. However, within a few months, she became active again in Indonesia’s Japanese pop culture scene.

Interview with a Former Member: Zebi

For our “Interview with a Former Member” series this time, JKT48Stuff received an opportunity to chat with Zebi Magnolia Fawwaz (or Zebi), a third generation member of JKT48. Zebi talked to us about her past experiences as a fan, her transition into a member, and also her plans for the future.

Interview Corner: 3.1-Million-Rupiah Man

The Interview Corner column is back with a special guest from the Philippines. Indonesian TV viewers may remember the auction of a T-shirt signed by AKB48 members, as well as Melody’s jacket, during RCTI’s Dahsyat last week before the joint AKB48 and JKT48 concert.

Interview with a Former Member: Rica

Next on our “Interview with A Former Member” series is former Team J member and the seventh ranked member in the election for the sixth single—Rica Leyona. At first, we weren’t really sure how to conduct this interview, but it turned out Rica was such a joy to talk with. She is approachable and very sociable.

Interview with a Former Member: Kei

JKT48Stuff got a chance to meet with one of JKT48 3rd generation alumnae, Kezia Andinta (Kei). She was able to spare time for a short interview, and we met her at one of the many shopping malls in Jakarta. We asked her to tell her story…