Interview with a Former Member: Kei

Pitra Satvika

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  1. Fujiwara says:

    so Kei and her family didnt even know that she had graduated :( :(
    man JOT is really cruel to her .. .at least they can tell her first before making the announcement 8-O
    all the best for Kei :wink:

    • Angga says:

      I think her mum knew about it with prior notice from the officials, but due to various considerations, decided not to tell Kei. At least that is what I managed to grasp from the recording of the interview Pitra conducted.

      • Nathan says:

        So, did she leave by her own accord or did she get fired by JOT?
        From the interview I think she really didn’t want to leave…

        • Angga says:

          By her own accord due to the conflicted schedule between her pretty much strict school and JKT48.

        • Kei had already knew that she graduated, though she didn’t expect that the announcement would be displayed during the trainee concert. She thought that JOT would only announce it on the web.

          The decision came from her behalf, not JOT.

  2. Nathan says:

    “Kangen Teater, kangen High Touch, kangen semua…”

    You know, reading that part make me feel kinda sad. She still want to be in there if she could. Many other ex-members wouldn’t want anything to do with JKT48 ever again after they graduated, they treat it like a very bitter memory from their past.

  3. Lili says:

    Ini artikel interview yang paling keren yang pernah saya baca..
    Thanks sangat..!!

  4. yui'i says:

    Wow…First time ever this site gift the fans a coolest article onside..
    Really warm article.. by time before it’s usually discussed conflict, even just little bit of… :D
    Semangat trus dedek @keiandinta


  5. sa-nu-si says:

    Don’t know about you guys, but i think she got idol materials, warm heart and she’s cute. Even thought she was in the same age as my daughter (if i had any.. lol.. she’s in SMP, for God sake). Pity she has another journey not as a member. wish her luck. and thank you for the article.