Assessing JKT48’s Leadership Shuffle

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. Jvalz says:

    I hope this is just a short term assignment (STA) for those four members (Naomi, Elaine, Kinal, and Haruka), because transfer them permanently will be really risky for JKT48 future. As far as I know, Japanese company usually put a lot of attention to risk management, they tend to keep the risk as low as possible eventhough it will not give good payback.

    But, there always plan B for everything. If this leadership shuffling doesn’t work in the future, JOT could still reshuffle everyone in JKT48 and make three new and unique teams. :wink:

  2. pekopekokun says:

    ffs, it’s almost 4 years and JKT48 theater still hasn’t got a hydraulic stage. Please make that happen. Even if it’s going to effect ticket pricing.

  3. KingKongnya Yona says:

    I can’t help but to wonder. These whole “KIII has been lacking and/or lagging in this and that” assertion… What’s the basis? What are the parameters?

    • benimaru says:

      assumptions and speculations of course :lol: :lol:

      while the grey hair man just going to sit down, relax, and laugh while watching the irrational ootaku behaviour :mrgreen:

      just a small twist from jot, and they react like it’s apocalypse now.. :roll:

      • KingKongnya Yona says:

        It’s been almost 24 hours with no explanation whatsoever. I’m going to leave this as it is, an article based on nothing but (as you said earlier) assumptions & speculations.
        It’s still kinda amusing, though. Seeing all those brain power, wasted on over-analyzing such trivial matter. A pity…

    • Dewo says:

      K3’s Theater visitors number still lacking compared to J’s. Senbatsu is still dominated by J. Handshake soldout still lacking compared to J in general (except only few K3 members). Lack of sponsors, advertisement, tv shows request?. This all shows lack of identity because people/companies always prefers the more well known team J to perform/represent their show/products. And this keeps going while Team T starts getting more attention (like Andela)
      That’s some of the parameters i can think of… 8-O

  4. Geth says:

    Still can’t reach J, yet already being chased by T. Did Kinal will bring any good for KIII?

  5. Juliano rodrigues says:

    The fact Naomi have lost the rank of Captain, can influence her performance in JKT48 of a negative way?

  6. esti says:

    I agree with your insights. I thought the team shuffle would be too early, but perhaps necessary. Then when it happened, I somehow began to think it is necessary.

    But I don’t understand some of KIII fans. They made a big fuss over a minor change. All teams, and perhaps all members, suffered. What was their reason exactly? Was it because they think Kinal is worth less than Naomi? I can’t even imagine how they will react to major reshuffle in the coming future. Come to think of it, up until now all KIII members were all from 2nd generation. Maybe it’s time to spice things up a little bit more by assigning some of the trainees from 3rd or 4th gens as regular KIII members. We’ll see how the KIII members and their diehard fans will react to the changes.

    It is interesting though, watching all the “presumably adult” fans get so worked up over teenagers-dancing-and-singing-in-uniforms. Their reactions and comments over what teenage girls said and done are sometimes too eye-rolling.

    Guys, please grow up.

    • Juliano Rodrigues says:

      I understand the supporters of KIII team. It is not easy swallowing a reformulation so.

      • esti says:

        It is even harder for the members affected by the reshuffle. But the fans are being super sensitive, and make it worse by saying/tweeting harsh comments toward particular team or member.

        Sorry. I just can’t understand.

    • lupe says:

      Well if u compare with others team,team k3 is suffered the most..i didnt say kinal isnt better than naomi,but they have to start all over again with new j,even they lose kinal and haruka they still have melody whos from the beginning is unofficially their /captain/leader while team T is still new…

      • Dewo says:

        no.. i disagree. Team K3 only lost their team captain. Getting Kinal cannot be considered a loss. If you read beby’s post in her G+. I strongly agree that team J is the one team who will suffered the most. Losing 2 of their prominent members will definitely make a huge impact. And getting more ‘outsiders’ in this case 3 of them (Naomi, Elaine, Sofia) cannot be considered easy. Team J will have to start with new captain, new members, which of course brings more change and dynamics compared to other teams who only got a ‘new’ captain.
        In K3 I believe the most suffering person is Kinal, as a new captain, she’s the one who has to adapt.. not the team since K3 is already a solid team.