Deciphering Melody’s Captaincy

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. Tilly says:

    Exit strategy! That’s a proper word that I’ve been thinking for Melody’s position today.

    However, before Melody was elected as a JKT48 general captain, she has been there as an informal leader, meanwhile Kinal and Naomi are formal leaders.

    Despite of that, in real world, people are usually prefer to follow informal leader due to some reasons. Commonly, informal leader owns particular traits or properties such as charm, physical power, networking, or simply an ability to drive opinion, that formal leader don’t have.

    Back when we were in high school, which one that can influence the peers: president of student association (i.e. Ketua OSIS) or gang leader (i.e. pentolan or jagoan sekolah). Most of us would answer a gang leader. This analogy perfectly applied in JKT48. Melody is like a gang leader (pentolan), whereas Kinal and Naomi are from student association.

    With or without her new title, Melody is always be “Ue Kara Melody” :-o

  2. abaone94 says:

    Since the announcement, I have been wondering what kind of role Melody will have in the future. She has been the center of JKT48 for this whole time, with the only exception of FCYM. Even in NEW SHIP, she remains as the double-center together with Yupi, which made me curious whether her captaincy will affect JKT48’s centership or not.

    If everything stays the same (which means Melo will remain as a center for JKT), then it would really put too much pressure on her shoulders since she had to take the burden of a center and a General Captain at the same time. In this case, I’d rather she became the sole center instead of taking a double-role.

    Nevertheless, I congratulate her for this promotion. I hope she can do the very best in her role.

  3. ALPACA says:

    i wonder how Kinal reaction to this development 8-O

  4. KageTora says:

    Refering to AKB as model, someone in G+ once said that Melody carries three prominent roles at once on her shoulder: of Acchan (centre/ace), Takamina (leader), and Mariko (exemplary senior). To a certain degree I agreed with him/her. Yet, such multiple roles in one person has its own problem. Thus there have been attempts to delegate such role to other members.

    – Centre position has actually been shared with others after Heavy Rotation. Both RIVER (with Kinal) and Yuuhi (with Ve) are double-centered songs while KFC’s centre is Haruka.
    – Leadership role was shared with Kinal and Naomi, but beside Melody herself there are also hidden leaders in both team J and team KIII.
    – Exemplary role was also shared with others. While almost all members have exemplary quality, I particularly noticed it in Akicha, Ve, Sonya, Sendy and Stella from Team J and perhaps Ayen and Yona from Team KIII.

    One of the most urgent reason to delegate the roles is security reason: just in case something happen to her, the foundation of the group will not shake too much. With recent graduation wave, there are increased insecurity that perhaps made the management consider the alternative of returning the centre of gravity on Melody. Perhaps there is an urgent need to keep the foundation intact: if it’s not her then it’s the alternatives. Not only leadership role, but also centreship role with Managu. With Stella and Sonya graduation and Akicha’s rare appearance, I am afraid so is with exemplary role. IMHO, it is more a setback than a progress.

    I know I am rather biased to Team J, but I think if the management have considered that Team KIII are ready to become alternative choice to share the burden there is no need to return the burden to her. I’d rather like to see more balance between both teams and among members than gravitate toward on Team J or Melody. While exemplary role can be cultivated over time, it is the centreship role that the management should consider next. I’d like to see someone else, perhaps from Team KIII, as the next centre. The question is, who will the management deem worthy?

    Just a fleeting thought. Feel free to disagree.

    • RyanD says:

      Team KIII next center is Ayen. She has been management’s chosen center since the P.Drive show. She has the absolute center aura on stage just like Melody, Acchan and Yuko. I don’t even have to mention about Ayen’s dancing and singing skill which is way above other KIII front rows like Yupi and Viny.
      As for Yupi with her MOE and KAWAII persona, she’s just rising to the surface because of just that. Management have been trying to push her since she sells more HS tickets than Ayen does. I don’t think it’s right to choose the next absolute center with MOE and KAWAII persona. Yupi reminds me with Nabilah (of course both of them have differing personalities) in the sense of as “mere” front-row members.
      Viny? She’s okay as a center for some unit songs, but she’s not the right choice as group song center. She’s just another front row member which have sold lots of HS tickets because of her outstanding interpersonal (human) skills in treating other persons (fans) right.

      • Yui'i says:

        I’m not sure..
        But from my perfective, she lack something like groupfeeling,
        she’s also too aggressive, potentially messing up the team.

        I’ve seen some of the chosen to be first or second centers, like Melody, Ve, Della, Haruka, Riska, Beby
        They all average person who can keep the tempo and looked calm as center.

        Some people like Shania, Naomi, Rona, Nabilah, Viny and Beby is a member who is aggressive when performing. Sometimes they move too aggressively and quickly, leaving the movement of other members.

        For Beby….I think she was changed her dance rhythm
        I see on SCTV Carnaval, Beby place into a center, she looks much more organized movement than before. Not as usual that she was very aggressive in dance.

        So far, I guess to say agree with the selection of the center by the JKT48 Management

  5. Cl4p Trap says:

    IMHO nothing more than applying “Carrot and stick approach” to member, carrot of course for Melody(and Nabilah).
    She wouldn’t got high rank without significant contribution.

  6. Pitra says:

    Fourth, to keep Melody from graduating early :)

  7. yuiyuki says:

    since the case (“M”, melody) I started to not like it :-? :-? .

    • Reaper says:

      Kyahaa, purist wanabee :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • abaone94 says:

      I guess it’s not wise to bring a “certain past” to point away her current state.

      True that the case was unforgettable even for non Melody-oshi since it breaks a certain rule. But she had gone through many-many things because of that… ‘stupidity’ with the effects that you can still feel right now; she rarely goes online whereas in her earlier days, she Tweeted a whole damn lot (much like Nab). All due to the pressure put on her by the fans (and perhaps management, although it’s unlikely) after that incident.

      …that is why I don’t like the idea of putting another pressure on her as a ‘Captain’…

    • jelemajujur says:

      and because I live in Bandung and take A Faperta majoring as her, I knew that she out of captain quality league, she just pretending to be “a good person” just only in the surface. well she’s still in relationship with her bf and it has going too far , another “bad morals” she did:
      (cheating on tests, giving “amplop” to lecturer, and star syndrome symptoms (ngartis)), everyone in faperta know that this ambitious melody will do anything to get what she want. I often ask other wotas (outside Unpad circle) why they can be so blind by this ‘fucking-kuroten-persona”. but they can’t answer my question

      • Antiskill says:

        Eat all that you can eat :lol: :lol: :lol:
        Nobody fool :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • zhazhazhu says:

        seems like you got wrong room here bro..
        if [only if..] the topic here is asking why melody elect as student president in your university?
        then bring all your bad mouth above

        It’s ok you said that we don’t know about her achievement or study performance in your faculty
        but you have to admit that you don’t know anything about her achievement or study performance in jkt48
        JOT wont select her as captain if she don’t have enough contribution in JKT48
        [you don’t think she gave an “amplop” to the management don’t you?] :-P

        Nobody here expect that we have JKT48’s captain that good both in her study and idol world
        COME ON… if there’s a person that perfect she must be a diva or at least a solo artist already… why would she give a damn about being an idol group? Person that good maybe even have her own management
        Maybe “she” is akimoto sensei :lol:

      • abaone94 says:

        We need facts here, so you better present a very detailed testimony of those who were at the same faculty as you and her.

        Without them, then I’ll consider it as a fraud. Very much the same as those aliens and UFO’s you saw on HC :lol:

      • meroro says:

        our ace with her bf, taken from melody’s path friend..

        :-? :-? :-?

      • yuyu says:

        perhaps, She ever resist YOU…..WAKAKAKAKKAKA

  8. gorgom says:

    It’s to much for my brain. Can. Not. Compute.

    As for me, idol-ing supposed to be fun. No more nor less. I don’t care about anything that happens behind the stage as long as they can keep their facade as beautiful as ever.