JKT48 Stage DVDs : A Quick Look


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  1. Omnipot says:

    My friend and I bought BnT at the concert venue on saturday, it turns out, both our DVDs can’t be played at all. On Sunday I went to the theater to exchange them with the new one, and I brought my laptop just to check the quality on the spot. In the end, I’ve tried 4 more BnT Dvds on the spot, and when I tried to exchange them again, the merchandise guy told me that those are the only BnT DVDs they had in stock, so I decided to refund them.
    My other friend BnT DVD worked on his PC player once. Yes ONCE. He tried it again on his laptop and it worked. Once.
    The RKJ Dvd on the other hand, works perfectly fine. I handbrak(ed) it on the spot just in case. M

  2. ken says:

    Hrm….I’m pretty excited to buy it. How I’m supposed to order it online if this happens. I can’t check it beforehand and to get a refund is impossible. I want to support JKT48 by buying the original DVD but if this happens, the overseas fans like myself would not buy the DVD and downloaded from the internet. DAMN!!!! This is suck, man!!!!!!
    BTW, HITS Record should check on that, At least offer us something that decent. I want that DVD as my collection. :)

  3. benimaru says:

    so, to hasten the production of the DVD, JOT choose the fastest burning speed without considering the ability of the DVD player..

    even my man of steel black market AKA piracy DVD quality is far more superior :roll: :roll:

    JOT, do you really need money that bad?

    • Cl4p Trap says:

      JOT or HitsRecord? HitsRecord or JOT? JOT or JOT? :lol:

    • Jimmy P says:

      JOT are not the CD/DVD manufacturer. Part of the blame should go to HITS Records (Record Label company which is the subsidiary of MNC Media Group) who is JOT’s business partner responsible in the voice recording of the JKT48 girls, mixing process, and the CD/DVD mass production/manufacturing. HITS Records subcontracted the CD/DVD mass production/manufacturing job to another company. The deadline set by JOT was basically for them to be able to release both BnT & RKJ DVDs on JKT48 2nd Anniv. concert day where thousands of people came.

  4. peacecraft says:

    I want an Audio CD please!!!

  5. Nyobi says:

    Is this only available in the theater? :(
    I really want to buy it but I live quite far…