February Massive Graduations Announcement


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  1. Fujiwara says:

    well for the 3rd gen its to be expected .. . some because of performance issue, some because of bad behaviour, some because of scandals .. . . .
    well i support JOT decission .. . why pay sallary for someone that isnt making the company profit or merits. . . :roll: :roll:

    • stevrum says:

      yup, i agree.

    • newbieFans1 says:

      i am sorry, i am a new fans, can you explain to me, what do you mean about
      1. performance issue
      2. bad behaviour
      3. scandals

      • Fujiwara says:

        1. Performance issue
        the only good dancer/performer on those graduated list are only Nina, Tya and Alycia .. . .the rest of em are lame .. .
        their dance is so poor in terms of timing, expression, etc. . . . some of em like (farina for ex) just like to flirt with fans (tebar pesona) while performing and well you could say that they suck as at dancing. . . just my opinion though :oops:

        2. Bad behaviour
        some of em like to smoke like Farin who i have seen in a video made by her friend. . . .

        3. Scandals
        Nina with her alpard “Childhood friend” (teman masa kecil)
        Tya with her mr LSPR counterpart
        well according to some gosips all of the graduated allready have boyfriends .. .

        • benimaru says:

          Tya with her mr LSPR counterpart

          it seems people still don’t know the difference between college project partner and a real boyfriend :lol:
          and acccording to some gossips, the majority of the member also have boyfriend (including the so called general manager :wink: )

        • joco says:

          If smoking is a bad manner then the rest who smokes has to be suspended til they stop smoking.
          By the way, is drinking an alchohol are bad manners in Indonesia?