Haruka Nakagawa Graduation Announcement


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

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  1. Razgriz2520 says:

    Haruka is indeed one of the best things to happened to the group

  2. stevrum says:

    nakagawa haruka,
    thank you for everything and good luck :!:

  3. Sunred says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!

    All good things must come to an end, so all the best, may you sail fair to the far fields of fortune!

  4. Fujiwara says:

    My Oshimen. . . .i saw the announcement at the concert and i was shocked and shed tears after hearing it .. . :(
    the good thing is there is still time for me to see her performance. . .and hopefully make lots of good memory before her graduating :cry: :cry:

  5. nata de coco says:

    what will she do next after graduate?
    where she’ll live? here, back to japan or go to other country?

    • kurilin the hafu says:

      in my worse prediction, like she said had dream to learn more newthings overseas, definitly go other country (perhaps study foreign languange, in college). But, most indonesian fans want she stay permanent here as her home sweet home and they promise protect her very carefully. Anywhere she wants to go to study, as long planning back to indonesia and get married here in the future as she have ever promise, that would be enough satisfied whole heart of for indonesian fans

  6. buddy says:

    thank you very much Haruka for your hard work for JKT48 :) wish you all the best in the future :mrgreen:

  7. pei says:

    this is the end of jkt48 era, not to mention there will be BNK48 & MNL48 in Southeast Asian, Nakagawa Graduation is at the right time… :cry:

    • YuiNounen says:

      so you say all those JKT48 wotas will all migrate to support overseas group? the end? no. A little setback? yes.

      • pei says:

        well… before, jkt48 is the only 48 group in Southeast Asian, somehow exclusive… many fans and wotas from Southeast Asian support jkt48, but now they already have their own 48 group… and Nakagawa Graduation is also one of the reason jkt loses its appeal, unless of course they bring popular member to replace nakagawa in jkt48..

        • Keno Xylee says:

          Don’t worry, JKT48 will maintain their foothold. I would not expect much of a rivalry from either BNK48 or MNL48. :-o

  8. boom says:

    this site gone hiatus or permanent resign as fans? I think hte owner and staff of this web stop fans(ing). well…. so what to do?

  9. wings says:

    is this web die or something? :/