JKT48 First Generation’s Birthday – Translation


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  1. Torque says:

    I totally had tears in my eyes, and I’m not one easily touched either. This shows us how great they have been- how great the obstacles they have been facing, and this shows us how they make it this far by our supports. I will continue to support JKT48 even more from here on, and I hope to see them growing into better people.

  2. sultan says:

    ochii… miss her :(
    eyes teary again

  3. praiseofblossom says:

    Congratulations! JKT48. Congratulations! Indonesian Fans & Wota.
    I remember JKT48 girls’ hopeful shining eyes at last summer training.
    I remember JKT48 girls’ beautiful tears at Audition!
    I shed a lot of tears by young girls’ struggle to do her best!
    I cry again today…..
    I love all JKT48 girls! Your effort is Beautiful! “Shonichi” is just as 1st generation girls’ Song!
    I love all Indonesian Fans & Wota! Your pure passion is Beautiful! “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara”
    is the beautiful song for the spirit of honorable Indonesian Fans & Wota!
    Please take care of your wonderful Idols with the spirit of “Kimi/Suki”!
    God save the JKT48 girls & Indonesian Fans & Wota!
    -From Old Soldier

    • Angga says:

      Thanks PraiseofBlossom-san :) . I’ve seen your posts in YouTube ever since the girls debut. Thanks a lot for supporting them up until now :D