JKT48 Dodgeball OFC Event Photo Documentation


I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. HERMAN says:

    Thanks a lot for the pics ,man. Somehow looking at their cheeriness just makes me livelier for better.(Man, I wish I was there, eventhough never playing dodge ball before. Who cares anyway. As long as there are members, playing anything will be nice.) I see they brought some of their 2nd gens for this attractive event. That was good. They had done the best effort to assure fans’ money is well spent. Above all, they are getting serious to promote the KKS. Hmmm….. now, we’re talking. (By the way, those pics are yours or official’s?)

  2. djt says:

    that pict is mine ^^

  3. benimaru says:

    isn’t that basketball?

    what’s a dodgeball :?: :?:

    • djt says:

      in indonesia it called “bola gebok”. the rules of the game is simple. each team is divide by 1 line (like volley ball). each team will have 3 balls, each team will try to hit the other team with ball, if one hit, then he/she should out. the winner is the team that can hit the most

      • benimaru says:

        8-O 8-O 8-O

        can’t imagine if a person with a size of melody is being hit by a basketball.. intentionally :lol: :lol:

        say, me don’t see Aki there? is she already back to japan?

  4. benimaru says:

    it’s always amaze me, seeing the phenomena of few cute girls surrounded by many brutal look alike macho man :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    those girls really became a social phenomenon..

    • HERMAN says:

      Not only brutal and “sangar” but also “girl thirsty” as well. See? If they had any girlfriends, they’d be somewhere else instead. Not in the field, playing a weird ball game. :mrgreen:

  5. sunred says:

    everyone looks so lively!
    moments captured in brilliance!

    thank you djt!

    I Love You!!!!

  6. benimaru says:

    damn it..

    me and me perverted mind… :roll: :roll:

  7. Haddad says:

    OH, how i really wish that there would be Mount Climbing/Trekking OFC event after seeing this pic. *selfslaprightcheek* *selfslapleftcheek*