Getting to knowing a new family: Team Trainee Theater Review 30th March 2013


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. Angga says:

    I believe that you can call it a great success when all these idol fans but first-timers to the JKT theater start saying praises about the 2nd gen trainees and about how awesome they are

    That’s what I’m talking about girls, that’s what I’m talking about. YEEEEHAW!

    That being said, hope Dena could recuperate well enough. My prayers with her.

    As for the question…I uh…pass it to the next comments :lol: , I myself will not know what to say during the I believe super awkward moment.

    • WasshoiJ says:

      yeah, it’s true! i’m happy for both my friends and the girls. its really a nice surprise at the end of the day to see everybody happy with the performance. the theater is magical

  2. Enrico A. says:

    Leave me outta this,Rossssss !!!! x((

  3. Fai says:

    Lol… I remember whent u almost going to die because of Della High Kick and her eye lock in front of you….

  4. RedRanger48 says:

    Trainees performance was still not stable. Sometimes they perform so good, like last Saturday. Sometimes, they don’t. But last Saturday was a really good show. You and you’re friends were so lucky you’ve been able to watch it.

    I sit in the far right of the stage (blue seats) when Dena collapsed. At first I didn’t really know what happened since it’s so fast. The guy besides me said it was Sinka’s collapsing, but later we realized that she was Dena. It was so shocking that I didn’t pay attention to the MC anymore.

    And my favorite is Viny. No Doubt hhe.. :mrgreen:

    • WasshoiJ says:

      Yeah, my friend said its really hyper because that was a really full show on Saturday with so many people in the WL! Maybe it’s really beginner’s luck, but it’s awesome beginners luck and it proves the trainees have already gone up another level. so awesome!

      viny also power lah…. i don’t think many people will complain about her being put in the center spotlight

      and about dena, yeah it is so sudden but the MC was entertaining and that’s why maybe nobody thought it was a serious matter at the start. for most people the true shock came after the staff came up to stage and carried her away but she did not move at all

    • djt says:

      actually for this last 2 weeks the kks is more stable then team J, i don’t know for today tough since there 2 member at new position, it should be a bit chaos or not ?? i can’t watch theater today due to duty calls…. but what i know for sure is the kks is full of energy in every theater show that they perform a bit contradict with team J that sometimes perform with no soul ….

      • Angga says:

        Well..each to his own, mate :D . What you’ve experienced is totally different than mine or Wasshoi that was able to enjoyed both show either J or Trainees :lol:

        • djt says:

          well maybe because i watch theater more often than you guys so i saw their up and down :D and i try to be fair to both of team, since everyone is too permissive to team J, but i try not to both of team, if they perform bad then i will tell bad, if they good then i will tell good. basically the only minus of team J today is, sometimes they lazy …. they start not give the 100% energy… i hope there’s a suggestion for team J also, so we fans still can remind them….

          • Angga says:

            I’ve only one suggestion for them : Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. There’s this moot point where they will need some shuffle with the trainees and to take care of their so called freshness :D

          • djt says:

            I’m sorry i need to disagree again with you :D i don’t want shuffle actually, just promote 22 kks member to team K and give them a new setlist. let’s see the competition, akb first shuffle is after 4 years if i’m not wrong. so do JKT, if they shuffle now, i’m afraid the kks member still will under gen 1 shadow. let them shine in their show. what they need is a new setlist.

          • Angga says:

            Well, that would be a nice change of pace too.

  5. benimaru says:

    you’re questioning a stalemate dude..

    but for your question, since me a greedy person, me answer; “BOTH OF YOU” :mrgreen:

  6. Djt says:

    Well tbh today pajadora is better than rkj imo. Seeing monday rkj, no energy at all … Come on team J where’s your energy?

    • Haddad says:

      I watch the yesterday performance too, and i agree with you. nobody performs bad, but i don’t know, i just can’t feel anything from them. But i think the best unit song that night goes to Renai Kinshi Jourei, Delima, Stella, and Gaby goes full throttle from the start. Thought the MC is hillarious enough :lol:

      btw, did you felt something wrong with the sound system? my ears keep ringing after i left the theater hall.

      • WasshoiJ says:

        yeah my friend also complained about his ear ringing… i seriously thought it was too loud during the first show.

        it was painful to hear sometimes. we need to give them feedback on this

        :( about the girls tho. i don’t know why also >_<

  7. Djt says:

    Btw i also attend saturday nite show, and i also want to write a review …. But since most reader will say my review biased so i don’t write it down :D one more reason is i know wasshoi J is there also so my feeling says he will write the review :D so i won’t write it :D

  8. WasshoiJ says:

    haha but why would it be biased? feel free to share your views ^^

  9. yankeesophyd says:

    good review (^^)b

    tbh last time i go, i bring first timer to jkt theater too.
    he get interested and fascinated to gen 2 more than team j XD

    If your gen 1 oshi and gen 2 oshi comes right in front of you and asks you, “Between the two of us, who will you choose?”

    What would you do?


    this is real hard question tho.
    i might freeze at that moment ^^;;

    my 1st gen oshi has more similarity to me, so i might choose her >O<

  10. WasshoiJ says:

    hehe i think its lucky if you can actually be able to like one more than another~

    i think this is why people invent concept of kami-oshi… :P

    my kami-oshi in jkt? ahhh… i dunno..