March 20th Renai Kinshi Jourei Report


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  1. JyuriNii says:

    Ah..the MC session was so epic. If I were there, I could die cause having too much laugh :D

  2. Andricks says:

    Luckily I was there to watch the hillarious MC ever by my own eyes :-P . It is guaranteed that you will laugh out loud in the MC session if you have Jeje, Rena, and Haruka on the same stage :-o. Moreover, until now I’m still amazed on how Haruka able to learn bahasa in no time and blends with other member easily. I’m also glad that my oshi’s birthday celebration was quite successful. Beby shed a tear, a namida surprise! :’)

  3. xzerozero says:

    aaarrgh… when i get the chance to go to theater :cry:
    reading ppl review always made me even more to go there.

  4. Haddad says:

    that’s some epic MC! :lol:
    It’s good to see MC session that was lead by Jeje is always the craziest :lol: , but I think this where the other girls were falling behind. The others (beside Jeje, Kinal, & Melody, IMO) still need to learn how to create an enjoyable atmosphere where even the topic itself isn’t that much interesting.

    Btw, kissing one’s hand when we meet them is a sign of respect and politeness if the said person was older or considered to have higher social position than us (based on family relation, important official, or community leaders). Ex: when you meet your friend’s parent or your uncle, or when you meet your neighborhood community elders. Meanwhile, what Haruka did to Jeje could be considered as a form of cultural joke since both of them is in relatively at same social standings, thought Haruka refer to Jeje as “Bu Haji”, which the terms itself would take longer text to explain. :lol:

    That’s another one cultural jokes lost in the act.

    • Haddad says:

      Just read the source report, and i notice another jokes lost in translation, the one when Ghaida says she would send her child to boarding school. :lol:

      • Angga says:

        A lot of jokes lost in translation indeed :lol: , “Pesantren” doesn’t have any equal in English so I decided to make it into “boarding school” and add the nuance using “*yankee* Mama” there :lol:

        Another one that is almost lost in translation is Nabilah’s lisp which fortunately could still have a little saving grace by using substitutes words that more or less depicted the situation. Tokyo Pop fortunately finds the substitute words too in Japanese with “So/Sho” :lol:

  5. sunred says:

    Haruka is a real gem.
    She adapts and assimilates perfectly in JKT.

    I love you!!!!!!!

  6. Haruka, don’t be single forever..
    Marry me please :mrgreen:

  7. Tomo says:

    I thought I could find some phrases touching Soniya in the show report. Can you all still watch some happenings of Soniya? If you can, please advise me. I really don’t want to loose such a clever lady from JKT48. In some videos on Tube, I could find smart and heart-warming MCs of Soniya. That made me so comfortable:) I belive Soniya is a matured person. Yes, I know. No body says Soniya leaves JKT48 officialy.

    • Haddad says:

      No worries there, she’s performed for the show on 26th March, and some live reports from twitter said that there isn’t any unpleasant sign from her. And since she’ll be performing for the show on 5th April, you could relax now Tomo-san :lol:

  8. FIJ aka takumi says:

    Thank you very much for this report and translation. Very good to know how Akicha having good time with the girls.