JKT48 3rd Generation’s Jikoushoukai

Pitra Satvika

An interactive communications guy who loves to explore the possibility of mixing technology, social media, and branding (almost) everyday. Also a JKT48 fan. Check my own blog at http://pitra.media-ide.com and http://www.media-ide.com.

4 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Is it just me or the gen 3 jikous seem to be a lot better than gen 2’s?

    *trying to remember who was it that had the tenenenet tenenenet jikou*

  2. Dai-kun says:

    I like Kei’s jikou <3
    and Milen's seems fitting for Ve xD

  3. gorgom says:

    semanis coklat….selemebut sutra…wait what? :lol:

    overall….it’s pretty good. rather plain for my taste… …but really idol-like nonetheless.

    IMO team 4’s, Iwatate Saho’s jikou is still the best. Because it’s easily “ruined” by fans. :lol:

  4. Andre Irawan says:

    I Like Okta Jikou :oops:
    Well its epic for me :lol: