The Long and Winding Road – Webisode Part 6


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  1. Kyon says:

    excuse me, why do you translate the title (berliku, berbatu, berduri) as “the long and winding road”? why don’t you just translate it literally as “curvy, rocky, thorny”? sorry, just curious… :)

    • Tilly says:

      Hi Kyon,

      “Berliku, Berbatu, Berduri” is a metaphor in Indonesian language. Some metaphor cannot be translated literally, because it will sound strange to native speaker, in this case English. Metaphor may tie to local habit or culture, so this is not something that can be universally (and or grammatically) accepted.

      I tried to find an English metaphor resembles the meaning of “berliku, berbatu, berduri” which is “long and winding road”. Although when it is translated to Indonesian, “long and winding road” = jalan panjang dan berliku.

      Hope it explains. Thanks Kyon :)