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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills/Hobbies: Acting, singing
Favourite phrase: “Dreams are there to be realized”

I feel so happy when I act

Nadse has always been interested in acting. During her primary school days, she joined an acting school and even acted in short movies. Last year, she received her first main character offer, but the time period was the same as the JKT audition.

She was undecided for a while, but ultimately decided to “try the newest experience,” thus choosing the JKT. Not only dancing and singing, but there would also be the chance to act in TV dramas. Furthermore, she says that “I didn’t know much about Japanese culture, so through JKT I could expand my knowledge.”

The person she aspires to is American actress Kim Kardashian. Despite her 159 cm of height, her splendid figure allowed her to become a model and TV personality. “I wish to become an actress, expand my imagination, become another person, and express life. I love it.” Her looks make people think she’s quite the cool type, but she says, “I get easily excited if I’m praised,” with a small grin.

English Translation by Wotaliano
QC by RHKilis


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7 MARCH 1999