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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Traditional dance “Jaipong”
Hobby: Swimming, dancing, singing, cycling
Favorite word: “Do the best”

It’s good to feel the breeze with cycling

“One of the good things (about cycling) is I can feel the breeze.” She says with a smile that she loves cycling. She always goes by bicycle to go around her neighborhood while talking with friends or to visit a friend’s house. She was told by her mother that she is too young and that a mountain bicycle is still dangerous for her, but she mutters, “I want to try it when I become old enough.”

Her special ability is Jaipong, a traditional dance originating from Java. Her grandmother was a teacher in a dance school, so she had been taught dancing since she was five years old. She had once participated in a regional competition in Cianjur, West Java.

Her dream for the future is to open a clothing store. “I want to make my shop like my own dresser and display clothes. I hope somebody will buy them if they are interested,” she said. “For now, I will do my best in JKT,” she also said with her shining eyes.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hi all, my name is Feni Fitriyanti. You can call me Feni and I am 15 years old. People say I am talkative, hyperactive, prankster. But you know what, I really itch if I see someone who is lazy head. It feels like that kind of person deserves a tease from me.

My motivation to be JKT48 member is to make my parent proud and I would like to be an inspiration for many people. Also I want to improve my talent here.

I hope JKT48 can perform in many countries and JKT48 could advance more and better than now. One more thing, I expect a hydraulic stage for JKT48 because it will be very cool. If we have an outdoor performance with hydraulic stage, I can see those stars up in the sky, sun also.

Thank you, bye!

English Translation by Tilly


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16 JANUARY 1999