T Before HKT: Reasons


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

15 Responses

  1. juichi says:

    itu orang idiot, tidak usah di tanggapi, biasa saja dia bukan fans (haters maybe).

    anak alay :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. Alifah says:

    Kak Anggaa… so hahahaha

  3. Fujiwara says:

    lmao on the reasoning bro :-P :-P :-P
    well there will always be an idiotic fans somewhere out there hopefully none of them are here :oops:

  4. Annie Tjia says:

    It’s rare to see something like these coming from Ka Angga, but… somehow they actually made senses.
    I don’t follow HKT48 so I don’t have any idea about it, but just because JKT48 got the first T doesn’t mean they steal it from HKT. Just consider it as giving junior first step ahead, hm?

    • benimaru says:

      bre just trying to be sarcastic to those mentally un-stable immature self-proclaimed vvots :mrgreen:

      don’t take it to serious :wink:

  5. Kak Pipu says:


    HILARIOUS! :-D :-D :-D

  6. Vlady says:

    Still can’t get original song..

  7. shunusuke says:

    hahaha… well said, Sir. I personally think the only reason why JKT got team T first is because they have more trainees. But yeah it’s such a relief JKT got first. I can imagine how pervs / haters would react after hearing team T2/Titi/Tete

  8. sa-nu-si says:

    just can, angga… hahaha (read: bisa ajah!)

  9. stevrum says:

    thumbs up for you angga :lol:

  10. Macan Limunan says:

    perhaps you should concern about the japanese pronunciation too… :(

    start from here:

  11. man, it’s all about pride :mrgreen:

  12. silvesterkayr says:


  13. FirstShanel says:

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