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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills: Dancing, acting
Hobbies: Singing
Favorite phrase: “Always keep your heart as one”

My father’s memories within my heart

Aurel, lately, has been crazy over romance TV dramas. It’s a school love story aired on TV, she says. “You just can’t keep your eyes off this love story of a vampire boy student and a human girl student.” She starts smiling just thinking about it. She’s also interested in Japanese scenery, which she often sees on TV.

“I’d like to see sakura trees with the morning sun shining on them.” She’d like to go to Japan one day and see them with her own eyes. “I’d like to have a candlelight dinner at a restaurant by the sea…” …romantic places, like straight out of a movie.

She has fond memories of her father, departed last year. He was from Bali, and the time they enjoyed as family at Jimbaran beach remains deep in her memories. She describes her father as “a person I could talk with about anything”. As a JKT48 third generation member, “I want to do my best, for my dad too.”

English Translation by Wotaliano
QC by RHKilis

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8 AUGUST 1999