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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills: Playing instruments (guitar, piano, etc.)
Hobbies: Singing
Favourite phrase: “Timing is essential in everything”

Living together with music

Andela’s hobby is singing. Her father enjoys playing the guitar, with her mother singing. She grew up in a musical household. In high school, she joined the chorus club, and she joined another one also outside school activities. In 2012, she participated in a national competition held in Bali, in the folk song category. She sang “Gundol Gundol Pacol” and won the gold medal.

Because of her father’s influence, she can play the guitar too; she has also taken private piano lessons, truly walking on the path of life with music at her side.

In middle school, after listening to a Johnny’s Jr. song her friend had, she started studying Japanese on her own. “I like Japanese idols just as much as I like Indonesian groups. Because they’re cool and have this shining aura to them.”

Her favourite phrase is “timing is essential in everything.” In the math exam she had prepared for at school, she achieved full marks. “There are painful moments too when studying, but the sense of accomplishment and happiness when getting a good score makes it all worth it,” she says with a smile.

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Profile Video

Hello everyone! My name is Andela Yuwono, just call me Andela. I am 17 years old and I come from Solo (Central Java province – ed.)

How to define me? My school friends in Solo said I am slow-thinking person. But no, I am not slow-thinker; I’m just… often space-out a little bit.

I love music, I play guitar. My dad taught me playing guitar when I was a kid. I also play piano. I also love to sing and won some competition.

My motivation to be JKT48 member is obviously to make my parents happy. I would like to improve my talent, my dancing skill, my vocal ability and my discipline also. I wish JKT48 could help me to nurture my talent. I want to be a nice and humble idol and I hope my presence could bring a significant meaning to JKT48.

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25 APRIL 1997