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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Singing, learning lyrics quickly
Favorite word: “You must work harder than other people to get what you want”

Loving Japan

She loves manga (comics). When she has time, she opens a manga book. Since they were recommended from a friend when she was in the elementary school, she has gotten addicted to manga. Her favorite are girls’ comics. Recently, she read Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (The Student Council President is a Part-Time Maid!) When I read it, I feel all tingly inside. It’s good,” she said.

Manga got her interested in everything about Japan. She especially loves fashion so much that she was wanted to follow the girls’ fashion of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. On the other hand, she says, “I am a little curious about kimono too. It’s interesting.” She is a Japan otaku who wants to know more about traditional culture as well as popular culture.

Her dream is to perform on the same stage with Haruna Kojima (AKB48). “I wish I can perform live in Tokyo Dome with Kojima-san,” she said with shining eyes.

She loves snacks, but her cause of worry is that she eats it at night. “I get fat, you know.” She laughed mischievously.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis

Profile Video

Hello, my name is Michelle. I am 14 years old. People say I am careless, well actually I am not. I can say that I am a dreamer, because I always dream high. For example, “oh, I really want to be JKT48 member”, but my friends said, “you wish!” But now look where I am!

My first motivation to be JKT48 member are make my parents proud and to achieve my childhood dream to be a singer. Second, I would like to improve my talent. Third, I would like to entertain people around me.

I hope that I am able to train myself optimally because my hard work is not for myself. I dedicate all of my efforts to God and of course for you, guys!


English Translation by Tilly


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28 OCTOBER 1999