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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills: Dancing
Hobbies: Reading books and poetry
Favourite phrase: “In life, always go forward brightly and positively”

Overcoming bullying

At school, she’s always the first to get involved in events such as school festivals. Her stance of willing to take leadership was resented by some, and she suffered bullying during the second year of middle school. “It’s a painful memory,” she whispers. Sometimes, she was left alone during group work. Even after one year of bullying, the situation didn’t change, so she decided to change schools.

Her special skill is dancing. She had been doing cover dances of famous artists for a long time. She gathered younger classmates who had been bullied to dance together and become friends. Now that she’s a JKT member, after class, there are always strict lessons for the theater shows or concerts.

Her dream for the future is to become a radio personality. “I’d like to transmit my and the listeners’ feelings to many people.” As a JKT member, she has chances to interact with the fans, like during the MCs. “It’s another step towards my dream,” she says looking straight forward.

English Translation by Wotaliano
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hello, my name Chikita Ravenska Mamesah, just call me Chika, I’m 18 years old.

I’m cheeky, and sometimes I like to laugh by myself. I’m a dreamer but when I got serious, I’m not much of a talker.

My motivation to join JKT48 is because I wanted to be an idol and known by a lot of people. I want to make my parents and friends proud. I want to make them all proud.

I hope that JKT48 will get to known by a lot more people. To become a much better idol group. And I hope with me joining JKT48, JKT48 will get to be known always, all of the generation.

Thank you, bye!

English Translation by Tilly


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18 MARCH 1996