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AKBxJKT at AKBShow! & Theater Report at AKBingo Summary

Narrator “In Jakarta, Japanese pop culture is really popular. Of course the Japanese idol group, AKB48, also boasts huge popularity. The members on-screen participated to the concert; It was a tight schedule of just...

Interview with a Former Member: Zebi

For our “Interview with a Former Member” series this time, JKT48Stuff received an opportunity to chat with Zebi Magnolia Fawwaz (or Zebi), a third generation member of JKT48. Zebi talked to us about her past experiences as a fan, her transition into a member, and also her plans for the future.

AKBINGO! AKB48 vs JKT48 Five Matches Summary

February, 18 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Approximately 200 fans welcomed AKB members. Though this is the first time all the members to visit Jakarta, the fans said ”Soukantoku omedetou!!”(Soukantoku,Congratulations!!) to Yui Yokoyama. They know very...