AKBxJKT at AKBShow! & Theater Report at AKBingo Summary


I’m Japanese. I like Indonesian people, culture, foods. My favorite Indonesian food is Mie Ayam. I translate and introduce Akicha's activity to Indonesia and the world.

4 Responses

  1. GITA says:

    I don’t know about this theater report at AKBingo?? Aaaaa~ i wanna see it >.<

  2. NomaDen says:

    Yeah me too! What episode is it?

  3. wmlx says:

    Ep 337 of AKBINGO!, first broadcast on 28 April 2015.

    Man needing to wade through the chaff of AKBINGO these days to get to the few gems……….

  4. Papoy says:

    i get the feeling that this is from akbshow episode 71. play and fast forward it to around 00:01:21. i think that’s when the summary kicks in.

    anyway, thanks anon :)