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First OFC Event with JKT48 3rd Generation

It has been more than a year since I attended a JKT48 OFC (Official Fan Club) event. Last Saturday (20 September 2014), the latest OFC event was held in Crematology Coffee Roasters, Jl. Suryo, South Jakarta. This was the first OFC event that featured the third generation of JKT48.

Jadilah Nekad 4 – Flying Get HS: Japarta’s Report

On May 18th, JKT48’s Flying Get HS event was held in Jakarta. While I was translating and editing our reports of it, on May 25th there was an incident that we felt great indignation in Iwate-pref, Japan. Then, we decided to postpone publishing this article with praying for the recovery of injured 2 members and a staff.

BABYMETAL Concert in Cologne Report

Wait, JKT48Stuff reporting a BABYMETAL concert? Hold ‘yer horses people, we’re not changing our direction. Well, not yet. There are A LOT of things we can learn from this concert and the reason of...