BABYMETAL Concert in Cologne Report


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  1. Zen says:

    …i’m fan of both idol group ( baby Metal ‘n JKT48 ) …’n as for JKT48, i really wish they can do the same thing too to expand their wing …but before that, please give them original song first …either in Indonesia or English is fine …Aki-P can ask Reino Barack for help to provide English lyric … ( …just my selfish wish as a fan in this Tanabata Matsuri … )

  2. shunusuke says:

    nice article.. I love Babymetal’s music, but to be honest I feel that the girls image doesn’t fit with metal, the metal song kinda lost it’s soul after sung by the girls. Don’t get it wrong, I love the girls and metal (of course) in a separate way. Just my opinion, no offense.
    Back to JKT48, I hope JKT48 could grab more attention from International fans by covering more song in English or even get an original song in English, and I wish one day they could hold a concert overseas just like what Babymetal did.

    • ken says:

      So, what defines metal music? It’s only metal with guys singing with vigorous vocals? Lost it’s soul? As far as I’m concerned, it is still a metal music.
      For JKT48, getting an original English song seems impossible and the song of 48 groups always written by Aki-p. So, obviously it will be in Japan. But if they keep covering more song in English, getting more attention from international fans seem achievable. Anyway, just hope that they will have their original song. Doesn’t care if this year or next year, at least they have their representative song as part of 48 groups. Fingers crossed.

      • shunusuke says:

        I’m not metal prodigy or anything you can name it, just listener and lover of metal. So I can’t define metal music,. I agree with you that it’s still metal music, it’s just the impression I got from watching their performances. From my experience attend several metal concert and watching metal band’s video, usually they’re full of anger, rage, etc. When “kawaii thing” and metal got together, I’m not get used to it yet, maybe later after watching their videos more. Pardon my bad English, hope you get what I mean. :mrgreen:
        for JKT48, can’t agree more with you dude

        • ken says:

          Haha…it’s normal to see metal music as that as they can be loud with thick sound, highly amplified distortion and guitar solos. I think that is up to us to define the music. If we want to show our aggressiveness about something we may cooperate it in the music and the lyric. Or maybe our love to something like Babymetal song Give Me Chocolate. We can create our own music as long as we control ourselves. It’s not wrong to like metal music but sometimes SOME people use the music to make some nasty, foul-mouthed song and give the music bad reputation. This lead to the stereotype that metal is for that kind of people only. This also goes to so-called “metal elitist” that believes their metal music is superior to other people’s music and cut down other people’s musical taste if it is not up to par with their own. We just introduced to a new sub genre of metal “Kawaii” cute metal. Nothing’s wrong with that. They may create a new metal revolution. Who knows?

  3. Yui'i says:

    endly end with success…
    Likes YuiMetal even she “looks” like of MoaMetal …hehehe

  4. Mahou no Kotoba says:

    To all the guys who keep hoping for the impossible, JKT48 original song, that is: What does it take for you guys to just simply accept the reality that JKT48 will never ever have original song. Instead of hoping for the impossible , why don’t you guys do think hard about the reasons Aki-p never produce JKT48 original song to date. I believe you guys will come up with a lot of logical reasons.
    Hoping for JKT48 original song is simply “Mudana Doryokuda”.

    • ken says:

      Nothing is certain for 48 group. You may think it is impossible but the members also hope for it. To think that original song for JKT48 is impossible is also denying all of what they are doing until now. All the hard work and tears they shed. There’s nothing in what they do and effort is useless but it just you with weak mental attitude.

      • Mahou no Kotoba says:

        ” There’s nothing in what they do and effort is useless…”
        In some cases, yes, I completely agree with you but in general it depends very much on many variables.
        This is the key: Efforts will only be rewarded to the right people in the right environment. The odds in being a success and a failure are the same.
        Gon’s and Dasu’s successes in JKT and AKB Senbatsu Sousenkyo respectively does not mean every other less favored girls in 48G will also end up the same. Some people will say they’re failures in entertainment business. But those girls might become a success in other fields. Because people are born with their own unique talents and interests. It’s not necessarily have to be in the same field. It’s too bad many girls (not all of them) nowadays are too fixated on being a success in entertainment business only.

        ” To think that original song for JKT48 is impossible is also denying all of what they are doing until now”.
        I’m sorry but err…what does the impossibility/possibility of original song for JKT have anything to do at all with denial on all of JKT members’ efforts and hopes? It’s simply too much to ask for original song in another language being produced merely based on members’ efforts and hopes, not to mention it’s in a different language which is not mastered by the song producer. JKT members’ efforts and hopes will of course be rewarded in one way or another. e.g.: management’s push into Senbatsu, fans’ push into Senbatsu (in Senbatsu Sousenkyo), other personal opportunities (CM, drama, etc.) outside JKT, etc.
        Sometimes we’ve got to learn to separate mere infeasible wishful thinking and reality.

      • Mahou no Kotoba says:

        “All the hard work and tears they shed”.
        What’s with all the beautiful words? :?: So, where’s the original song? Are you saying JKT members don’t work hard enough and don’t shed enough tears based on the fact they currently still don’t have any original song? :?:
        In my point of view, with all of their achievement so far JKT48 are already a success. Their hard work and tears they shed have been well rewarded. But to ask for the ONLY KIND of reward one’s wanted, original song, that is, just for the sake of pleasing one’s ego and selfish needs is merely inconceivable and outrageous. Why don’t you put yourself in Aki-p’s and co’s shoes for a change or ask any Indonesian songwriter (those who don’t master Nihongo) to write song in Nihongo.

    • abaone94 says:

      There is nothing wrong in hoping for one; after all it’s a ‘hope’. Whether it will be fulfilled or not is entirely different thing. It’s not like we are “demanding” anyway. It’s more like we are “dreaming” for one. There is no fault in that.

      True that if we put ourselves in Aki-P’s shoes, we will have to go through a lot of things just to create ONE song that is made for some sister group far away from home. Meanwhile, the home group also needs more new single every 3-6 months, not counting that there is more than one home group. That makes an ori-single for JKT48 seems not relevant (and not important).

      However, the need for an original single came from a need for a unique identity; one that is different from other 48-group. Every JPN48 group had that thing in them since they didn’t do cover songs. JKT48 and SNH48 on the other hand, had a hard time shaping their identity with only cover songs. True that without an original single, these two groups are still be able to formulate their identity, but without an original tune that suits the local characteristics of each group, that would seemed incomplete.

      Well, the point is, I don’t agree that we should drop our hope for an original song even the chance are almost (or as you say: absolutely) impossible. If you think it is a wishful thinking, well so be it.