Lumina Scarlet – Indonesia Underground Idol in Making?


Italian guy living in Japan. I like all 48 groups but JKT interest me the most. I wish to contribute to their popularity in Japan and see them do an event here! Team J = Veranda, Gentiga = Nina, but my oshi is Ayen :) I never wanted to support someone as much as I do her.

4 Responses

  1. adrian says:

    maybe thats good for jkt48….. rival can make jkt48 improve……

  2. NomaDen says:

    Yeah, i agree with you. but it doesn’t mean JKT48 don’t have Rivals until now. They have a lot

  3. benimaru says:

    maybe you can check this out (fleurs meron);

    or this (Shiroibara);

    it seems their orientation have change now from korea to japan.. and yes, JKT48 have become the pioneer of j-pop resurrection..

    but hey, there is still AKM29 right? :bean face:

  4. abaone94 says:

    I’m glad that JKT48 had become a new source of inspiration for girls like them. JKT48 – in its beginning were merely a small group with an alien concept – are now able to inspire others to follow their paths on show business (though not exactly the same). Seeing new groups like Fleurs Melon, Lumina Scarlet, or Shiroibara appearing all over and they look up to JKT48 as their “goal” made me felt accomplished.

    Regarding rivals, I’m not sure that these groups will be strong enough to contend with the current JKT48. Beside the fact that they are “indie” starters, they also did not have the advantage of 48-group total management – which is the main point of why JKT48 were able to “survive” the early stages of their career. However, if they are strong enough and are capable of getting bigger, I can’t see a reason why these new groups can’t succeed and become a “real threat” to JKT :wink: