First OFC Event with JKT48 3rd Generation

Pitra Satvika

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  1. Fujiwara says:

    Nice field report man .. . .. .do you get to shoot all those picture in the ofc event? they dont have any restriction on taking member picture like they have in theatre? makes me want to participate in ofc event :roll:

  2. RedRanger48 says:

    I got different table from Pitra at the second session. I sit with AganSam , Radian Adi and Sandy. When we are asked which members should accompany us at the table, both Radian and I wanted to chose Andela, but Sandy really wanted to choose Elaine, so we chose her. The other member was Zebi.

    The gameplay with them was pretty much chaotic. The table on which we stack the blocks were shaken deliberately by Elaine and Zebi hahaha . But it was fun. In the end I win the game and got two shot with Elaine.

    Still, my weirdest moment during the event was at first session. When Shani sat down beside me, I am completely awestrucked that when she asked my name, I literally forgot my name. 8-O

  3. silvesterkayr says:

    Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan 8-O what the name , Takamina…good luck :mrgreen:

  4. Adi Putra says:

    Does AKB48 has this kind of event too? Idol can lesurely talk and play games with fans, nice.

  5. biit says:

    that’s wrong person picture…. it’s gracia, nor grace….:D

    • .. I’m checking the photo again.. Hmm, the captions are all correct.
      Which one do you mean is wrong?

      • brims says:

        if your CAPTION has correct, so I think her name must be wrong…
        Shania Gracia = GRACIA or Martha Graciela = GRACE
        which one her?…… thanks

        • Both the photo caption and the written post are correct, though the photo is not necessarily reflected to the post, since the photos were the only ones available from detik.