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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Martial arts, acting, singing
Hobby: Writing a novel
Favorite word: “Bismillah”

Martial artist moved to the entertainment world

She is rather small, 150 cm tall and full of smile. From the influence of her grandfather she began to learn Pencak Silat, which is the Malay traditional martial arts, for one year when she was in first year of junior high school, and her team won the championship in a competition. She has also played in a stage drama, making good use of her martial arts experience. “For me, martial arts is one entrance into the entertainment world.” Sharp forms from martial arts are useful for dancing, she said.

“I wished to join JKT48 and play an active part.” And she took a step closer to her longtime dream of becoming a singer. Alicia says that a goal in her life is “to become a person with multiple skills.”

Her hobby is writing a novel. Because she likes to form something from what she imagines. “Someday I want to publish my novel.”

She is working toward her goals not only for herself but also for her family members who have been supporting and always advising her.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hello, my name is Alycia Ferryana, just call me Cia. I’m 16 years old.

People that met me the first time told me that I’m calm, but actually I’m a fun person, cheeky, active, talk way too much, a nag.

My main motivation for sure is to make my parents proud. My childhood dream is to become an idol or star that inspires a lot of people. It is my dream to become an idol.

I hope that JKT48 will be known by a lot more people by not having a concert just in Indonesia but overseas as well.


English Translation by Tilly


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22 MAY 1998