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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Cooking
Hobby: Reading books
Favorite word: “Working hard”

She served as an officer in the committee of musical events in her school when she was in first grade of junior high school. Instead of acting, she visited some local companies in order to ask for donations that are necessary for their operation.

She laughs, “I was very anxious, but I met many adults and explained. I felt I was working for something. I was very happy when I received a donation.” She is also responsible for the finances of the student council. She herself loves to sing too, but she was also interested in supporting others and organizing everyone behind the scenes.

During the musical event, she also showed her thoughtfulness by cooking and serving Oreo pudding. “I want try various challenges. Now I want to find my potential in JKT,” she said with shining eyes.

She is often consulted by her friends. “I listen to her, and then we find a solution together.” She said that she wants to be a psychologist in the future.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hello, my name is Kezia Putri Andinta. People usually call me Kei. I’m 13 years old.

My friends told me that I’m a hyperactive. Well, I admit that is hard for me to stay put. But to be honest, I’m a shy person and I find it hard for me to get close with people. It’s not that I am a choosy person when it comes to make friends, but it is just hard for me to get close to a person. But I’m still confidence of myself.

My motivation to join JKT48 is to get some experiences that I will never got in everywhere else. Those unpredictable experiences so to speak. I also want to learn more here to become a better person.

I hope that JKT48 will be better and with a lot more generations. I also hope that JKT48 will someday have its own nationally broadcast television show. So whenever you change the channel, you can always see us!

My hope for the future is that I hope that I can always learn in here, to become better and to be able to inspire all of you.

Thank you, bye!

English Translation by Tilly


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28 JANUARY 2001