An Original Song for JKT48?


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  1. shunusuke says:

    if it comes true, I couldn’t be happier .. Yeeaah…

  2. silvesterkayr says:

    can i make it for them…Aki-p san :roll:
    btw i think Kokoro no placard was made for JKT not for AKB… :wink:

    • Guardian says:

      That’s your personal opinion (delusion), and you’re entitled to it.
      FYI, even though AKB and JKT released KFC/Kokopla on the same day, but please note that AKB had already performed their version of KFC/Kokopla (on air/off air) before AKS even informed JOT about KFC/Kokopla joint release plan. JKT themselves only debuted KFC/Kokopla on the release day of the single.

  3. glx48 says:

    we can wait until HS event next month.. there is always a surprises in HS event and maybe this one :wink: :wink: :

  4. Fujiwara says:

    well keep your hope up high .. . but put your expectation low :oops:
    hopefully next year Jkt48 will get an original song .. . Amen :-P

  5. benimaru says:

    The man said he is trying to make one, not already make one..

  6. gorgom says:

    naah…i’ll keep my expectation low :(
    although i really want jkt to have an original single…but…you know…i just feel that aki-p already have too much on his hand for now :-|

    anyway, recently i watch snh concert on youtube, and they remixed some of their songs. why don’t jkt do it too, just keep it fresh and what not

  7. extra mint says:

    I don’t understand why he needs to be the one to make it. From what I understand, he isn’t actually responsible for composition or arrangement, he only writes the lyrics, which he wouldn’t even be able to do in Indonesian. Why can’t they use a local music producer in Indonesia to write a JKT song and simply have it checked by the man himself before release? He really is making it more difficult than it needs to be.

  8. Nikumi says:

    Hi, I just want to notify you that JKT48 will release one more single for this year and it will be released around late November/early December, so that will make it as JKT48 8th single overall (2014 4th single). I’m sorry for breaking your heart but it will be another AKB songs. Let’s hope for JKT original song next year, okay.