10 Days of Summer: Wotaliano’s Journey in Indonesia


Italian guy living in Japan. I like all 48 groups but JKT interest me the most. I wish to contribute to their popularity in Japan and see them do an event here! Team J = Veranda, Gentiga = Nina, but my oshi is Ayen :) I never wanted to support someone as much as I do her.

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  1. RedRanger48 says:

    Seriusan wa dipanggil Abang Ganteng ‘-‘)/

  2. hhen says:

    hwaaaaaaaaaa, nice space. i found the best quotes here.
    “What I learned today: fX is heaven on earth.” hahah. come back soon mr. wotaliano.

  3. daydreamerzz says:

    I miss you tante pret :(

  4. benimaru says:

    The first few days report of yours..it feels more like a clandestine operation than a simple enjoyable visit :lol: :lol: (is that really you bowing down in front of theatre?)

    Glad you can find excitement in your visit bre, and an extra advices regarding metromini;
    1) watch your belongings, because one of metromini passenger surely is a pickpocket
    2) always pray, because most of metromini drivers think they are Michael Schumacher

    jkt48 is actually different with the other 48g isn’t it? :wink:

    • Wotaliano says:

      Haha clandestine operation :) Yes that’s really me bowing!

      Thanks for your advice too, I’ll make sure to never let my guard down. The streets are so crowded drivers can’t really act as Schumacher tho…well unlike Ojek drivers :twisted:

    • Buddy says:

      michael schumacher :lol:

  5. Fujiwara says:

    well for the tim J performance i would say the crow are rather calm because the DNT setlist song are not songs with lots of chant mix in them . . .rather boring setlist imo :oops:
    you should becarefull when riding metro mini .. . theyy really drive like a F1 driver .. . .. watchout for pickpockets dont use your cell while in them if you dont want to get mugged :mrgreen:

    hope you enjoy your stay in Jakarta .. . comeback soon :-P :-P

    • Wotaliano says:

      hmm, it was the same in Seishun Girls and just a little noisier in Pajama Drive though…not that it’s a bad thing mind you!

      I enjoyed it very much, thank you :) Can’t wait to go back again.

  6. To Signor Dario says:

    Congratulations for your first trip to Jakarta. I really enjoyed this article of yours. Your meeting with Rona is such a heartwarming experience.
    Anyway, If you don’t mind me asking, what made you to Oshihen from Veranda? Did the discovery of Veranda’s true colors which was made available to public (thanks to her best friend in JKT48) serve as one of the factors in your decision to Oshihen? Please pardon me for being overly intrusive.

    • Wotaliano says:

      Thanks for your words!

      My oshihen wasn’t caused at all by “faults/true colors” about Veranda, on the contrary the more I know about her the more I admire and adore how just heavenly she is.

      While I was just idoling as Ve oshi, though, I couldn’t help but notice Rona, her variety of expressions, her having so much fun on stage, her cuteness of course. She just kept attracting me more and more…looking at her on stage, or just her smile on twitter gave me this jolt of electricity! Another factor is that Veranda is just a superior being in my eyes, both as person and as popularity goes..

      I felt Rona, on the other hand, deserved much more than what her position is giving her at the moment, and that’s what pushed me to wish to support her. That’s what “oshiing” is imo, not simply liking but wanting to support…

      I like Veranda as before, but Rona…she’s a star in my eyes :)

      I hope that answered your question, sorry for rambling on and on!