Jadilah Nekad 4 – Flying Get HS Participant Report Part 2


I'm Japanese. I translate stuffs, English - Japanese - Bhs Indonesia I love JKT48!

5 Responses

  1. Kagematsu says:

    I really like this kind of foreign fans’ report article. You guys should definitely post it on any Japanese forum’s JKT48 threads.

  2. jaskier says:

    is it the last part or there will be part 3?

  3. FuRinKaZan says:

    Nice desu ne,

    Maybe, In Akushukai event, you can talk アーチャン use japanese, especially in Kansai dialect, ‘cuz she came from Osaka ! :-|

    ^^ Nice HS event experience (y)

  4. zef says:

    whoa, i was especially intrigued by Mr. Yokohama’s comment on the “money-worship” and “rich fans=senbatsu” stuff and his concern about it creating social problems.

    i say kudos to you, sir, it’s a sharp and timely observation.

    there is even some distrust starting to bubble regarding the possibility of vote rigging etc..
    but it frustrates me not being able to find an alternative selection method more suited to the indonesian psyche… argghh..

  5. Mr. Yokohama says:

    Haloo Zef-san I am Mr. Yokohama’ from Japan!

    Thank you for reading my report .
    I think that support our oshimen at the same time,
    we should thinking of JKT48-wide problem and the future of JKt48 .

    Sometimes I am not just regular fan.
    Because I admin Rica Sendy N Natalia fanbase.

    As a fanbase admin position, my opinipn is fanbase should promote
    sousenkyo , revival and etc .
    However It is tough for me to gathering donation from indonesian young fans.
    I am always worried about voting system haha.

    “Support” It is meaning spend the money to oshimen?
    My answer is “No”