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JKT48 10th Single Post-Election Analysis

Having emerged from last year’s 6th single election as battle-hardened veterans, JKT48 fans returned in full force for this year’s 10th single election. Many fans welcomed last year’s results with enthusiasm, and also a great deal of satisfaction

AKBxJKT at AKBShow! & Theater Report at AKBingo Summary

Narrator “In Jakarta, Japanese pop culture is really popular. Of course the Japanese idol group, AKB48, also boasts huge popularity. The members on-screen participated to the concert; It was a tight schedule of just...

Interview with a Former Member: Zebi

For our “Interview with a Former Member” series this time, JKT48Stuff received an opportunity to chat with Zebi Magnolia Fawwaz (or Zebi), a third generation member of JKT48. Zebi talked to us about her past experiences as a fan, her transition into a member, and also her plans for the future.